What helps Asthma without an Inhaler?

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterised by inflammation of the bronchi. This disease is characterised by attacks that result in phases of breathing difficulty. Specifically, the irritated bronchial tubes swell up, reducing the air flow both when breathing in and out. It is during these episodes of narrowing of the airways that asthma attacks occur.

Inflammation of the airways is also associated with hypersensitivity to triggers such as allergens or physical exertion. It should be noted that, although the disease usually manifests itself in childhood, it can also occur in adults.

If you don’t have your inhaler, breathing exercises will be a great help! First, breathe in through your nose, then out twice as slowly, keeping your lips pursed. Then breathe in through your nose while placing your hands on your stomach. Relax your neck and shoulders as you exhale very slowly.

Many plants are valso ery effective in treating asthma attacks. For example eucalyptus, turmeric,… These plants have the power to block the contraction of the bronchial muscles and their duration of action is even longer than that of salbutamol contained in Ventoline.

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Homeopathy can also be highly recommended.

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