Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System

Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System

Health Science Publications, Inc.. 2003 gbs preview

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits & Cures

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits & Cures

Paul Beaudette. gbs preview

Welcome to Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Cures This book is packed full of great info. You will discover the miraculous uses of apple cider vinegar. In addition we'll present tips and suggestions for how you can use one of the most powerful natural cure-alls of all time. Although it is considered part of a diet trend, it also drops within the category of natural remedies used for a healthier lifestyle. It's one of the best kept secrets in the modern era and has a wide range of benefits...

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Speedy Publishing LLC. 2014 gbs preview

Discover the maximum health benefits of apple cider vinegar, a natural detox, antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar can also do wonders for your digestion and your overall health. This pamphlet contains a series of recipes and remedies that are quick, cheap and easy to make. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to relieve a number of ailments from age spots through to warts. By following the steps shown in the pamphlets symptoms may be eased. It is always...

  1. My friend refer it to me coz I really wanna lost weight, I’m already using this for almost 3 weeks and I lost 10lbs already. I take 2teaspoon in morning and evening. And i even either walk for an hour or run for an hour a day too. It helps me to lessened my rice intake, I can’t even eat half of my pizza now and helps me to avoid junk foods and sweet and I drink a lot of water and a day too. It sour but I put honey on it and drink a lot of water and I used straws to avoid yellow on ur teeth. Definitely I gonna buy it again and continue till I get my ideal weight and maintain it there.

  2. Reply Avatar of Stephanie Culbertson
    Stephanie Culbertson 2. November 2018 at 0:00

    Opened box picked up bubble wrapped bottle it leaked all over me. Cut bubble wrap off and bottle is half empty. shocked the box was drenched. Would like it to be replaced won’t allow for some reason Not happy! 🙁

  3. I have been using this apple cider vinegar for three months and feeling great. I ran out and used a cheaper brand with my old symptoms returning, no need to say I disposed of it and went back to the old and tested!! Great stuff…as the saying goes you get what you pay for! Thanks for producing this wonderful product it made a big difference to my well being!

  4. Reply Avatar of noel catherine albes
    noel catherine albes 11. December 2018 at 0:00

    makes a nice cup of refreshing drink while helping my gut

  5. Anyone with IBS should try this. I have had constant diarrhoea for 20 years. Sometimes with embarrassing consequences.After an accident in the middle of the super market I came home searching the internet clutching at straws.. my life at 45 being miserable due to my bowels… IBS is the docs diagnosis. 1 shot of this with orange juice twice a day for the last week and slowly slowly a miracle had happened. I have had my first solid stool in 20 years.Yes it’s a naff taste.. it’s vinegar at the end of the day.However I was desparate for a solution .. I’d have done anything. No bloating, no nursing a food baby after a roast dinner..Also the debilitating pain in my lower right hand side that accompanied IBS has gone ! Totally gone!Amazing.Also by default I have found I no longer feel warn out mid afternoon…So happy with this product.If you suffer ibs with chronic diarrhoea.. just give it a go.. but you have have to keep with it.It’s worked for me and I feel like I might just be getting my life back. Very happy.

  6. Product was not packaged properly and arrived leaking. Lovely to smell leaking apple cider vinegar all over the box. Unable to use and seems to not qualify for replacement or return. Would not recommend, would not order again.

  7. Not really a vinegar I’d use for cleaning – it tastes far too good! It’s also great to use as a mouth rinse, because its natural sweetness means you don’t need any honey. I use it on salads, drink it with a little warm water and gargle to prevent / treat gum infections. Always have a little water/vinegar mix bottle with me, so I can have a quick mouth rinse after eating. No need to spit it out, you can swallow it and it’s good for your gut.UPDATE – I KEEP ORDERING THIS, I’d always loved balsamic vinegar and spent a good deal of money on aged and less acidic ones, but now I use this one more often than not, it just tastes great. On another note, in February, it cleared an abscess on my gum (in combination with turmeric) when antibiotics failed.

  8. I buy this all the time, because I make apple cider vinegar tea with it. I’ve been drinking it for years, so I need this brand specifically, Always in stock.. reason for my star being lower is because this product did not have the actual ‘Mother’ in it, which is the most important part… it was like this one was filtered or something? Either way, I’m not happy with this purchase and will probably stick to buying it in person, that way I can see the actual ‘mother’ in the bottom of the glass and know what I am getting.

  9. I have been using apple cider vinegar since I developed blepharitis . After 2 days useage , I could detect a positive difference on my eyes. Additionally I take 1 tsp in one have cup water every daily to diminish infection risks. The salad dressing I make is ALWAYS composed of olive oil and AC Vinegar . Would vouch for it over and over again

  10. Excellent product “ with mother” so you know it’s fermented.

  11. I’ve ordered this for the health benefits and it’s claims to help reduce inflammation. I’ve been using for almost a month so I’m not sure of it works but I can tell a difference in the sense that I feel less achy. After I’ve finished my second bottle I will update this review.

  12. Fantastic ! Quite a soft apple vinegar taste compared to some which are really ‘tart’. I purchased this to help with my menopausal hot flushes for a rapid onset surgical menopause . I am 6 days in and the number of my daytime flushes have been halved! My nigh time are also less, hopefully time will tell and improve! It is obviously a good all rounder which I am sure will help with my general well being and recovery from surgery. Arrived in good time from a trusted supplier – genuine product .

  13. I was always afraid of the taste, the acidity and the burn sensation … well, none of the above… it has a smooth taste and my stomach is grateful.I’m drinking it for almost three weeks, no cravings (no more fridge visits for no reason), no more burn sensation after dinner, sleep better, more energy … and I lost 2.5 lbs …in short … I love it!

  14. Initially I was underwhelmed by the taste: I thought it tasted like something I’d burped up at night. But after a while the taste grew on me, and I even found it refreshing. It should be noted, however, that when I was encountered the ‘slime’ at the bottom of the bottle I thought the dog had sneezed on me, which caused me some indignation and upset. Once I realised that the ‘slime’ was in fact a type of vinegary fermented apple I was able to put the episode behind me, and slurp back another tasty portion of ‘mother’ (as the mixture is called on the packaging). I am not sure how the product is ‘warming’ (in writing this review I was asked to rate its warmth). In my experience, the product has no exothermic reaction on contact with my mouth, and instead the temperature very much reflects the ambient room temperature or that of the cold tap. That said, the first time I tasted ‘mother’ (wrong though that sounds) I used too much in my glass, to which I added water. This sent a shudder down my spine, which I can liken to a feeling of coldness and, that being the case, the product did not warm me, but rather it cooled me. All in all, I like this product: it refreshes me, has helped quell my hefty IBS (to my partner’s relief) and is lovingly produced (perhaps that’s why it’s called ‘mother’). Thank you for your attention. Live long and prosper.

  15. I used it with water to get rid of my heartburn, worked well

  16. Dont waste your money anymore on Braggs ACV, they are now diluting this with water. If you dont mind then be my guest, but in the end you are actually paying more now for watered down crap.Time to try other brands.

  17. Product arrived with zero labels. No ingredient list, no label as shown on the advertisement. How do I know what I received is what I ordered?It is a non returnable item, not using an unknown product.

  18. If you’re buying this apple cider vinegar for health benefits, don’t bother. It’s so diluted I’m this large bottle size that I don’t see any mother in this whatsoever ! And the smell is very weak. Will stick to buying it In the small glass bottle form

  19. Absolutely perfect; you can see the mother and the bottle is robustGreat value for moneyI mix it with a squeezed lemon (juice), turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper … tastes pretty good but mostly great for the digestive system!Recommend all the way!

  20. Reply Avatar of San Roch de Montpellier
    San Roch de Montpellier 30. August 2021 at 0:00

    Good quality “mother” , taste is good.Recommend

  21. Raw-unfiltered Organic Apple Cider with “The Mother” 34 Oz (Pack of 2)Well packaged product. Great value for size and amount. Good taste mixed with pure water and a little sweetener 2-3 times a week.

  22. The media could not be loaded.  makes you wonder how ethical a company who goes to the bother of gaining organic designation for their product but then packages it in toxic plastic bottles… safe? lul, not bloody likely!

  23. I like that this vinegar has no added water. I add it to the water I sip all day long and it makes for a refreshing drink that is healthier than fruit juice. Highly recommended.

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