Epsom Salt

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Epsom Salt Home Remedies

Epsom Salt Home Remedies

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Epsom Salt Can Make Life Better For You Discover 80 DIY Ways To Use Epsom Salt Everyday! This book will open your eyes to many of the things you can do with Epsom salt and how it can make life better for you.

Home Remedies With Epsom Salt

Home Remedies With Epsom Salt

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Improve Your Quality Of Life With Epsom Salt! Discover 65+ Inconceivable Ways to use Epsom Salt! It’s just Epsom salt; yes! But with it you can improve your heath, beauty, home and life in general.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

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Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Soul with Holistic Epsom Salt Recipes! Easy Solutions and Uses to Take Care of Your Health, Beauty, Home & Garden! One Super Ingredient= Abundance of Natural, DIY Recipes!

  1. Reply Avatar of Digital_evangelist
    Digital_evangelist 23. March 2016 at 0:00

    Feels great! Will be buying again. Nothing like a bath salt + lavender soak when recovering from a cold.

  2. Great price and really handy that it was supplied in two separate resealable bags, much more user friendly than a 5kg sack of bath salts 🙂

  3. I use salts a lot so this big bag was perfect for me, i try a new brand every time just to see what’s out there. These I will definetely be coming back to, they smelled divine and dissolved really well in the water, the bathroom smelt amazing for hours after too. Totally chilled me out ready for bed and helped relax my muscles from training. Some others you get in and feel like sitting on sand but there wasn’t a trace left with salt spa. Really good product, love the bag design too with the carry handle.

  4. I used it for my betta fish to bring down his pop eye. Also used it for human baths because why not

  5. I brought this for a present for my wife and she loves it. I’d like to point out that we’ve been using bath salts for a good few years now, we like to switch between different brands trying various ones out.A negative for this one is the resealable bag, DON’T try and tear it open, the bag will rip unevenly, even if you cut it open, the resealable strip is very weak. The scent is decent, personally I would have liked a stronger scent but my wife disagreed, she feels the scent is just right, it is there without being overpowering so we’re a bit split on this one, it certainly doesn’t fill the room.These salts do dissolve beautifully and very easily, we’ve used salts before that just fail to dissolve properly leaving a gritty feel in the bath, not these. You will find your skin feeling softer using this product and although this is a hefty 5kg bag don’t forget if you’re using it for a detox treatment you’ll need to use 1kg worth. This isn’t a fault with this brand, it’s the same for any brand you choose, I was impressed though how these guys make that clear in their description.There are lots of benefits to using Epsom salts in your bath, I won’t bore you with my knowledge as you’ve probably researched it yourself but you really shouldn’t be paying a fortune for them.This 5kg bag is good value for money, the bag looks lovely too, it’s just a shame about the seal. Normally a poor seal wouldn’t bother me but this is a large bag and not easy to store with a faulty seal. I’ve given 5 stars as the product is very good, the amount of scent it fills the room with is open to debate and preference.

  6. Wow, this is a huuuuge bag!I usually buy the plain Epsom salts and add essential oils, but this has such good reviews I gave it a try, and am very glad that I did.The bag is huge, and very attractively presented. This version is purples. It has a strong handle.The salts smell fabulous and I have left a small dish with some in on the bathroom shelves because it makes the room smell lovely.Soaking my feet in salts is a real treat. It’s relaxing, and is an extremely easy way to remove dry skin (just give your tootsies a good rub with a soft towel afterwards).Highly recommend.I hope this review is useful and would appreciate it if you could please click on the helpful button below. Thank you.

  7. An enormous box weighing 6kg made this a great value for money buy compared to other similar products. The scent is lovely and after scattering a generous amount into my hot evening bath, I felt amazing and slept well. A happy purchase!

  8. Used this last year on a Japanese magnolia tree. Two years in a row the tree dropped leaves during Spring. This cured it!

  9. Dissolves quickly like it says. Had ZERO smell, which is great because often Epsom salts says scent free and it’s lies. Good price for the amount you get. I have ordered it a few times and strangely the texture and colour varies, but still seems to do it’s job.

  10. Setting up my medicines for my betta fish tank, ordered the bath salts. It arrived faster than projected, but there was a small issue with the shipping. I reached out to the seller and they immediately went above and beyond to fix it!Definitely recommend this seller!

  11. Great quality salts and excellent value! I sometimes add some bicarbonate of soda and/or a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. It’s so relaxing and it helps keep my magnesium levels up. Great for your blood pressure, heart function, metabolism, skin, and more! I also really enjoyed the extra Himalayan salt as it makes this offer even better value and I can use it in the bath too.

  12. First purchase of Epsom salts and couldn’t be happier! This is exactly what I was looking for and it’s great value for money considering shops charge £7 for only 1kg and they don’t have any freebie free Himalayan Salt with them!

  13. A really great value product and the large quantity enables me to use Epsom salts generously when having a bath. I advise following the advice on temperature given on the bag because if your bath is too hot you’ll sweat out electrolytes and feel drained which will leave you with the wrong impression of this product. The Himalayan salt is a nice addition also!

  14. Wasn’t expecting it to smell so nice but really nice natural scent

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