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Better Skin – How does it work?

Nonfragrant oil that has emollient and antioxidant properties for skin.



In recent years, fungal skin infections have become increasingly common worldwide. Among the most common fungal skin infections are athlete’s foot, nail fungus and tinea versicolor. Fungal skin infections are caused by fungi that live on the skin, hair or nails. These infections can be painful, unpleasant and, in some cases, can lead to serious complications.

What is Fungoxil Forte?

Fungoxil Forte is said to be an effective treatment for fungal skin infections. This product can help relieve the symptoms of fungal skin infections and prevent them from spreading.


This product contains a blend of natural ingredients which are known for their antimicrobial and antifungal properties and can help relieve the symptoms of fungal skin infections.

Why to use Fungoxil Forte?

Fungoxil Forte is the ideal solution to combat fungi and mycosis that can attack the skin of the foot.

Mycosis is a widespread problem that is not easy to get rid of. It attacks the skin and nails of the feet, creating scaling that leaves room for viruses and bacteria to enter.

Responsible for this condition are often unsuitable shoes that are too tight or made of poor materials. Sweating is increased and consequently there is a PH imbalance. It often happens that mycosis of the feet is accompanied by ringworm, i.e. fungus-infected tissue. As the fungus proliferates among the skin cells, it damages the structure of the skin by reducing the influx of nutrients, so that the area starts to become dry and dehydrated, becoming infected.

This translates into reduced oxygenation of the part, as less blood arrives, resulting in a shortage of all the necessary elements, causing a sharp drop in the immune defences, which leaves the way open for infection with a cascade mechanism that will gradually damage the whole foot.

This is why we consider it important and fundamental to intervene promptly with a product that is both effective and safe for health. Fungoxil is the ideal solution, the best proposal that the market is currently able to offer.

Fungoxil benefits

Fungoxil Forte may help relieve symptoms of fungal skin infections, including itching, redness and flaking of the skin. This product may also help prevent the spread of fungal skin infections and prevent relapses. In addition, Fungoxil Forte may help strengthen the immune system and improve skin health.

How to use Fungoxil?

Fungoxil Forte is available as a cream and is applied directly to the area affected by the fungal infection and must be sonified with massage movements. Before application, the area should be cleaned and dried. It is recommended to apply the cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, until the symptoms of the fungal infection disappear completely.

Fungoxil Forte Fungoxil Forte

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It is important to continue using Fungoxil Forte cream for the full prescribed treatment period, even if the fungal infection symptoms disappear earlier. In addition, it is important to avoid sharing personal items such as towels and shoes to prevent the spread of fungal infection.

Users opinions from forums

Fungoxil Forte has received positive reviews from users who have tried this product to treat fungal skin infections. Here are some of the positive reviews from the forums:

“Fungoxil Forte was the solution for my athlete’s foot problem. In less than a week, the symptoms started to improve and I was able to resume my sports activities without discomfort.”

“I used Fungoxil Forte to treat nail fungus and the results were amazing. My nails strengthened and returned to their normal colour after just a few weeks of use.”

“Fungoxil Forte is a natural and safe product to use. I did not experience any side effects and was pleased with the results in my fight against fungal infection.”

Product Information

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EtkileriRelieve symptoms of fungal skin infections, prevent the spread of fungal skin infections, help strengthen the immune system, improve skin health,…


Fungoxil Forte is known to be an effective and natural treatment for fungal skin infections. This cream can help relieve the symptoms of fungal infection and prevent recurrences.

It is important to buy Fungoxil Forte from a trusted supplier to ensure that the product is genuine and safe to use, and  to follow the instructions for use and consult a doctor before use, especially if the person has a pre-existing medical condition or is taking other medication.

You should also read the instructions for use carefully and consult a doctor before use, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking other medications.


Fungal Infections of the Skin and Nails

Fungal Infections of the Skin and Nails

CRC Press. 2020

This concise, comprehensive guide is divided into two sections; nails and the skin. Each section includes information on the types of infections, aetiology, diagnostic procedures, such as sampling techniques, and therapy, including topical, systemic and adjunctive.

Infectious Fungi

Infectious Fungi

Infobase Publishing. 2023

Provides a history of infectious fungal diseases, how they are transmitted, how they affect the body, and how they are treated.

Superficial Fungal Infections of the Skin

Superficial Fungal Infections of the Skin

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers. 2019

This book is a concise guide to superficial fungal infections on the skin for dermatologists and GPs. Divided into two sections, the first part of the book discusses normal skin flora (microorganisms that reside on the skin, many of which are bacteria mostly found in the superficial layers of the skin and the upper parts of hair follicles). The second section covers the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of superficial fungal infections. The book serves as a quick reference guide for...

Homemade ANTIFUNGAL Herbal Medicine

Homemade ANTIFUNGAL Herbal Medicine

Homemade Antifungal Herbal Medicine Book is fully designed to promote self-reliance in terms of using some of the readily available herbs to treat persistent fungal infections like Athlete's Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch, Fungal Skin Rashes... many other Yeast infections. Many people have used several Anti-fungal medicines both orally and topically to treat their stubborn Yeast infection but when they stopped the use of the treatment the partially supposed cure fungal infection recurs. As a...

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  1. Oskar'nin Avatarı

    Oskar -

    As swimming is my favorite sport I always struggle with foot fungus, because it is something I can no longer control. That’s why I always use this cream that works super well to get the fungus under control, that is to say, to eliminate it completely.

    + ARTILARI: Favorite cream
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  2. Berth'nin Avatarı

    Berth -

    I have battled toe fungus and athlete’s foot for years, and nothing worked. My doctor suggested a prescription for terbinafine in tablet form, but apparently that could cause liver damage. I have applied FUNGOXIL FORTE cream every day between and around my toes, and the cracking between my toes (which was hurting quite a bit) has disappeared! I have even seen some reduction of the fungus under my toenails. This product worked well for me when no other product did.

    + ARTILARI: This product worked well
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  3. Kai'nin Avatarı

    Kai -

    Make sure you need an anti-fungal and not an anti-bacterial cream. Works!

    + ARTILARI: Works!
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  4. Caleeb'nin Avatarı

    Caleeb -

    This cream works well and fast to relieve the itching of the athlete’s itch fungus, which is what I used it for. This cream worked for me and solved my athlete’s itch problem and kept it from coming back.

    + ARTILARI: solved my athlete's itch problem
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  5. Juan'nin Avatarı

    Juan -

    Sometimes at the gym (who am I kidding?! Most of the time!) , a person can be unlucky enough to get a nasty case of athlete’s foot. Or not so unpleasant, it doesn’t matter – what matters most is which product can be trusted to fix the annoying condition as soon as possible! After reading the reviews, I tried this antifungal cream and holy remedy. You should use it as directed, as often as directed, and soon things will be back to normal. Cost and value met right in the middle, and the result was a very respectable 4 stars!

    + ARTILARI: respectable 4 stars
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  6. Anastacia'nin Avatarı

    Anastacia -

    I bought this because I was a bit desperate and noticed that everything I had tried so far was not working for me. While searching the net for something that would help my situation, I came across an article that mentions it as a cure for itchy athlete’s foot or jock itch. I can now say that it works 100%. No more fungus, no more athlete’s foot!

    + ARTILARI: No more fungus, no more athlete's foot
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  7. Mary'nin Avatarı

    Mary -

    I haven’t followed the full recommended regimen for this yet, but so far it seems to be working and it’s here sooner than expected and for a good price. Can’t complain here!

    + ARTILARI: iyi fiyat
    Yardımsever(1) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  8. Derlis'nin Avatarı

    Derlis -

    I love it! I had a rash under my chest, I tried different creams none of them worked. This works great. I could tell the difference after my first use, the itching was gone one the first use.

    + ARTILARI: love it!
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  9. Clementina'nin Avatarı

    Clementina -

    After trying to treat stubborn athlete’s feet for the first time and months of trying different things. Some that worked a little and some that didn’t work at all, I finally hit on the key. I realize that every case is different and you have to find the right foot cream. But this looks like a foot cream and something that can be used as a general foot lotion. It has something extra that gives the feet a general feeling of comfort and happiness, sounds weird but it’s hard to describe. I have no words to describe this product. If you have dry, cracked, peeling, athlete’s feet or just want your feet to feel good, I recommend Fungoxil. I have tried many types of lotion and creams and this is on another level.

    + ARTILARI: another level
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  10. Melinda'nin Avatarı

    Melinda -

    I thought I had hemorrhoids because of itching at night. I read about this product and thought I would give it a try. Itching stopped after first application, as advertised! Very pleased!

    + ARTILARI: Çok memnun oldum!
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  11. Crilo'nin Avatarı

    Crilo -

    I have always been hesitant in using something like this as I have always been disappointed. I have been using this now for a few weeks and have seen great results on my heels. I would definingly recommend this.

    + ARTILARI: great results
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  12. Ambar'nin Avatarı

    Ambar -

    I like how it is Fungoxil, with a little softness, silky, it is like a silky oil, but it dries immediately after it is absorbed, there is no smell, except a smell of clean, silkiness allows to use less than a normal cream, so use sparingly a little goes a long way, and apply on toenails also, a very beneficial antifungal ointment

    + ARTILARI: very beneficial antifungal
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  13. Olinda'nin Avatarı

    Olinda -

    Fungoxil helped me to feel relief in my feet from the itching caused by the sandals; during the nights.

    + ARTILARI: necessary purchase
    Yardımsever(0) Yararsız(0)Bunu zaten oyladınız
  14. Matthew'nin Avatarı

    Matthew -

    Tried so many antifungal creams over the years and none of them worked. I ordered FUNGOXIL FORTE after reading such great reviews. After just one tube, my goodness, this works!!! If you are tired of not getting the results you are looking for with other creams, give it a try. You won’t regret it.

    + ARTILARI: this works!!!
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