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Learn about zinc, its importance, and its characteristics.

Effect of Prenatal Zinc Supplementation on Malarial Morbidity, Pregnancy Anaemia and Birth Weight

Effect of Prenatal Zinc Supplementation on Malarial Morbidity, Pregnancy Anaemia and Birth Weight

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Anaemia and malaria are two related problems of public health significance in malaria-endemic countries, including Ghana, that continue to impact negatively on pregnancy outcomes, despite interventions being put in place to address them. The reasons for the apparent lack of efficacy of routine iron supplementation in reducing the risks of preterm and other adverse pregnancy outcomes are not clearly established in Ghana. It is not also known whether all pregnant women benefit from iron...



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Every cell requires zinc in order to reproduce, you couldn't have been born without it. Zinc boosts brain activity, and is an essential trace element for humans, but it requires a delicate balance, being toxic in higher quantities. It is a component to sunblock, but can also protect skin against windburn and other irritations. Readers will explore every aspect of zinc, from how it contributes to health even prior to birth, to how it's inside every penny we spend.

  1. I have been taking Zinc for 10 years, as prior to that I suffered from heavy bouts l colds. Two months after I started taking them I haven’t had a cold since, apart from last year when my Doctor advised that taking Zinc over such a long period is not a good thing. So in October of last year I stopped taking them. In January of this year I came down with the mother of all flu bugs which laid me very low for over three weeks. In February I started taking Zinc again, and no signs of cold’s or Flu. Back to normal.For me they really work.

  2. This review is for people that suffers hormonal acne. I was suffererring for really bad acne and I didn’t know what was the cause. I tried being vegan ( I am vegetarian). Cleaning my face 2x per day, changed all my skin products and nothing worked. Until I realized that having the IUD in my body was making me weak in Zinc plus with a vegetarian diet and a surgery which I used antibiotics for a month !! The IUD eliminates the Zinc in your body and I don’t get enough being vegetarian. I started taking these Pills + probiotics and yeast. You guys can’t believe how my skin is. I feel so confident and proud I got to listen to my body and it’s needs. I hope I can help people that are in the same situation!

  3. This is the only zink brand that doesn’t make me feel nausea. I think its the best choice for people who have sensitive stomach

  4. My doctor did a blood test to determine I was low on zinc. She recommended a specific brand, but I wasn’t impressed with her recommendation. I normally use labdoor for making my supplement determinations since they do 3rd party testing. Labdoor rated Vitamin Code with a 95.8 (the highest rated zinc supplement)…that plus the relatively inexpensive price compared to competitors drove my decision to choose this Zinc supplement over others.

  5. Okay so I can’t say enough good things about these! I have suffered from medical acne my entire life! I’ve tried everything. Nothing has worked. I tried these on a whim and my skin has never been so clear. These work!

  6. To soon to make a comment

  7. There is no flavour. Having taking it everyday. Too soon to see the result. But I guess it takes time

  8. I am a repeat buyer of this supplement. It’s important for skin health and immunity. Zinc Picolinate is one of the most bioavailable forms

  9. Reply Avatar of Shantell Campbell
    Shantell Campbell 15. July 2020 at 0:00

    Zinc supplements are really beneficial for people who suffer with acne/blemishes/pimples. A while back I was religiously taking Zinc, and totally forgot to order when I finished, although I was taking other vitamins. Around my monthly cycle I was always breaking out and it really bothered me. Then I remembered that I needed to order Zinc! Ordered these, started taking them before my next monthly cycle, and wow! Only got one pimple! Whereas without, I would have gotten far more pimples on my face. I’ll never forget again, and I am really impressed with this zinc supplement. It is said to take no more than 30mg. These are 20mg and they are perfect.

  10. Not only is it a good immune booster but it’s also a performance booster for any athletic sport or skillI am myself go skateboarding at public skate parks and having one of these right before I go only helps me skate board better but it also protects me from catching a coldGreat price this is definitely a high-quality source of zinc. I recommend it

  11. Great product to boost my immune system. Quick shipping

  12. I work as a nurse, sometimes taking care of Covid 19 patients. I’ve made these a part of my daily vitamin regimen for immune system support.

  13. This is zinc picolinate and is much gentle with the stomach than other types of zinc. I tried zinc citrate and zinc gluconate and had severe pains in my stomach and nausea. This product has been recommended to me by mu naturopath considering my stomach sensibility

  14. Zinc is necessary for your immune system. It is especially useful for those with acnes like me. It really helps reduce the severity of acnes and keep your skin clear. Therefore, I need to take it on a regular basis. My family also take zinc together with other vitamins and minerals to maintain our health.

  15. If the powers that be are going to continue to make and patent diseases and viruses; and this one has a patent number, you cannot patent naturally occurring diseases and viruses; then I need all the help I can get. This make was recommended to me, and as far as I know it works great!

  16. These are the best supplement I’ve bought in years, I’ve notice my nails and hair grow longer and stronger since taking them with magnesium. Very easy to swallow, this is my second purchase. Great buy thank you.

  17. Easy to swallow. I like the container, it catches my eye so that I am less inclined to forget. These days we all need to think more about blocking reverse transcriptase activity.

  18. Another great supplement from a great company and seller!! Keeping my lungs so much clearer now along with the other supplements I take these with.

  19. Always buy this brand as good packages and great

  20. Great 👍

  21. Nature’s bounty is a quality company for all your vitamins and supplements I use many of them also use the melatonin gummies wich I love

  22. Reply Avatar of Mrs Melanie Clarkson
    Mrs Melanie Clarkson 3. March 2022 at 0:00

    I had been looking for a good quality Zinc and it seems to fit the bill. I’ve had no side effects from it and fits my need.

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