What is the best Treatment for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic disease for which there are effective treatments for flare-ups, which can lead to remissions or an improvement phase.The treatment of psoriasis is symptomatic and long term.

The most common psoriasis treatment is often local by applying ointments, creams or lotions based on dermocorticoids or vitamin D3 analogues to the skin. Additional treatment is necessary in the most severe forms.

In some cases, more powerful treatments can be used to slow down the growth of skin cells, such as phototherapy or oral medication. However, sometimes the skin becomes resistant to treatment over time.

The treatment alternates between attacking acute psoriasis flare-ups and lighter maintenance treatments.

It depends on :

  • the type of psoriasis
  • its location,
  • its extent (how much of the body is affected?),
  • the existence or not of associated psoriatic arthritis,
  • the impact of the disease on daily life, both personal and professional
  • the psychological impact,
  • the age and general state of health of the patient.
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It is most often based on the use of local treatments in the usual forms. Much more rarely, in severe forms, a general treatment (by mouth or by injections) may be prescribed.


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