Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E

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Much has been written about the efficacy of Vitamin E. Studies have concluded that vitamin E can reduce the risk of heart disease, help prevent some forms of cancer, may improve memory and treat pain.

  1. I can’t believe how good a value this oil is. This oil saved my face. I had an accident in the washroom involving the direct application of lemongrass oil to my face. (wrong bottle, and my nose was stuffy ….) Anyways my face was burning, so I rinsed in cold water … still burning. I then liberally applied my shiny new vitamin E oil and within seconds, the burning subsided. Lemongrass oil can peel the skin clear off your face. Needless to say, the lemongrass is in a safe place now, and I owe my face to this vitamin E oil. Didn’t even miss an hour of work! This oil is also a great carrier for custom tonics, or as a hair repair tool. I love this oil.

  2. Used after breast augmentation. Scarring is now very minimal after applying this oil daily and gently massaging into skin. It isn’t as gel like as another E oil I bought but I do not believe that effects results. It absorbs quickly and I have not noticed staining although it is a bright yellow shade.

  3. This is the best / genuine Vitamin e oil I have seen and I have used quite a couple. Other vitamin e oils seem to be diluted already with some carrier oil whilst claiming to be pure vit e oil. The Healthaid vit e oil is thick (as pure vitamin e should be) and you can then dilute it as is fit.However, it is very pricey in my opinion. I would have purchased more if the price were lower.

  4. Great stuff and I mean Great . Who ever gave a one star , I would like to know who they are working for.Let me start off by saying it is pure vitamin e oil,I wouldn’t get anything that wasn’t.Do your homework and look up the ingredients.My boy friend a few years back suffered a bad burn on his face leaving terrible scaring. I Knew about vit-e before then and suggested to him to try it,let me say it was a miracle , toned up his skin remarkably well .,not completely ,but how it was before it was an absolute miracle.He found it very soothing on his skin too ,not only that it is a great barrier for uv,an added bonus. He still uses it to this day.Great for chicken pox scarring

  5. At first I was a little skeptical with the ingredients because I strictly wanted vitamin E… but the ingredients that are mixed in with the oil are Beneficial for your skin Anyways so I felt like it was a Win. Overall it’s a great product, I’ve been using it for over a week and a half and I can tell the difference in my skin texture, it’s very light on your skin and I love the smell which is also very light as well

  6. This is my go to vitamin E oil.I been using this for past 3 years and I used to have really bad dark circles around my eyes, which are literally gone now. I started using it when I was 16 and I am 19 now. I also had really bad acne and I used it time to time as a massage oil before going to sleep, I have no acne anyone and this oil helped me a lot in illuminating my scars and acne. In the morning it would leave my face reallyyy smooth and refresh. I love this oil.In addition, I been using one same bottle (for past 3 years). I even put a little in my hair mask oils. So this oil really goes a LONG way. I only punched a second bottle because of my mother, because she wanted to use mine as she love the results I got from it.A TIP… if you have to stay up all night and will have a little sleep I recommend putting it around your eye area as your eyes will feel fresh once you wake up. AND DONT EVER PULL your fingers around your eyes but gently tap it as pulling can create wrinkles in the future.Love you all and have a blessed day.

  7. I like everything about this oil. Been using it for a few weeks and my scares and sun spot is less noticeable. I put it on my husband nose after his stitch were out after skin cancer surgery and don’t see a scar now. Its been 2 weeks now.

  8. Just starting with this product, like the smooth feeling on my skin seems ok for now .

  9. If you are looking for the real deal this is the oil. Its really nice and smooth when applied to the body. It is natural and does not contain all those additives. I have been using it for some keloid scars from a prior surgery and it helps keep my skin smooth. Very good for scar massages, I see improvement as I use it. The only thing is the 16oz bottle is very difficult to get, and once you start using the oil, then the smaller bottles will become an expensive alternative.All in all great product

  10. The best…absolutely love

  11. The seal on the product was broken but packaged very well. However I won’t be returning it because I’m avoiding public areas currently.Product smelled a bit Smokey. Unsure if that’s the usual scent as I haven’t ever bought it before.

  12. I know, it is frustrating thinking you’re getting pure Vitamin E and then you see the other oils added, but the ingredient list was posted when ordering. I would have added a carrier oil anyway, in fact I mixed it with coconut oil, and my results are amazing. I had a large mole removed from my clavicle/neck area which was in a very noticeable spot. After the initial two week healing, I made a mixture with this and coconut oil and have been applying it three times a day. My surgery was almost three weeks ago and I can hardly see where the mole was removed. I can honestly say had I not used this oil, the scar would be more noticeable. I can’t wait to see the results in the weeks to come. Then a few days ago I cut myself shaving; I applied this and miraculously the next day it was much better. I’m now adding a couple of drops to my daily application of argan oil on my face. This is kind of like magic in a bottle, which is kind of corny to say, but it’s true. I’m really loving this oil and highly recommend it.

  13. My wife got this. She was facing hair fall issues, this helped her with that problem to an extent. She mixes it with her hair oil and then uses it. It lasts long enough. She recently ordered her second bottle.

  14. I am 57-years old and have been looking for an affordable skin care product to offset the effects of my aging skin. When I stumbled onto this product, I bought it thinking it was a Vitamin C Serum: When I got the product home, I saw it was Vitamin E almost returned it. Thankfully I didn’t. What happened to my skin from the first application was amazing. My skin was instantaneously glowing, luminous and tight. The oil plumped up my skin. When I read the label for ingredients I saw that there are so many wonderful essential oils in the formula, not just Vitamin E. I apply it with a jade roller for optimum effect and spray on rose hips toner to lock in the moisture. I found my special skin secret product! And you can’t beat the price. Shhhh!

  15. I’ve been looking for an organic facial ‘cream’ and its difficult to know what to buy. I purchased this and use it every day on my face and my hands. I can see my face lightening more each day and my hands have lost all its roughness. Great product and highly recommend it.

  16. Reply Avatar of Phoebe Holston-Washington
    Phoebe Holston-Washington 21. April 2021 at 0:00

    This is the best darn Vitamin-E oil I’ve ever used in my entire life!

  17. we use these to help minimize scars and the capsules are sturdy enough that they don’t disintegrate in your hands once you prick the capsule open with a pin; there’s no scent that comes off these either.

  18. It’s a good value for your money imo. Works great for what I use it for. The skin absorbs it rather quickly and doesnt leave you feeling oily or greasy. 2 thumbs up for that. It doesn’t really have much of a scent at all imo. Great stuff imo.

  19. I really enjoy this product and have purchased it twice. It smells amazing and I use it on my entire body after every shower. I have meant to write a review on this for a while but keep forgetting to do so. However I just went to reorder and the price has nearly doubled. At the new costing it’s not really worth the extra for the lovely scent. I can get regular Vitamin E for a fraction of the price. I’m so disappointed they did this….if you’re willing to pay the extra for it, it’s an excellent product.

  20. I never leave reviews. I am not sure why because I always read all the reviews before I purchase anything. So I hope my feedback helps someone, *Diagnosed with renal failure at 8 years old, 59yrs next month. *Over 28 surgeries (including 2 kidney transplants; last one just received 1 month ago)… so I have fresh scars to try out product. Anti rejection medication & renal failure are killers on your skin.So to get to my review: Love the smell. I was surprised at the large size of bottle (which is good because my whole body needs this!) I would highly recommend this product. It may be a little more expensive but I have tried lots of other Vit E oils & in my opinion, worth the money. After that long babble…lol…likely why I don’t do reviews, no one wants a novel.

  21. Perfect size for perfect price

  22. I use it on my arms and want the thicker oil as it stays and does not run so easily.I did get the vitamin E oil from another vendor here but it was very watery so I still use it but not for what I had intended.Quality is on point and I’m not a testing facility for ingredients, what is in this does as intended.Great on scars, DON’T use on tattoos unless they are well healed!Always keep the lid on tight….sighGood stuff.

  23. So this have a cod liver oil smell to it, but it works amazingly. My kiddo had a dry spot on her face that no matter what I tried I couldn’t get rid of it for 3 months. I put a little on her face 3 times per day and now it’s totally gone in less than 2 weeks.

  24. Been using this oil daily now ( after clearance from my health practitioner ) by massaging on my scar from my total hip replacement.It really has worked wonders. It’s broken down a lot is the Scar tissue and after 4 weeks use my scar and incision line is fading rapidly.Just about toBuy my 2 nd bottle.

  25. I hadn’t ever used Vit E oil and was stand offish about using an “oil” on my face, etc. I wished I had a long time ago. Using a small amount of this oil on my face as a moisturizer after washing my face is amazing. My face is so smooth, NOT greasy as I expected, and balanced feeling. No need for other products. It has been excellent to apply all over after a shower, or adding a splash to my bath. Love this oil! No scent. My only improvement I would love to figure out is how to make it so I can get a small amount at a time dispensed to apply. When I try to “pour” some out, I always seem to get way too much at once. Any idea for this would be appreciated. Otherwise, AMAZING product! I will keep getting this!!

  26. I really love this stuff as I had a really bad break out of eczema on face and neck which had got red itchy and flaky within a week of using this my skin on my face felt softer less itchy and red… only down fall id say is the smell but u can mix it in to face creams and stuff which is a plus definitely will be ordering more

  27. This Vitamin E Oil exceeded my expectations; it’s organic, made from natural products, unscented, and perfect for chapped, irritated skin. It’s also well priced for the volume/quantity. My hands are taking a beating by the cold weather and home improvements. However, this product oil has restored my skin to a healthy condition. You may want to research the ingredients used to make non-organic Vitamin E oils. It may encourage you to use an organic product.

  28. People this product is absolutely an unbelievable value. I still feel like I’m in the twilight zone everytime I make this purchase. I have beyond studied Vitamin E and it’s variants and this is as quality as it gets. And for such a ridiculously reasonay price!! Are you serious?! Keep up the good work! I’ll always buy that’s for sure!!

  29. unscented and perfect for what i use for.

  30. Use this on my face works really well, doesn’t leave the skin shiny or sticky like others i have had previously

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