Turmeric Capsules

Turmeric Capsules

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Turmeric for Health

Turmeric for Health

Simon and Schuster. 2016 gbs preview

"Provides information about turmeric and 100 ways turmeric can be used to improve health, energy, and beauty concerns"--

The Healing Power of Turmeric

The Healing Power of Turmeric

Mendon Cottage Books. 2016 gbs preview

In this book you will find all you need to know about Turmeric and its healing power.

The Chemistry and Bioactive Components of Turmeric

The Chemistry and Bioactive Components of Turmeric

Royal Society of Chemistry. 2020 gbs preview

Turmeric belongs to the family Zingiberaceae and is a yellow spice of high economic importance due to its medicinal value. Cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, it is used extensively as a colouring, flavouring and preserving agent.


  1. I was a walking bag of inflammation. Terrible burning heartburn constantly especially at night, pain around my heart area, pain under my left shoulder blade, all possibly due to a hiatal hernia. I was miserable. As soon as I started on two a day of these all the pain went away. I also have fibromyalgia and in addition to the constant heartburn even when I hadn’t eaten I had crippling full body pain that was unbearable. I was suffering horribly for months. I was bedridden for months from pain. My C-reactive protein blood test, a measure of inflammation, was 3.68, which is through the roof.Now I have no pain. Anywhere. I can eat anything without heartburn. I take one in the morning and one in the evening. This is a mirable and works better for me than oxycontin which makes me a zombie.This is a big bottle of pills and it smells wonderful, and fresh. In addition the price is very reasonable.

  2. Tried this product for 4 days now and I do feel better. Its NOT the miracle drug and one pill fix all but it is a good product and I feel much better during the day. Pains are still there but much easier to move around and sourness is gone until I over do it again. I am 54 going on 20….lol.It’s easy on the stomach and I have had no side effects as of yet.Fast delivery and will be ordering another bottle soon. It only has a 30 day amount which I found strange. Usually there would be a 60 or 90 day.I like that I “take one a day” and not 2-3 times. Easy to do!. Take it with one of your fatty meals as it will absorb easier.We shall see what 30days from now will bring, crossing fingersGreat itemThanxG.P.

  3. High quality product at a very affordable price! I take this twice a day for my arthritis and depression! It is a life saver! I have tried dozens of prescription medications for my arthritis and depression and the side effects were too harsh and very little relief! I ran out of this a couple of times and will not allow that to happen again because I know it is working because I can clearly feel a different with Turmeric in my system and without it! When I take Turmeric and keep it in my system my depression and arthritis pain is gone! I feel 20 years younger with Turmeric and I can exercise and enjoy life! Without Turmeric I feel 30-40 years older than my age! Without the Turmeric I am stiff, in pain, my body is inflamed, and I am depressed! Turmeric has changed my life and I very highly recommend it!

  4. Amazing to say the least! I have fibromyalgia and it is not fun. For the past 6 months I was constant pain, from head to my toes – my bones hurt, my joints hurt, it was bad. I felt like an eighty year old in a 50 year old body. Long story short, I came across this product and after reading tons of reviews, I thought, what do I have to lose? So I ordered a bottle. It arrived fast and I tried it immediately. That was almost a month ago. At first, well the first three days, I took 3 capsules 2x’s a day, then went to 3 capsules once a day.So what happened when I took it? The results were immediate for me. I was shocked! Seriously, I was stunned, but in a good way. I could feel the pain going away almost instantly. I thought it was some sort of a “placebo effect” so I needed to give it time just in case I was losing it… But it kept working and working and working. I went from taking Tylenol or anything in that category every single night and day too, just to help with the pain. My doctor wanted to put me on Provigil but my insurance would not cover it until I went to a “specialist” (yeah, health care is that messed up). But it worked out for the best because I was in enough pain to send me on my own search, which lead me to this product.Here are my results (and they were immediate for me)1. Pain GONE! Completely. That in and of itself is amazing!2. My quality of sleep has improved dramatically! I also have CFS, so sleep quality is super important – I will say, this does not help with CFS (nothing that I’m aware of does or has)3. This incredible sense of well being – I don’t take anti-depressants… doctor’s tried to get me to take those for CFS but they always backfired on me – always. I am not a candidate for antidepressants. But this sense of well-being is what I would imagine antidepressants are supposed to do.4. My appetite. I’m not a person with weight issues, but this does curb my appetite.5. It’s all natural and you an tell! It’s not like taking prescriptions drugs, which I hate anyway. this is natural – and it just feels right.So this has been my experience. I just ordered my second bottle. I realize that everyone is different and has different needs and one size does not fit all, but if you can relate at all to this and are on the fence, give it a shot. It might surprise you like it has shocked me. I’ll never go without this product again – not as long as it works. It’s that amazing. I was not paid to give this review and I did not receive a free bottle. I just want the world to know that this product is simply amazing!

  5. I have been using this product for years with good results but this batch is bad. The pills have always been orange in color and are now brown.My arthritis is out of control and I will have to purchase Turmeric somewhere else because the quality of this product is so bad.

  6. I have fibromyalgia and and a history of type 2 diabetes in the family. I bought this for myself after reading the benefits of turmeric and not being ready to drink turmeric tea. I like that this brand has no other additive. My husband is usually very leary of homeopathic or herbal remedies. He thinks that big pharmaceutical companies know best. He’s on 7 different medications for pain from a bungled back surgery and his type 2 diabetes. Some medications are just to counter the effects of other medications. After reading up on his own about turmeric the day I ordered this, he confiscated my first bottle the day it came in. He swears that not only is his diabetic nerve pain almost non-existent since he started taking turmeric, but that he is sleeping much better. I bought another bottle for myself and I am sleeping with almost no pain at night after only one week and I was able to stop taking Tramadol. We are both taking 2 per day with a meal.

  7. This helps shrink my nasal polyps pretty quick and eliminate my mild arthritis pain as well. I’ve tried the more expensive brands but this one works the best.

  8. IM TOTALLY SHOCKED HOW WELL THIS PRODUCT WORKS. I HAD cervical surgery in 2008 fusions of C-2 C-3 C-4 & C-5 AND MY spinal cord crushed as well which left scar tissue on the spinal cord itself which still has not gone away. This injury has caused burning sensation in my feet and my entire nervous system is super sensitive so much that my own body weight hurts me and haven’t been able to lay on a bed to sleep for over 10 years. I GET a new recliner about every 6 months which is the only place I sleep and can sit somewhat comfortably. My entire body hurts and had a morphine pump implanted under the skin which gets filled about every 3 months and is a continuous feed 24 hours day into my spinal fluid and was taken 2o mg oxycodone every 6 hours as well.I started taken this product and the first day I clearly noticed improvement of all my many symptoms caused bye cervical myelopathy. I started having the morphine reduced in the pump 9 months ago and have not taken any oxycodone in 3 months. SOON I will be completely off all pain medication which is unbelievable. Many doctors were concerned with the amount of pain meds I was on at the age of 45 with what I thought was going be a life time on morphine and pain pills. IT IS A GREAT PRODUCT.DAVID

  9. Reply Avatar of Evangelist KEYSHIA L NORMAN
    Evangelist KEYSHIA L NORMAN 2. January 2019 at 0:00

    The Bible is right the land & plants use to heal This helps with soooo much arthritis, diebetes , high blood pressure, hair growth, when u use it make paste put on dark areas it’s a lighter arm pits, face, legs do it for a month better results..

  10. Ok… first, the Good. :)This worked, at least for me. My achille’s tendonitis has subsided, my arthritic joint pain also. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and noticed the effects around the mid-to-end of the second week.The Bad…I bought this online, and then someone suggested that I go to my local pharmacy (CVS) and see if they carried it as well. They did… at the same price as on-line, no waiting for the delivery. AND… CVS routinely runs 2 for 1 sales, so I bought the exact same product locally, at the same price… but got TWO of them for that price.The Suggestions…1) Check your local pharmacy before buying this on line.2) Start with ONE pill a day. That’s what I did, and that’s been perfect for me.3) Take it right after a meal – I take mine after breakfast. It IS based on a spice, after all, and while you may not experience heartburn or some of the other WebMD listed possible effects, taking it with food will reduce those chances even more. :)So… that’s the story, best of luck to all. 🙂

  11. I bought this because I had heard rave reviews about Curcumin helping to regulate blood sugar, as an anti-inflammatory and promotes the reduction of cholesterol.Well, I’ll be darned…….all my research proved true in that this product is the best and fastest absorbing brand. Remember this product is a super concentrated extract, not a cooking spice form of tumeric/curcumin.I will not post an actual copy of my test results for confidentiality for myself and the medical facility.My cholesterol has been consistently 200-250 for many yearsMy HDL has been consistently right at 30 for many yearsMy LDL has been consistently about 220 for many yearsMy Triglycerides have been consistently 310-360 for many yearsUsing only a low dose (20mg) statin for many years, my cholesterol only reduced because I switched to a no meat/low carb diet. That produced a cholesterol result of 225. I was frustrated because there was no help for all the other values.After taking this company’s Curcumin and CoQ10 capsules 2x per day with 500mg Flaxseed, 500mg Fish Oil , and the same low dose (20mg) statin over the past three months, my results are now:Cholesterol 126Triglycerides 163LDL 52VLDL 62HDL 40I got roughly these same numbers 3x on different days from different laboratories.

  12. I was sceptical about the hoopla about turmeric curcumin capsules but after taking them for a month I have noticed that my joints don’t hurt nearly as bad as they used to and the inflammation is decreased which makes me not only a believer but a happy camper. I’m going to be buying these regularly but at my local drug store were I can have them in hand & not have to wait for delayed or lost delivery thanks to Canada Post.

  13. I started taking these after some serious health failure due to thyroid and intolerance to medication. I take it every other day now but started everyday. It does help. I notice that I have a better day when I take it. It has changed something in the status of my health though minor.I was not eating for 6 weeks, and now I am able to ingest some food without causing complcations. It is helping with inflammation and to heal me. Right now I have nothing to rely on except natural supplements if any.I recommend it a try if you have ongoing internal issues with your gut, pains, migraines, thyroid or other. This is my personal experience and is not to treat and diagnose anyone.

  14. Been having trouble with a dodgy knee (osteoarthritis) for year or so, tried glucosamine and cod liver oil which had little effect. Thought I’d give these a try after stumbling upon this as a helpful supliment on twitter and they work for me. Not had to use any pain relief since using and even played badminton today. Can’t say they will work for you or not but I’m happy with the results for me.

  15. Reply Avatar of Truthful Reviewer
    Truthful Reviewer 15. June 2019 at 0:00

    I’m an avid bodybuilder and go to the gym anywhere from 5-6 days/per week; during this time, I have extensive work-out plans which can lead to some joint discomforts. After researching online the best supplements to solve this issue, one name that stood out was Turmeric, so I decided to give it a try! It’s been a week thus far, and I can already feel the difference – I take my 1 daily pill, as recommended on the bottle (in addition to a variety of fish/krill oil which also helps) and I can now safely say I have 0 joint issues and feel much better.I am now a lifetime buyer of this supplement and it’s posted at an excellent price!

  16. My doctor suggested I try this for lower back pain relief. Been on it a few weeks. I still have back pain but find I have been needing less Ibuprofen.

  17. I’ve been taking turmeric supplements for a few years and I’ve tried most of the leading brands. A friend recommended this company and after some research I decided to try their product. Overall I’m impressed. I reached out to the company prior to purchasing and the owner responded personally, he was extremely informative and transparent about their products. You sense the quality in their packaging and label, they clearly take pride in what they’re doing. Best of all I felt the results after just a few days. I’ve already put them on subscribe and save and will be re-ordering. I don’t often write reviews but I feel this product was worthy.

  18. I’ll be buyin this again, on the expensive side, but the profile is much more bio-available than most formulas due to the Turmacin

  19. I have arthritis and was taking this product for a while. It took the redness out of my joints and the pain was pretty much gone. I go to the US every winter and didn’t buy enough so I decided not to take them any longer. Big mistake. After just one month my joints were very sore and very red. I ordered a different brand but they were very large pills and I didn’t really like them all that much. They worked but prefer this brand so will be sure to buy a 5 month supply before we go south this fall. It may not work for everyone but it works for me.

  20. A friend recommended me these when I was diagnosed with water on the knee and joint inflammation.I took one a day with food at lunch time and I swear they made me feel like new again. It took about two weeks to feel completely better after taking these.They worked better than the anti inflammatory I was prescribed from the doctor.

  21. I get these for my mother. She is on warfarin and can’t take some other brands that contain bromelain. She normally gets these from our local health food store, but this is a considerable saving. I had them on a subscription, but she was running out and needed some before the next delivery. I noticed that there had been a change in price, meaning that they’re cheaper to just buy. So I got four bottles.

  22. Wow,within 3 days of 2 tablets a day my mind is clearer and sleeping better and my energy levels have soared.HIghly recommend

  23. Reply Avatar of Barry John Stanley
    Barry John Stanley 24. August 2020 at 0:00

    Wife’s arthritus.

  24. I am trying to take care of myself. And I bought this to help my MS and diabetes type 2. I been taking this now for almost a month now and it has helped me alot. My pain is almost gone. I thought it could been my rx pills. But I stopped them right before a refill, and my hands are no longer in pain. I paint as a hobby and extra income on top of my ssdi disability. So painting now is a breeze, I can spend longer times doing what I love to do. This was a great chioce and decision I have ever made. This is what it did for me. I hope if you get this, you will have the same results or better. Highly recommended.

  25. Per oncologist tumeric is good to help prevent cancer, but take with pepper to help with absorbency per the doctor.

  26. haver all year

  27. Bought this for my joints and helps with my rheumatic pain

  28. I had surgery on my back removing two large bumps that was under my skin, I believe called a lymphoma. I was concerned after the surgery because the hump lingered even after the stitches were taken out. So I felt like I had the surgery for nothing. Leaving me to turn to goggle. Goggle recommend I use turmeric to take the bump down, sure if my name is not Lenora, after a week, I noticed the bump was completely gone. These are like a gift from God. They really do work.

  29. I bought this product for easing my arthritis and it seems to do what I needed it to do..

  30. Package arrived on time. The box and container are well designed, the label is clearly readable…but one question is raised, whether the product made in US or Canada. Reading the product description we can see “FORMULATED & MADE IN CANADA: Our Turmeric extract is formulated by medical professionals and manufactured in Canada..” However the label clearly said it was proudly made in US )) Capsules are easy to swallow. I didn’t notice much difference in pain relief between this product and another brands…Can say my stomach feels better if I use any Turmeric product.

  31. Reply Avatar of Greg, Tina & Family
    Greg, Tina & Family 14. August 2021 at 0:00

    I get occasional big toe gout. No fun. Quite painful. When I sense a bout coming along I take 2 if these in the morning. I haven’t had a total flare up in a solid year since I started keeping these on hand. Nature is best sometimes.

  32. As a nutritionist, I understand the power of turmeric (especially when combined with a fat and pepper) but I didn’t notice any difference with this brand.I’m leaving 3 stars but I know there is potential and they have great reviews, so maybe it was just me?

  33. I started taking Turmeric about 8 years ago as my son-in-law’s doctor suggested it for his knee pain. This is one doctor I would trust with my life. I started due to severe upper back injuries and it worked wonders. I also take it for NF1 as some people thinks it help with less growths of tumors. I am still on the fence with this one but I did notice more tumors growing while I was not taking it, so I went back to prevent them for getting worse.

  34. One a day does the job

  35. I think it actually stops swelling and damage.Excellent for pain relief, within a few hours. I make freshly ground black pepper put it in capsules and take both together. I use about half as much pepper as curcumin, just because that is what I first tried doing, and it worked so well so quickly, that I keep doing the same thing. When I have stopped taking it for a short time, I noticed some pain and weakness returning

  36. Have just started taking these but so far the quality appears excellent.Much better than than my M Health Food Chainstore brand. Would like to give amore comprehensive review in a couple of weeks.

  37. Easy to swallow. The straight is perfect and really helps to relieve pain.

  38. All I have to say it helped me after the first dose.I highly recommend this product.

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