Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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Lovely Lavender: the Many Applications and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Lovely Lavender: the Many Applications and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil is one of the best and most versatile essential oils available today. Essential oils don't just smell good, they're good for you and provide a number of health benefits. Lavender essential oil is a favorite oil amongst aromatherapists and holistic health experts alike. Learn all about lavender oil and its many uses and applications. The following topics are covered in this book: What lavender is and why it's important. A brief history of lavender. What's inside...

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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Your Complete Guide to Lavender Essential Oil Uses, Benefits and Natural Benefits In today's world there is a growing demand for holistic ways to make our lives better-both on a physical and emotional level. Essential oils are an important part of that and Lavender Essential Oil, in specific, is an excellent way to begin finding the benefits that you may be seeking, without doctors and without expensive programs. This oil can do a lot of great things for us, including: its ability to...

  1. I’ve bought several other oils that claim to be pure, not knowing any better I used them but the more I began to research the more I learned. Im so glad I came across plant therapy and was introduced to a real pure essential oil. I use this lavender essential oil for just about everything from helping me wind down after a long day to controlling acne . Lavender EO can be used in so many different ways. This is the real deal (they have the proof to back it up all you have to do is ask) a high quality essential oil plus its kid safe. Lavender EO is pretty strong smelling it has a herbal floral smell and very powerful so you only need a few drops to get the job done. I really like that it comes with a built in dropper and the caps are labeled with the EO name so you can see which EO it is without taking it out of whatever container/case your keeping your EO’s in. I know there are so many Oils out there that are being sold as “pure 100% therapeutic grade EO” that are nothing but fragranced chemicals and its confusing especially when you first start using EO’s so please research what and where you are considering buying before you buy it. You can start with plant therapy they have a lot of educational articles on their website about what EO’s are, how they are processed, and how you can use them individually or blended together to benefit your needs. If you want a pure EO that is high quality but also affordable look no further because this EO is indeed pure, high quality, and affordable plus lavender is a basic must have in any EO collection. I did NOT receive a free or discounted product for my review I purchased this lavender essential oil at full retail price. This is my honest opinion based on my experience with this lavender essential oil.

  2. Good amount and good quality.Headache? Lavender.Dull skin? Lavender.Can’t sleep? Lavender.Baby won’t sleep? Lavender.Car won’t work? Lavender.Boss gone berserk? Lavender.No bread for your sandwich? Lavender.

  3. I have bought various fragrance oils from this business but never lavender or this size. Arrived promptly as always does. Gorgeous lavender smell, lasts a very long time and such good value for money. I will be buying again and highly recommend not only this, but all fragrance oils from Mystic Moments.

  4. I’m quiet amazed after 3 days of massaging into my lower legs how its reduced swelling and my ankles are less painful. I use jojoba oil as a carrier oil to mix it with as I have used jojoba as a great natural oil on my skin for years as its closest to your own skins oil.Anyone who is sat thinking about trying this should try for the price it’s a great alternative to chemicals that can cause more problems!

  5. It can be pretty touch and go buying Lavender essential oil. Some brands hit you with a camphoric blast the minute you open the bottle. This is natural – camphor is definitely present in the biological make up of lavender. Some strains seem to have more and some have less, and this will be reflected in the essential oil. I’ve tried many brands and more or less “tolerated” them, without really liking them. But this one…. I LIKE!! To my nose, it’s got exactly the right amount of camphor, without overshadowing the other, more subtle lavender notes. Many thanks to the other reviewers who praised this brand because, without their recommendations, I’d still be looking for my perfect, lovely lavender. This is the one…! No need to look any further! Highly recommend.

  6. I got this product 2 days ago and am writing a review hoping it will help some frustrated couple out there. If your partner snores, it’s horrific. If it’s happening to you, you know. So much emotional frustration and tension over an issue that is no one’s fault, yet a total sleep destroyer.So my man and I tried many things. Finally resigned to rotating between nasal strips (which help only some, and only when perfectly placed), and ear plugs for me (finally found some that muffle, but none of them block it out entirely). My man has a long history of respiratory weakness, and eucalyptus oi is supposed to be awesome for that. So we got a diffuser for the bedroom and started running strong eucalyptus radiata all night to help him. I was surprised to notice a slight lessening of the snoring volume with the eucalyptus (it has a strong menthol smell).I’ve since gotten way into essential oils, self-taught. I’m thrilled with all of the practical uses they have (first aid, etc). Wasn’t keen to try thyme because I’m not a huge thyme fan in cooking. Just makes me think of spaghetti sauce. Well, in my research to help hubby with other health issues, I came across thyme being recommended for lungs and immunity. So two nights ago, I fixed up a potent half eucalyptus, half thyme diffuser blend (about 10 drops each for a small bedroom, with the diffuser placed on his side of the bed). Went to bed with my ear plugs at the ready. Was absolutely shocked when he was SILENT the whole night. NO SNORING. Well, that seemed too good to be true. The next day, hubby took a nap by himself, no diffuser. Popped in to check on him and he was snoring per usual. That night, fired up my half and half blend again (eucalyptus & thyme). NO SNORING. This time I listened closely to his breathing. It’s like the thyme is relaxing whatever part makes that flapping/constricted sound because he was breathing in and out with far less strain. Noise aside, as a wife who really loves her man, I want him to breathe well. To me, snoring is like a sound of choking. Seems to me that no snoring has got to mean better oxygen delivery and better sleep. Historically my man sleeps lousy, waking up many times. I’m thinking if he gets better oxygen, he’ll sleep longer. Anyhow, I didn’t want to raise false hopes, so I did a few more experiments. This morning, after running all night, the aroma of the thyme and eucalyptus was very depleted. He began snoring again. I snuck out of bed and replenished the oils just to see. The snoring STOPPED. Later on, we woke up and he turned off the diffuser as we were getting ready to actually get out of bed. But then he drifted off again while the diffuser was still off. Within 5 minutes, he started snoring again. So there is no doubt in my mind that the thyme is a key ingredient here. But the part that I am still blown away by is how effectively it stops the snoring. When he’s on his back, he’s always the worst, and even with thyme his breathing becomes more strained and small attempts at snoring start happening. So I just have him turn on his side, and SILENCE. Thyme is a relationship and sleep saver!! It smells a bit green, and actually doesn’t make me think of spaghetti sauce, so it’s doable. There are countless blend opportunities, and you could easily bring this with you to a hotel and put a lot of the oil in some kind of dish to diffuse it without a machine. So this has many possibilities. I am thrilled. And clearly this brand is putting out a quality product, given what I’ve shared. I really hope this helps someone.

  7. I love this scent! I put it in my oil diffuser to sleep and it’s not so strong that it’ll give you a headache. I’m very sensitive to smells and I barely notice it when I sleep.I’m not an expert in essential oils but to me this smells really good and I will definitely be repurchasing as soon as I run out.

  8. I am following a programme to regain my scense of smell which I lost many years ago after a virus.I bought four of the reccommended oils. The lemon oil was the only oil that I could smell. That’s a success! I hope to smell more of it in future.

  9. Lovely oil. Very lemony. Bought for adding to homemade cleaning items.

  10. I didn’t like that it is not strong smelling and it doesn’t last long I am using it for a calming agent while I am working because my job is stressful

  11. These oils have a nice scent; they work well in my diffuser. I also used them with a carrier oil and that also worked well.

  12. The oils have an amazing scent! You can smell the strong scent from rooms away. Much better than other oils I have gotten!

  13. The calm and mellow blend helps melt my stress away! I love using these products when I’m at work and unwinding at home. I massage some drops on the temples of my forehead and behind my neck. These blends help me relax during and after a stressful day and my dog loves them too! I also use these oils in my diffuser, the smells are so calming. I have gotten so many compliments on how nice my place smells. I’m really happy I purchased these products and would buy them again in the near future. I use these products almost everyday!

  14. Use for relaxation and self-care for anxiety

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