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The Probiotics Revolution

The Probiotics Revolution

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If the thought of bacteria conjures up images of germs that should be avoided at all costs - and certainly not ingested - think again! Some friendly bacteria, called probiotics, are not only beneficial to your health, they're essential.

Probiotic Rescue

Probiotic Rescue

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"Probiotic Rescue is your road map to the safe and effective use of probiotic supplements for health and disease prevention." —Donald J. Brown, N.D. Probiotics will improve your health!

  1. I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and have allergic reactions to *tonnes* (not really overreacting) of stimuli. My gut is a mess, but I react to so many probiotics, supplements etc. I put these in another capsule I know I can tolerate just to be on the safe side, but these are great :). Going to stay on them for a little while as they’re both good varieties for people with histamine issues.

  2. The people reviewing with low scores because they don’t like the taste don’t have a clue. This stuff is really very good, and for the few seconds of unpleasantness it is 100% worth it. Swig down some water straight after and the taste is gone pretty instantly. It has helped my digestion, my skin is softer and looks healthier and I like the added herbs to go along with the probiotics. The taste isn’t even that bad in my opinion, it’s just sour and herby. I think it’s great value as well, and it’s great to support a UK based company.

  3. You have to give it several weeks before you start to feel better. I now have regular movements. Will be buying this again and again.

  4. Great product. Yes tastes rough but it’s very effective. The bad taste outweighs the benefits. We did a lot of research to find a good probiotic and we found that that you need to look for a liquid one with lots of strains because good bacteria lives in a moist environment. . This ticks both boxes. Oh and after the first day it’s great. I was at a wedding last night and this morning I feel really good.

  5. works well, has all the bacterias your gut needs. Constant Diarrhoea stopped after a week of taking it once a day.

  6. I really notice the improvement to my gut when I take this particular brand of probiotic. I have been recommended the cycle of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off – it takes 2 weeks to build up good levels of bacteria in the gut and they last around 2 weeks before you need to replenish. If taken every day it gets expensive!Probiotics are a must if you are taking antibiotics – (be careful to take several hours after the antibiotics each day) also if you are going on holiday abroad.

  7. I’ve been “sick” for almost 1.5 years. After a heavy course of antibiotics, my GI track was completely destroyed. Anytime I ate or drank anything I was bloated, gassy, diarrhea, chronic constipation, fatigue, pressure in my stomach, weight gain, and joint pain.I went from doctor to doctor, GI to GI who did several blood tests, a colonoscopy, endoscopy, hydascan for the gallbladder and even a naturopath. All the tests came back normal and one GI doctor wrote it off as IBS and told me to take a fiber supplement daily.I tried everything the doctors recommended with no improvement. I struggled daily and my quality of life declined. I was down to eating one meal a day to avoid going through the “digestion process”. I was miserable but refused to believe that this was normal and that this would be my life from now on.I never gave up researching, reading and trying different supplements to get healthy again. Nothing worked until I tried Florastor.About a week ago, I came home from work absolutely defeated and at the end of my rope. I had only eaten 2 eggs the whole day and I felt completely swollen and looked 6 months pregnant. The last doctor I went to had briefly mentioned probiotics and I had a bottle of Florastor sitting in my medicine cabinet that I never tried. I took 2 pills in the evening and shortly after felt a slight burn in my stomach. I went to sleep that night and the next morning woke up with no bloat. Later in the morning, I had the best bowel movement I’ve had in 1.5 yrs (sorry tmi) and since then I have been feeling great! I take 2 pills in the morning on an empty stomach & 2 pills before dinner in the evening.I feel like the old me! No more bloat, no more GI issues, digestion is exactly how it was before I got sick and I’ve even lost a few pounds! I don’t feel swollen or defeated anymore. I feel like me again! Thank you Florastor, you saved my life!!!

  8. I’ve suffered from IBS symptoms (painful bloating etc.) on and off for a number of years (I’m male, aged 40), I started taking these around 8 months ago and I felt the difference after the first day or two (I’d tried 2 other brands before then and one did nothing for me and another made me feel slightly worse). My digestion is now completely “regular” and I feel like my old self again, in the days when I didn’t have to worry about my digestion all the time. I’ve recommended them to friends and family and I even take them on holiday with me. They’re definitely worth trying, you don’t realise how demanding (mentally and physically) a bad gut can be until you’ve fixed it and there’s a massive weight off your mind.

  9. In the past, I have used a different brand of probiotic, however when I needed one this time, I decided to try Naturelo as I have been very pleased with the quality and contents of their vitamins, and this probiotic includes so many different strains (11!) rather than the usual 1-3 of other brands. It was easy on my stomach, did not cause any loose bowel movements, and because it is vegan, that means it isn’t cultured on dairy products like many other brands which exacerbate stomach issues if you’re sensitive to dairy. I also appreciate that you only have to take one capsule a day. Incredibly convenient for the amount of therapeutic benefit you get. Also, you can take it any time you remember during the day. It’s 100% fine on an empty stomach, so you don’t have to revolve it around meal times. Best of the all, the price is actually quite competitive and inexpensive, especially for what you’re getting! Overall I’m really happy with this and will use it again in the future!

  10. I have been using Naturelo Probiotic since I first discovered it in April 2017. I haven’t looked back since then. Having IBS and being lactose intolerant, this probiotic has provided so much support for rebuilding a healthy gut flora to effectively manage my digestive issues. And the high quantity of strains ensures efficacy every single day. And what’s more, it does not require refrigeration as most other brands do!I can honestly say this is the best probiotic I have used! I highly recommended it.

  11. I prefer these for my daily probiotics. They have a great culture count, you only need one a day, and you get a good amount of them in the package. Plus, they don’t have to be in the fridge like other brands.I’ve been trying to make healthier choices, and taking these on a daily basis was a great step. I’ll be buying these for a long time!

  12. I have been a keen student of, and user of, health food products for over 45 years. I get teased about this, but I have remained happily healthy while others are down with colds, flues, and life-threatening diseases! I have been very grateful to discover Naturelo. Their products are superb quality and their company policies have certainly earned my trust. I highly recommend the Naturelo probiotic not only for its effectiveness but also because it does not require refrigeration, which is a huge convenience when one is a frequent traveler. I also appreciate the automatic ordering service which saves a lot of time and hassle. Thank you Naturelo!

  13. I have a condition where I get frequent UTIs and was on 3 courses of super strong antibiotics within the last few months. Because of that I was told to take probiotics in between infections. The ones I had before these were the super expensive giant pills. I’m not sure how much they helped with the UTI thing but they wrecked my digestive system. I thought they were supposed to make gas and bloating better, not worse. These ones are much more gentle. I take them with my morning pills including allergy medicine, birth control and a few vitamins and I’m good to go. Much easier to swallow and I haven’t been having as many issues with gas and bloating.

  14. I have IBS and for a separate condition I need to take long term antibiotics which have unpleasant side effects (stomach problems and thrush) After researching probiotics I ordered these and by day 3 my IBS had eased considerably and the side effects had also gone ! I am amazed and when I finish the antibiotics I will order more Optibac probiotics for general use.

  15. works great for my 5 yr old daughter she has bowel issues and I used to have to give her restoralax but ever since starting this shes been pretty regular and is experiencing way less tummy aches 🙂

  16. Ive suffered recurrent UTI most of my adult life , sometimes leading to Kidney infection s .Being on antibiotics can cause good bacteria in gut to be destroyed.So after speaking with a nurse at my doctors office, she recommended i try these probiotic pills ,which can help stop the destruction of good bacteria whilst your on antibiotics.I wish i had been told about these tablets years ago .As no more stomach cramps, which i actually thought was Irritable Bowel Syndrome.I always order 2 packs of these probiotic s , so a pack is taken while im on antibiotic, then i continue to take for a further week on completion of the course of antibiotics.

  17. The price is the same then going to store and buying. I have used this probotic for 3 years now due to bloatingit works excellent.

  18. Package was beautiful great product helping to have a healthy gut and feeling great inside and out

  19. I thought I’d try these probiotics as they are a good price & also the description sounded good. I haven’t regretted my purchase of these at all. They work for me as advertised and I would recommend this to other people as well. I would also buy these again.

  20. I have severe depression, after reading a book on the connection between your gut and your brain, I decided to try these, and I believe they are helping.

  21. I have been using these probiotics for years. One of the best choice on the market.

  22. The first thing I noticed was the lovely wrapping. The capsules arrived in a cardboard envelop which was easily delivered through my letterbox. The packet holding the capsules is resealable. It was wrapped in tissue paper and also had a thank you card and another giving information on other products available, which aid sleep. I take probiotics from time to time as I have irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our body. According to research, supplement with a multi-strain probiotic have the potential to improve IBS symptoms. I have found over the years that taking probiotics over a period of time, really helps my symptoms. These 180 vegetarian capsules provide 5000iu – 40 billion CFU of 15 strains of friendly gut bacteria. I am very impressed with the price. £18.99 for 90 days’ supply. The last probiotics I purchased cost £16.00 for 30 days’ supply. I have been taking two a day for the last week; my stomach is less bloated and uncomfortable. The capsules are very easy to swallow and there is no aftertaste. The bacteria cultures listed on the contents are the usual ones that I have seen on many other brands. I think as probiotics go this is a good brand and definitely worth a try.

  23. I usually take a Pro Biotic that contains 40 Billion cultures, with 9 different strains. I have always considered that product to be very good. This ProBiotic is even stronger in terms of culture strains. 40 billion cultures but with 15 strains. My wife has just come off a very long dose of antibiotics. After such a time you need two things, Pre/Pro-Biotics and most importantly Butyric Acid. The BA will help grow the good bacteria in the gut and stop and IBS-type problems. It also feeds the gut and so the probiotics can flourish.This product with its 40 Billion cultures will help repopulate the gut. This product was used for the third month on strong Probiotics and did a great job in combination with BA and Pre Biotic Bimundo. It takes time to heal the gut and to get the flora back, but this product is perfect. You must just give it time to work.More and more research is showing that our immunity is built in the gut and so this product will also help your immune system. This is a great product that works very well. We are happy to recommend this product, as it works.

  24. As the only two reviews for this product are the ‘vine free product’ ones, I’ll review as a genuine paying customer. I’m also happy to note that there was thankfully no “give us a 5* review and we will give you gift” with the item, just a lovely message. Other reviews should be genuine too!Arrival and packing from UK to Ireland was quick and easy as the gorgeous envelope fit right into my letter box. This product is clearly aimed at the demographic that enjoys pretty etsy-esk packaging, I certainly think it was fantastic anyway.Product itself is a smart looking, easy to open sealed pouch and arrived with capsules intact, states to be taken twice a day – but I’ll take one with my morning yogurt as a boost. Two may not agree with everyone, as was the case when I used to use ‘an unnamed competitor’ *cough* nutravita.In comparison, the generic vegan capsules haven’t changed still taste mildly of paper. But let’s not go ahead and taste test these, just swallow them after a yogurt and your gut/vaginal health will thank you.Overall excellent and well priced for what you receive.

  25. It appears to work for me.

  26. I am taking these after having antibiotics and they seem to help and are a fair price for £25.

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    It ‘s easy to swallow, I prefer capsules to tablets

  28. I don’t write reviews, but, I do read others. SO…I have IBS-C since 1978. Discovered Activia in 2007 and thought it came from God. Well, at least until 2017 when it made me very sick and throw up. Been on the hunt since then for anything to help. Those who have this can understand the gas build up so bad that it goes into your chest and throat. Swelling of your stomach and muscles so tight that it’s hard to breathe. Well this product was a chance taking that has worked. I tried the stronger ones and settled on the 30 billion one with Acacia, which is a natural laxactive. It worked for my stomach but the Acacia took close to a month to work. Now I’m in this for two months and I go everyday. I have no side effects like some of the others. Give this a try and be patient if need be with the going..

  29. One of the reasons we bought this was because it was less expensive but the came count as the capsules.. The problem is you have to take two at a time instead of one capsule so it is not better value. I think the capsules are more effective. I will stick with the capsules and they are on sale here now . $10 off.

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