What is the most effective Treatment for IBS?

Stress can lead to IBS symptoms, that’s why it is important to learn how to manage it. Along with meditation and physical exercise, it is recommended to do some relaxation exercises.

Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with medication. To slow down food passage through the digestive system and control diarrhoea, medication is available. Sometimes, laxatives can be helpful in persistent constipation cases. However, it is important not to depend on them for regular bowel movements. Anti-diarrhoeal drugs (e.g. People suffering from diarrhoea can be helped by anti-diarrheal drugs (e.g. Your doctor will discuss with you the options available to treat your symptoms).

Probiotics, bacteria that live normally in the intestines, are present in certain foods and are therefore considered to be ‘good’ bacteria. A few studies have suggested that IBS could be due to an imbalance in good bacteria in the stomach. By restoring the balance, probiotics might be able to relieve IBS symptoms. Probiotics are only recommended for the treatment of IBS. However, more research is necessary to determine if they can be used in other conditions.

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