What is the best Treatment for Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle, often of infectious origin, which leads to cell destruction.

The first steps in treating myocarditis are rest and stopping all physical activity. Whatever the myocarditis causes, once you have the diagnosis of myocarditis, the key to recovering the heart is to rest, which is definitivly the best treatment of myocarditis.

Further treatment of myocarditis is rather that of its consequences. This can range from paracetamol for flu-like forms to circulatory assistance or even transplantation in super-emergency cases for the most serious forms.

As myocarditis can mimic an infarction, the treatment depends first of all on the correct diagnosis. It is necessary to be sure that it is not a progressive infarction, that there is no artery to be unblocked. In certain cases, we therefore carry out a coronary angiography. And then we adapt according to the symptoms. If there are signs of heart failure, this heart failure must be treated; if there are rhythm problems, these rhythm problems must be treated.

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