5 nasvetov za hujšanje pozimi

Cold, rain, short days, low mood… There is no shortage of excuses to go into a long hibernation on the sofa. And say hello extra pounds! Here are 5 tips for losing weight in winter.

1. Avoid going out on an empty stomach

Being at the top of your game this winter can be a highly delicate mission, as evenings devoted to “good food” are commonplace. Raclette, fondue, tartiflette, crêpes and hot chocolate… The fatter, saltier, sweeter it is, the more our taste buds appreciate it. Our buttocks much less so, obviously!

It is scientifically proven that when we eat out, we tend to consume many more calories than when we eat at home. Simply because there are many more temptations.

So don’t skip a meal because you’re planning a pizza party with your friends. Instead, fill up on fibre-rich fruit and vegetables. You can also bite into an apple beforehand… You’ll feel much less like stuffing your face.

2. Exercise, exercise and more exercise for winter

There’s no secret that if you want to lose weight in winter, you need to move as much as possible! But when it’s dark and cold, zapping evenings quickly replace our running sessions.

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Martial arts, yoga, aquabiking, dance, there is no shortage of options for getting moving while staying warm! And there’s nothing like group activities to motivate each other.

You can also go on more outings to enjoy the fresh air. Prefer to stay at home? Then dust off that exercise bike you don’t know what to do with! In short, you’ve understood the principle. Let’s get motivated!

3. Sleep better

To lose weight in winter, learn to count sheep, as if they were kilos to lose… The relationship between sleep and weight loss is well established. The shorter your nights, the more your weight will tend to increase.

That’s what the scientists say! Eat a (light) dinner at least two hours before going to sleep.

4. Remember to stay hydrated even if you’re not thirsty

Green tea, guarana, mate, lemon, fennel, dandelion, cherry stems, wild pansy, burdock, blackcurrant, meadowsweet… You are spoilt for choice! Their diuretic and/or detoxifying powers are well known. These infusions are the best way to purify our body and get rid of excess water.

And the flat stomach is ours! In the morning, we also prepare good fruit juices, full of vitamins and antioxidants. However, water is still the best liquid you can drink. And not alcohol: it does not hydrate (but not at all).

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5. Cook good soups!

To lose weight in winter, nothing beats good homemade soups! Yes, eating hot food instead of summer salads does not mean collecting calories. So grab your basket and head to your favourite market garden to stock up on winter vegetables.

Are you interested in good old-fashioned dishes with sauce? Go for their light version to treat yourself without feeling guilty.


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