10 tips to increase your Testosterone levels naturally

Who hasn’t tried to increase their testosterone levels? We all want to, whatever our reasons. And the means used (steroids) are not always recommendable! The modern environment, pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and age are all responsible for a drop in testosterone levels. Yet your muscle mass and strength depend on it. It is the hormone of virility. If you want to increase your testosterone level without risk to your health and without doping, we have counted 10 natural solutions to discover here.

There are 10 really effective tips that are so easy to implement, both in terms of training and diet, to increase testosterone production.

#1 Lose fat

The more body fat and excess weight you have, the lower your testosterone levels will be
The more body fat and extra weight you have, the lower your testosterone levels will be. Losing fat is quite simple: cut out sources of sugar, fruit, fruit juice, refined sugars. Fructose consumption should not exceed 25g per day. Also avoid milk and lactose sources, cereals, biscuits and processed foods. Choose vegetables and good fats that are necessary for metabolism and natural testosterone, as outlined in our weight loss diet plans. To accelerate your fat loss, you can count on the Superset Extreme Dryness programme.

#2 Go to the gym

Strength training is a sure way to increase testosterone, provided you don’t train for too long (1 hour 15 minutes maximum), otherwise your levels will drop again, and provided you train “intensely”, i.e. slowly with fewer reps, but with heavier weights and on polyarticular exercises (squats for example), to “feel” the muscle fibre thoroughly. Testosterone and muscle building are inseparable!

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#3 Practice HIT

The intensity of training that we often talk about at Fitadium is not for nothing! In fact, short and very intense HIIT type exercise is beneficial for raising testosterone hormone levels, unlike moderate exercise.
First, warm up for three minutes, work as hard as you can for 30 seconds until you are exhausted. Then, recover for 1.5 minutes, and repeat 7 times so that you don’t exceed 20 minutes of intense training.

#4 Training on an empty stomach

Training on an empty stomach, for example, stimulates testosterone levels. This stimulus increases the levels of satiety hormones (insulin, leptin, adipopectin, GLP-1 (glucacon-like peptide-1), CCK (cholecystokinin)… which potentiate the effects of testosterone. The disadvantage is that you should not fast for too long. This pro-testosterone effect of training is further increased if you break the fast with Whey protein after exercise.

#5 Reduce stress

Stress releases a hormone that has a disastrous effect on testosterone levels: cortisol. This hormone is supposed to limit risky behaviour (mating, aggression, rivalry). It is useful in survival situations to better focus on fight or flight. The modern world being a source of stress, it reduces the libido and aggressiveness necessary for training in favour of cortisol. Too much cortisol over time and repeatedly blocks the effects of testosterone. So learn to relax and breathe to take your nervousness down a notch. Let go when you’re stressed: you’ll put on less fat!

#6 Take Vitamins

Many people unknowingly lack vitamins and particularly Vitamin D, either because they voluntarily avoid the sun or because they live in areas with little sunlight. Or they simply spend a lot of time indoors without realising it, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

The solution to increasing testosterone is to expose yourself to a minimum of bare arms, as vitamin D is bound to the forearms, or to take vitamin supplements! This is a minimum to optimise testosterone levels and to stay healthy. The B vitamins are also important and involved in many chemical processes. In particular, vitamin B6 is found in tuna, salmon, red meat, sunflowers and potatoes. To make sure you don’t run out of vitamins, opt for a multi-vitamin and mineral complex such as Vita-Max.

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#7 Increase your Zinc intake

Eating zinc-rich foods for 6 weeks will help you increase your testosterone levels. Zinc inhibits the action of the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone into oestrogen. It is found in liver, red meat such as beef, mussels, oysters, wheat, sesame, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, peanuts, etc. You risk deficiency if you are a vegetarian, but also because of mass farming techniques (based on pesticides and insecticides) that deplete the soil. Cooking food also reduces its zinc content. How can I increase my testosterone levels? Simply take zinc and magnesium. To support the testosterone hormone, we recommend zinc-enriched amino acid supplements such as Superset’s Amino Max.

#8 Add fat to your diet

In diets, we wrongly deprive ourselves of all fats. This is a mistake, some fats should be consumed, especially raw and vegetable polyunsaturated sources, such as olive oil, nuts, avocados. What is not so good for testosterone is animal sources, which lower the level. But fats are essential for building muscle, unlike sugars, cereals and starches, which are bad for weight and testosterone. Omega 6 is interesting, especially arachidonic acid, which is involved in the process by which cholesterol is converted into testosterone. This process is very complex and starts from sugars and is converted through several chemical and metabolic steps into testosterone. Cholesterol sources such as whole eggs are precursors to testosterone. Eating fat is a good way to increase testosterone naturally.

#9 Take TestoUltra

Testo Ultra is testosterone booster and sexual potency stimulant based on natural ingredients. Taking TestoUltra has a positive influence on testosterone levels, it is the most effective testosterone booster.

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#10 Limit alcohol consumption

The occasional drink is fine. But beware, excessive alcohol consumption will have a very negative influence on your hormones and testosterone. Drinking more than 6 glasses of alcohol reduces testosterone by 23% and slows down protein synthesis.

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Drinking more than 6 glasses of alcohol decreases testosterone by 23%!

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