What is the main Cause of Gout?

Gout, a common chronic disease caused by elevated blood levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia), is often hereditary.

It is resulting from deposits of uric acid microcrystals in the joints and surrounding tissues. These crystals lead to very painful attacks. Blood uric acid levels tend to be elevated in people with metabolic syndrome, but age, association with other chronic diseases, dietary habits, high blood pressure and overweight are among the main contributing factors.

The increase in uric acid in the blood is due to an inability of the kidneys to eliminate it. Certain medications can also make it more difficult for the kidneys to eliminate uric acid. Consumption of foods rich in animal protein, beer, hard liquor and sugary drinks (sodas, fruit juices) also leads to increased production of uric acid.

  Gout Home Remedies?
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