Why wont my Athletes Foot go away?

The cause of athlete’s foot is microscopic fungi. They multiply by eating bits of skin and hair, as well as nails and hair. 

The fungus responsible for this infection is highly contagious and tends to thrive in warm and humid environments. It spreads mainly in public places often frequented by sportsmen and women, such as changing rooms and swimming pools, hence its name: “athlete’s foot”. However, you don’t have to be a gym aficionado to get this fungus. Anyone can be affected.

If the fungi wont go away, it is best to avoid public areas and humidify.

To treat athlete’s foot, an antifungal cream can be applied to kill the fungus. It is important to continue the treatment for a few days after the lesions have disappeared, as the fungi may still be present even if they are not visible to the naked eye. This prevents the return of athlete’s foot when the treatment is stopped.

  Athletes Foot Home Remedies?

Infections can return if foot hygiene is poor after athlete’s foot treatment. Sometimes, antifungals don’t completely eliminate the infection. If the feet are frequently wet, the fungi may then multiply again.


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