What makes the immune system stronger?

Your lifestyle influences your health and that of your immune system. Here are effective measures you can take to help protect yourself from infection:

Eating well: Adopting healthy eating habits contributes to your health in many ways. Among other things, it helps boost your immune system.

Drink water: it is important to drink up to 1.5 litres of magnesium-rich water per day to moisten the mucous membranes, make them less receptive to viruses, but also strengthen the immune cells and fight fatigue.[7]

Take a vitamin and mineral supplement: Some people consider taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. Making sure you get enough of some of these nutrients can help keep your immune system healthy, but it’s best to start with a good diet.

Quit smoking: Smoking considerably weakens your immune system and greatly increases your risk of contracting certain infections and developing cancer. Your pharmacist can help you in your efforts to stop smoking.

  Immune System Home Remedies?

Sleep well: Sleep is an excellent way to allow your body and its many functions to recover. Sleepless nights disturb the immune system and weaken it. So make your sleep hygiene a priority – it’s your health.

Exercise regularly: Studies have shown that regular physical activity helps to strengthen your immune system, as well as providing many other health benefits.

Reduce stress levels: Being stressed or exhausted weakens you and your immune system. Resting, taking care of yourself and having a positive attitude will help reduce your susceptibility to infection.

Use a saline solution: Keeping your nasal passages well hydrated, especially during the cold season when the air in your home is dry, can reduce your risk of getting a respiratory infection. Using a saline solution and, in some cases, a humidifier can be beneficial.


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