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Dandelion Medicine

Dandelion Medicine

Storey Publishing. 2016 gbs preview

Dandelion is among the most nutrient-packed foods on earth, and one of the world’s most widely used herbal medicines — and it’s right in your own backyard! Use it to treat or prevent arthritis, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, and a host of other health concerns. These easy and delicious recipes for biscuits, burgers, cookies, pizza, quiche, salads, and soup, as well as coffee, juice, beer, syrups, and even dandelion wine will help you incorporate this powerful plant into your daily...

Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds

Silver Layer Publications. 2019 gbs preview

The foolish assumptions of our society are portrayed through a short satire where a gardener takes advice from a garden gnome. (Also available in the short story collection "The Wrong Sort of Stories".)

  1. I use this product to make dandelion tea for liver and kidney issues. It can also be simply mixed in water or juice thought it does not dissolve at all. But anyone can get benefits from it as a mild diuretic and liver and/or kidney tonic. I put the powder in coffee filters and make tea bags. 20 minutes in a cup of hot (near boiling) water and you have a fine tea of reasonable strength. Adjust the amount and time to suit your taste or needs. I am not a doctor so I would recommend you research the additional qualities of this fine herb for yourselves. I am sure you will be happily surprised.

  2. It was package good. Love the taste. Smells good. Received a nice amount. I was impressed. I am enjoying my tea. You now have a faithful buyer. It’s almost time to buy some more. Thank you. If you want to know how I use it. Just one teaspoon and one cup of hot water, know sweetener, this is how I like it. Again thank you.

  3. I’m impressed. bought this for the anti-cancer effects.Here’s the story:I have two pet rats, Mousie and Medusa – both females. Mousie developed three mammary tumors (apparently common in female, non-neutered rats), even with a fully organic diet. I had already ordered this product and had it on my shelf when these tumors developed. The studies behind dandelion root claim this cures cancer in rats. I thought, “well, I have a rat with tumors.”Began feeding both of them a small metal lid with a good glob of avocado oil mixed with three capsules of this product (the capsules twist apart). It makes a goopy mixture that the rats love. I find it hard to make sure Mousie gets the goop since I don’t separate them. After three months of dosage, Mousie’s three tumors have become two. It appeared to me that two on the right side (huge and small) have merged into one medium tumor and went from tight to hanging. The one on the left disappeared, but came back. However, it went almost immediately from tight to hanging. Overall, after three months, Mousie’s tumors have not become larger in total mass, but have rather shrunk and loosened – hanging more. Althout visibly more obvious, I can see that her tumors are not growing; they’re changing and thinning out.There are no adverse effects I can see in Mousie’s behavior. The little booger still loves to be tickled and scratched. Hopefully, she will recover and the tumors will continue to slowly wither away. Rat tumors never go away on their own, they just continue to grow and grow and grow… Maybe this will not totally remove the tumors before she dies of old age, but better this than having to euthanize her.

  4. I was sent a bag with a green sticker that is NOT organic. I sent it back.

  5. Has been a big game player for me! I was always retaining water weight and feeling bloated and was miserable. I gave this product a try and it’s been a life saver for me. No more feeling bloated or holding onto the water weight. Wish I had known about this product a long time ago!

  6. Great product I have been suffering with water retention even more so after giving birth & I get bloated due to a medical condition & ever since taking these I now actually empty my bladder properly as before I felt like I needed toilet even though already went minutes before & would be an annoying tiny trickle & i now do not get bloated at all I have also noticed I have actually lost some weight since taking these & had been trying to lose weight for a long time after 2 pregnancies & 2 c-sections only 15 months apart as didn’t have a choice so I would definitely recommend these I feel so much better & not so sluggish all the time with bloat also very prompt with order been dispatched & delivery very happy with these & this seller if skeptical about trying these don’t be I was very skeptical but after hearing about them & the health benefits I took the chance if you don’t try you won’t know & a bargain at this price & you get so many so last longer than others I have seen coming up in my recommendations since buying these & the others are so exs as they are all rebranding.

  7. I was excited and then I see that its from China which means they don’t follow any organic protocol and the air pollution over there is atrocious and just watched a video online of a stripper dancing in an elementary school with 6 year olds watching so I don’t trust anything coming out of China. This tea is garbage to me now.

  8. This product is from China and the reason for the California Prop 65 warning is due to lead being present in the soil. So even though it’s organic it can still be hazardous to your health. At least they were very honest at Starwest😬

  9. I first ordered this about 2 years ago. I didn’t care for the taste much but I got great results from my medical issues. I tried others and they tasted better, but they had worse results. Since I am not drinking it for fun I am drinking it for health I have come back to this one. I am sure it has to do with their source or something. I really don’t know. All I know is I get the results I want when I take it.

  10. Be careful this product is from CHINA, used to be from Croatia now they have replaced it with China. Picture looks deceiving can’t really read where it’s actually coming from

  11. After having tried several different brands I prefer this one and the price is right for the amount sold. The roots are not large and chunky like many others I tried, allowing them to soak in hot water more readily and the flavor is comparable to coffee.

  12. as old age hits my body retains too much water, my wife said to order and try Dandelion Rootas in her healthy living book – Dandelion Root is a natural way to get rid of too much water from your bodyit works but I have to be near bathroom after taking 1 tablet – during daybut remember do not use during night and do ask your Dr. before started using it as better safe than sorry

  13. Reply Avatar of miss Lulu Flitton
    miss Lulu Flitton 17. May 2019 at 0:00

    Having never tried dandelion root powder before, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this powder tastes. It also blends very well in smoothies. I specifically bought this powder for its digestive and gut health properties, and have not been disappointed. Nicely packaged and quick delivery.

  14. try to harvest this yourself, and you’ll see it is worth every penny, especially if you know the vitamin properties it has. Very good quality and smells and tastes great, actually it looks good, as I keep mine in a dark cupboard in a clear jar, and it gives me a very reassuring effect as soon as I reach for it, it looks very rich in quality dandelion root, but I end up grinding it to get the most out of it.

  15. These do work and get rid of the excess water weight! I take 2 every morning!!

  16. This works VERY well as a diuretic. So well in fact that you may wet the bed if taken at night! Don’t ask how I know.

  17. My nutritionist told me to take these, changed my body shape, in a matter of weeks. Plus note this was in conjunction with a controlled diet and exercise. Just warning you all, as not sure what it would be like if you were to sit in front of the telly.

  18. I would give six stars if I could :). I’ve been having bloating in my tummy and water retention in my face over the last few years due to aging and stress. Whenever I had slim tea or detox kit, my face would look slim. Otherwise, I could always feel extra liquid undigested in my body. I took 3 capsules with my dinner last night. Around 3am, I had to get up for urination. This morning when I look at myself in the mirror, my face lost significant amount of water weight and looked much better with better facial structure. Mission achieved, and I was so happy. It’s been over 24 hours and my water weight is still under control. I plan to take it with breakfast going forward.

  19. This products help with pms symptoms breast soreness and is a great diuretic

  20. It is not organic or pure dandelion root, i always feel head kick whenever I take this so I don’t recommend


  22. This product was shipped quickly and is about half price of our health food store dandelion root. However it is very brown compared to our usual product. Although the packaging says it’s raw, the color and taste lead me to believe that it’s been roasted, which of course, would diminish the nutrient value. It’s also very coarsely ground which might be ideal for tea but we eat it whole on a spoon. I will use this product but I think I will look around before purchasing again.

  23. I wasn’t expecting these to make any difference but they did. I retain fluid by evening time (in my ankles) and nothing would shift it but these do. I take more of them than indicated in order to get rid of the fluid and I will buy more soonish. What more can I say? The humble dandelion was always praised in my youth, now I find out the people who praised them were right all the time.

  24. The pills seem to be of good size. I actually started taking pills till I read ingredients and noticed that they contain carageenan. A known carcinogen. This label was different than the one posted. Read ingredients before ingesting. Returning product.

  25. I used this for a natural bodybuilding competition and it work well enough. I did stack it with another diuretic though, so I think it was a synergistic effect between the two drugs

  26. This product has carregeenan in it….the bottle pictured does not list it, but when you get the product it’s on the ingredient list. This is a known cancer causing agent and causes inflammation. Why would they add this poison!! It’s sneaky advertising. Make sure you always read the ingredient labels when you get your products!

  27. This product could contain lead! I’m trying to clean my health up not have a defective 3rd kid.

  28. After pruchasing many products from this brands i am beginning to wonder if there is any dfference between any of the products at all. They all have the same colour, smell and taste. A brown liquid that smells of brown sauce. From now on i will never buy this brand again. I have been purchasing their tinctures on and off for a few years now. But like i said they all seem the same. I willl say BUYER BEWARE JUST IN CASE. I will gladly chnage my review if the seller/brand can prove the authenticity of this product.Another point after dropping a normal amount of dandelion in my sugarless fresh ginger tea i had a huge spike in blood pressure. it should have been the opposite! hence another reason for this neg review.Items i have purchased: Black walnut, wormwoood and black walnut, nettle, dandelion root.

  29. There is a warning triangle on the packaging, and the statement “Consuming this product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

  30. Not very potent,have to use quite a bit mixed with water,has made no difference not impressed…

  31. After I started taking this tea, I began to feel so much less fatigued and my sleep has improved noticeably over the last couple months. Now drinking this tea is an essential part of my daily routine. It is a great value, too. You can brew many cups and continue to drink throughout the day if you want to. The quality of the tea is so amazing and I know I would only want to buy dandelion tea by this company. I recommended this tea to many of my close friends who are trying to do gentle liver detox.I read the reviews below including people complaining about the tea having been produced in China. The physical size of China is as big as a continent and billions of things are being produced there following each individual company’s regulations and standards independently. It depends on how the mother company sets the whole operation and where. It is also nearly impossible that factories and organic tea fields are even in the same region within the country. I hope this company continues to do a great job in providing quality tea and would not get discouraged and hurt by ignorant comments.

  32. Happy to find this product on line. Been to a few health shops but not available. Delivery only took a few days. I’m using this product to add to a smoothie recepie. Very pleased with my purchase.

  33. Good product and good value. Does what it says and easy to swallow. Well recommended

  34. This morning, I replaced my cup of coffee ☕️ with this dandelion root from FGO. I roasted the roots for about 4 min at 350° in the toaster oven. The smell was similar to roasted marshmallows. I poured hot water over the dandelion roasted roots, added some cream and enjoyed the smooth, nutty like flavour. It is also healthy for your liver, and digestion. Delightful and delicious!

  35. Tastes good, decent value.However, after trying the Foothills Naturals Raw Dandelion root, I suspect that this product is roasted even though it says “raw” on the package.The taste is similar to coffee, which apparently happens when the roots are roasted.The Foothills Naturals version tastes NOTHING like coffee, and is much lighter in appearance too.Good product, but perhaps not raw (if that matters to you).

  36. The supplement is fine. I add this to juices and such.

  37. Si vous avez des problèmes d’acidité à l’estomac à cause d’un stress incontrôlable et/ou insoupçonnable, alors ce produit est très recommandable pour neutraliser l’excès d’acidité. Toutefois l’effet ne dure que 2 ou 3 heures. Malgré tout, j’ai remarqué sur le marché d’autres tisanes un peu plus efficaces que la racine de pissenlit. Mais l’idéal est de varier le menu n’est-ce pas? Le goût du produit est unique au monde et vous marquera à jamais. Dire que le pissenlit est persécuté sans relâche sur nos pelouses au Canada, c’est pathétique!

  38. Contains some dust and external rubbish

  39. Can’t comment on effectiveness of this. Hopefully it might help some. For me it was impossible to take. A single dose made me feel really sick. The taste is absolutely revolting, sickeningly sweet. I guess for those with a sweet tooth this product might be ok. Personally I much prefer alcohol suspensions. They don’t taste that good either but at least they are not sickeningly sweet. Returning this and don’t recommend.

  40. The order with this product went well. Received item with no problems. I cannot rate product so soon…have only been trying it for a few days. It takes time ro know does it work for what reason it was chosen.

  41. We have tried a number of natural remedies to help with digestion. Dandelion root is the one that works the best for both myself and my wife, and having tried a number of supplements, this product is the one that provides the most gentle and effective relief.

  42. Wonderful flavour, not bitter. Seemed fresh for a dried product. Enjoyed this tea

  43. Reply Avatar of MR MANOJ KC SINHAL
    MR MANOJ KC SINHAL 2. November 2021 at 0:00

    High quality herb, great help for clearing excess heat in the skin and liver. Fast delivery and great service from Dr Lily and the team 🙂

  44. Because my doctor didn’t want me to take a diuretic, I thought that maybe a supplement could do the job. I’ve been taking Dandelion Root now for a few weeks, and I’ve noticed that my ankles are not so hard and red as before. I’m glad that I’ve research this information…because there’s no medicine in it, you can take 2 capsules 2 or 3 times daily. I love it!

  45. Reply Avatar of John C. Parker, Jr.
    John C. Parker, Jr. 27. November 2021 at 0:00

    This is my 2nd or 3rd order. Water collects in my feet, making them swell. By taking 1 Nutricost Dandelion Root capsule and 1 Swanson Water Tablet in the AM and again in the PM, I have reduced my swollen foot problem greatly.

  46. Had bugs!!! Disgusting. Waste of money. Horrifying

  47. Did not work at allI tried all of the products, even the tea. I’m very disappointed and out of all that money. Don’t waste your money.

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