What gets rid of Athlete’s Foot fast?

Everyone need to know how to cure athlete’s foot at home fast. Antifungal powders may be beneficial for those who have suffered from athlete’s feet in the past to lessen the chance of it returning.

If you wonder what is the strongest treatment for athlete’s foot, think simple. An antifungal cream is the best athlete’s foot treatment home remedy. This medication should be used daily and lasts for two to four weeks. The affected area should first be cleaned using water and mild soap, and then dried completely. Apply the product in a thin layer. Make sure it is at least two centimetres above the area. This will ensure that all fungi are eliminated.

After a few days, you will notice a difference. It is important that you continue treatment even after lesions have vanished. The fungi may not be visible to the naked eye, so it is important to keep the treatment going for at least a few more days. The treatment will prevent athlete’s feet from returning after the treatment has been stopped.

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There are many home remedies; for example:

  • You can make a footbath using two caps of Apple Cider Vinegar and a quarter litre of warm water. For twenty minutes, soak your feet for one time a day until you feel better. You can also replace Apple Cider Vinegar by cinnamon (1 stick per litre).
  • Tea tree oil is also a excellent option if you are able to use essential oils. Although some people use it straight, it is best to dilute it.
  • Lemon is another alternative. Use three tablespoons of water to dilute the whole lemon juice. Apply the oil to the area.
  • Although the smell is strong, it is possible to eliminate athlete’s feet using garlic. Mix a head garlic with some olive oil to make a paste. The amount of paste you need will depend on how large the area. After 20 minutes, apply directly to the area. Rinse with warm water.
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