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Revolutionary Rejuvenation Cream



It is wrong to think that the only way to get rid of tired skin, wrinkles, puffiness and sagging is surgery. With the latest cosmetic products, it is possible to stop ageing and turn back time. Among the numerous care products, an innovative rejuvenating product stands out: Intenskin.

The face and neck are the most important indicators of age. It is in these areas that the skin undergoes the fastest ageing, loss of elasticity, wrinkling and hyperpigmentation. With age, the oval loses its sharpness, the tissues slacken under the influence of gravity, and a tired facial expression develops.

Skin aging is an irreversible and permanent process. Every year after the age of 18, imperceptible changes appear on our face: the protective functions of the epidermis deteriorate, the skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity, wrinkles and age spots appear. To slow down these processes, our skin needs care and protection.

What is Intenskin?

To stop the negative effects of internal and external factors on facial skin, experts have developed Intenskin Intensive Regenerating Face Cream, a powerful natural composition to rejuvenate and regenerate facial skin. With regular use of intenskin cream, it is possible not only to slow down ageing, but also to reverse it, significantly reduce the number of wrinkles and restore healthy skin density and colour.


Intenskin is an innovative cream that aim to nourish and rejuvenate the deep layers of the skin and stimulate the growth of epithelial tissue. It is a delightful cocktail for the correction of wrinkles on the nose lip and frown lines.

Why to use Intenskin Forte?

The skin has its own age. It’s different from ours. Because the skin is very vulnerable, it is subject to the maximum destruction over time, unlike other organs. After 35 years the skin ages rapidly! The causes are: gravity, heredity, poor environmental conditions, UV, radiation, stress and poor nutrition.

Intenskin cream actively stimulates the development of collagen and regeneration of the intercellular matrix. Accordingly, the mimic wrinkles on the forehead, next to the mouth and eyes become significantly smoother.

It contains components which are known to increase the volume at the point of action, fill the wrinkles from the inside, push out the skin, and relax the microcontraction of the muscle, thus disturbing the muscles to wrinkle the skin between the eyebrows.

How does Intenskin work?

The powerful and complex formula of the natural preparation has a synergistic effect, acting on the facial skin in several stages, preventing the appearance of new wrinkles and smoothing existing ones.

The skin is saturated with useful microelements and vitamins, acquires a healthy tone and radiance. Traces of fatigue disappear – bruises and bags under the eyes, complex nutrition and hydration of the epidermis begin, the skin stops drying and peeling.

Accelerated production of its own collagen protein begins, making the skin more elastic and firm. Wrinkles disappear and are smoothed, the oval of the face is tightened. The skin is detoxified, harmful toxins are removed, blood circulation and nutrient supply are improved.

The rejuvenating effect is clearly visible, even deep wrinkles are smoothed, age spots disappear and the skin’s ability to regenerate improves. There is a tightening of pores, an increase in skin turgor, the micro-relief of the skin improves, it becomes velvety and soft.

With Intenskin you can not only fight the signs of aging, but also prevent them, use the care regularly and protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles!

Intenskin Effects

The powerful anti-aging effect of Intenskin cream is achieved through a combination of natural oils and extracts which tighten pores, normalize cell metabolism and trigger the skin’s natural regeneration process, restores the water balance of the epidermis, increases elasticity and makes the skin soft and velvety.

Intenskin is known to:

  • neutralise free radicals – the main cause of ageing;
  • slow down the destruction of collagen, thus combating aging by protecting cells from destruction;
  • stimulate blood circulation in the lymph and reduces swelling, bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • firms the skin’s structure and attracts the formation of the face thanks to the natural elaboration of collagen and elastin.

The product, which meets the highest safety standards, provides long-lasting results. It uses the body’s natural reaction to form its own collagen. This creates a framework of collagen fibers to restore and maintain a clear facial contour.

How to use Intenskin?

Regeneration of the facial skin is the main objective of the innovative intenskin anti-wrinkle cream, but to maximise the effect of the application, it is important to follow the instructions specified in the instructions.

There is nothing complicated in the use of the tool, a detailed guide is attached to each tool package, but for informational purposes, we also provide instructions here:

  • Remove make-up and cleanse the surface of your face with a cotton pad and cleanser or toner;
  • Apply a small amount of cream to the surface of the skin and rub gently with your fingertips until completely absorbed;
  • Apply the cream daily, morning and evening, for a quick and noticeable effect. Also use more cream during the winter to protect your skin from cold air and frostbite.

The cream’s unique complex formula allows it to be used as a care product both during the day and at night, without the need for third-party care products. And thanks to its light structure, the cream is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy marks even if it stains your clothes.

Sfaturi pentru utilizare

What is Intenskin suitable for?

Intenskin would be very good for people who have signs of premature ageing:

  • The appearance of fine wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and mouth;
  • Thinning of the epidermis, loss of firmness;
  • The appearance of pigmented areas of the skin;
  • Delayed healing of skin lesions;
  • Deformation of the clear contours of the face, sagging and flaccidity of the skin.

If any of these signs appear, it is necessary to resort to the help of intenskin regenerative remedy to restore the skin and protect it from premature ageing in the future.

Product Information

Intenskin Intenskin

Dozaj Utilizare zilnică
Preț 24,90 – 44.90
EfecteNeutralisation of free radicals, Slowing down the destruction of collagen, elaboration of collagen and elastin, stimulate blood circulation,…


During clinical trials, the control group found no contraindications for the use of the cream. However, it is not recommended to use the product if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of the cream. The product also has no side effects, thanks to its natural formula.


Neocollagenesis is the process by which the body creates molecules of a fibrillar protein called collagen, which increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Aging skin cells produce low levels of collagen and high levels of collagen-degrading enzymes; this imbalance makes the aging process irreversible.

It is clinically proven that the application of products such as Intenskin stimulates the production of new, intact collagen. The binding of cells to the new collagen increases elasticity, which in turn improves the balance of collagen production and degradation, slowing down the aging process.

The natural ingredients of intenskin anti-aging cream are known to help to quickly restore the lipid balance of the facial skin, eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging.


The Care and Keeping of Sensitive Skin

The Care and Keeping of Sensitive Skin

iUniverse. 2012

At the age of sixteen, Lissa Bell found she had Vitiligo, which is hereditary in her family. At that time, not much was known about Vitiligo, and therefore, nothing could be done for it other than bleaching the pigmented skin in order to create a more uniform appearance. Over time, she researched and read the limited information she could find about the condition. Eventually, she found that she could not use products that contained synthetics without suffering an adverse reaction. While in...

120 Natural Skin Care Tips Guide Compiled From The Specialist.( Skin Care, Skin Care Secrets, Skin Care Tips, Skin Care Routine, Skin Care Books, Skin Care Products. Testified of Admirable Results )

120 Natural Skin Care Tips Guide Compiled From The Specialist.( Skin Care, Skin Care Secrets, Skin Care Tips, Skin Care Routine, Skin Care Books, Skin Care Products. Testified of Admirable Results )

Sudha Rajagopal.

Îngrijirea pielii

Îngrijirea pielii

The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. 2011

During the teen years, caring for the skin can suddenly seem a lot more complicated. As background, the book explains the science of how skin works as an organ. The text then provides excellent advice about everyday skin care, including choosing products, maintaining a skin-friendly diet, and protecting against sun damage. Portions of the book are dedicated to managing acne, which almost three-quarters of teens experience, and other skin conditions.

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  1. Avatar de Sonia

    Sonia -

    I like that it is made with natural and safe ingredients. I have sensitive skin and have not experienced any irritation or side effects when using INTENSKIN.

    + PROS: Recommended cream
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  2. Avatar de Utte

    Utte -

    I am 57 years old and have always taken great care of my skin. A few months ago I started using INTENSKIN and noticed a big difference in the appearance of my wrinkles and fine lines. My skin is softer, smoother and has regained its youthful glow.

    + PROS: a big difference
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  3. Avatar de Niko

    Niko -

    In the field of beard care, I found a dream, a product that makes my skin and my beard shine, a moisturizer, it is a jewel, with benefits that go beyond any issue. With a silky texture and so smooth it eliminates dryness, it makes my beard look furrowed, no more itchiness or rough problems.

    + PROS: eliminates dryness
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  4. Avatar de Noelia

    Noelia -

    I have been suffering from fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area for some time. After trying several products, I finally came across Intenskin. Intenskin has exceeded my expectations! It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue. Within a few weeks I could see a visible improvement. My skin feels firmer and wrinkles are significantly reduced. Intenskin has increased my self-confidence and I highly recommend it.

    + PROS: highly recommend
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  5. Avatar de Monica

    Monica -

    I feel more confident with my skin since I started using INTENSKIN. It’s a perfect ally for maintaining healthy, radiant skin – I would recommend it to all women who want to give their skincare routine a boost!

    + PROS: for maintaining healthy, radiant skin
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