What are the Best Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain?

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✓ Capsaicin

Capsaicin is well-known for its pain-relieving properties. Many people use capsaicin, naturally present in chili peppers, to relieve pain naturally.  It works mainly by reducing Substance P, a pain transmitter in your nerves. You can use it topically or ingest it in powder form as a food supplement.

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✓ Turmeric

Turmeric contains an antioxidant compound called curcumin. In Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, this miracle root is known to tame arthritis pain as well as other type of chronic pain, because curcumin can overpower pro-inflammatory proteins called cytokines. Curcumin may also help decrease pain associated with autoimmune disorders.

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✓ Ginger

Ginger has been proven effective as a pain reliever in many studies and many alternative medicines. Some experts say that consuming up to a few grams of ginger every day is likely safe and may help manage pain and inflammation. It’s why many people all around the world use ginger to figth chronic pain and inflammation symptoms.

You can use ginger by massaging its extract into your joints, sipping ginger tea or taking it as food supplement.

Dried Ginger


✓ Bromelain

Bromelain is a type of enzyme extracted from pineapple stems. Most people use it to reduce levels of prostaglandins, which are hormones that induce inflammation. Bromelain may therefore be beneficial to people with arthritis or other types of chronic pain.



✓ Lavender Essential Oil

People use lavender oil for natural relief of chronic pain. They say lavender provides an anti-inflammatory response and a pain relieving similar to analgesic medications.

Before applying to the skin, it’s important to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil, such as olive oil (a few drops of the essential oil for each ounce of carrier oil).

Lavender Essential Oil


✓ Rosemary Essential Oil

Researchers show that this herb acts on some receptors in the brain, the opioid receptors, which are involved in the sensation of pain. You can thus benefit from its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties by massaging the oil (diluted in a carrier oil) on the affected area.

Rosemary Essential Oil


✓ Devil’s Claw

Traditionally used for rheumatoid arthritis, natural healers of Southern Africa use this plant to soothe all types of chronic pain in their patients. They like this herb because it also appeared to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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What are the Best Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain?
What are the Best Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain?


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