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Glucomannan is a type of fiber found in the roots of the elephant yam, also called konjac. Glucomannan contributes to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet. (Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims in the EU).

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Reduslim Original
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21 reviews for REDUSLIM

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  1. Avatar of Markus


    This is an amazing product – seems like every time I lose weight, I just get really hungry until I give in and eat everything in sight. Just one of these and no more hunger! Definitely recommend!

    + PROS: It works 10kg in 3 Weeks
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  2. Avatar of Anna


    Glucomannan is recommended by medical authorities as top quality fiber to feed the probiotics in your gut and, ahem, it’s easy to see why. To be honest, not much comes out the other end. I’m trying to take it regularly twice a day. It does make a big difference if you take it once versus two or three times a day .

    + PROS: Helpful elements
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  3. Avatar of Achmin


    Finally I found the right method to lose weight, I tried since time ago to lose weight. I do regularly sport and even I take care about my nutrition, I even consumed different nutritional supplements, but unfortunately I didn’t have any improvement. But I have to say by now that REDUSLIM surprised me. I almost finished the first box and I think I’ll order a new one.

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  4. Avatar of Eva Pails

    Eva Pails

    Indeed it’s a bit expensive compared to other dietician, but acquiring it really worth it. So far I already tested a bunch of other methods and I find this one particularly the best. It really helped me to lose some kilos without any disturb. Neither there wasn’t any side effects nor problems at the moment of taking it. Absolutely a great product for those who want to reduce weight.

    + PROS: Great dietician
    - CONS: Not easy to order
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  5. Avatar of Anna


    I’m so glad I discovered these caps! I need to lose a few kilos, but there is no way for me to start a diet. Since I’ve been taking this supplement, it’s been great.
    I have already lost 2 kilos in 3 weeks, even though I eat quite normally. It’s true that I have a fairly balanced diet, but I find it difficult to limit myself in terms of quantities. Here I have found a real fat burner that doesn’t stop me from eating.
    And its vitamin content are not only good to lose weight, but also for general health! I will soon start a second bottle of treatment because it makes me feel really good. And its two main ingredients, Glucomannan anc Cocoa Extract are completely harmless and all natural. I totally recommend this product!

    + PROS: 100% Natural
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  6. Avatar of Nat


    As soon as I sart taking Reduslim, I lose weight! So Amaizing! Of course, I take care of my alimentation and I have an active life.
    I prefer fruit and vegetables and I drink a lot of tea too. But I know that without Reduslim I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s really what I need for a diet and to be in better shape. I recommend it to everyone!

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  7. Avatar of Marie Krüger

    Marie Krüger

    There are not many vegan products of this quality. It’s not really easy to find. I am lucky to have discovered it so I take this opportunity. Since I started consuming it, I feel much better thanks to the vitamins it contains and I was also able to lose a few pounds without much difficulty.

    + PROS: Vegetarian supplement
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  8. Avatar of Romina


    I am glad that I discovered these little capsules. I need to lose a few kilos, but I do not need to go on a diet. Since I started taking this supplement I feel very well, I have already lost 2 kilos in 3 weeks.

    + PROS: Easy to digest capsules
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  9. Avatar of Daniel


    Buy Reduslim online from this official website. Everything arrived without any problem. Now I start to test it!

    + PROS: Good price on the official website
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  10. Avatar of Agnes


    The instruction leaflet states how to use it. I consumed it with plenty of water and I have already lost 3 kilos with little effort. I will continue my treatment to improve my health.

    + PROS: Brochure in several languages and with good explanations
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  11. Avatar of David


    I bought Reduslim online on this official website. The bottle is almost completely filled, which is unfortunately also rarely found today, many manufacturers send half-full or even only one-third filled bottles. On the label of the can, the ingredients are specified exactly as it should be. The capsules are about 2cm long and I personally had no problems swallowing them.

    + PROS: the ingredients are exactly stated
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  12. Avatar of Erina


    I am a 44 years old woman and have already tried so many things to reduce my weight. In recent years, unfortunately, with moderate success. My metabolism seems to have lapsed into a not present mode. That makes me despair.
    In addition, I felt sluggish, listless and completely exhausted in the last few months. After so much disappointment I have decided after the many positive reviews to start again an attempt with Reduslim.
    What can I say… Wow!!!
    I’ve only been taking the capsules for a few days and already feel an improvement in my problems. I feel better, have more desire to exercise and the best thing is that I have already lost an incredible 2 KG. Of course, with a slight change in my diet and the sweets I try to leave out.

    + PROS: many positive reviews
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  13. Avatar of Jacob


    I recommend that you buy Reduslim only from this official website. I have had many problems buying it from another website. Now I only buy it from here and everything arrives on time and in good condition!

    + PROS: Reduslim Official Website
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  14. Avatar of Kilian


    There is a lot of positive reviews about Reduslim. It made me curious to try it. So I have already placed my order online on their official website to make sure to get it in good condition.

    + PROS: my first online buying
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  15. Avatar of Kim


    My big problem is controlling my food cravings. This is really a hard because in a short period of time I gained a lot of weight and losing it is almost impossible. My partner encouraged me to try Reduslim because he read a lot of reviews about this supplement.
    I have been taking it for a week now and the difference I see so far is that I’ve been satisfied for a longer time, which is really good. I am sure that these capsules will help me control my weight.

    + PROS: keeps you satisfied for a long time
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  16. Avatar of Jessia


    I bought Reduslim online after reading so many good reviews. A friend of mine gave me the link to your official website. Thanks to that my order arrived on time and in good condition. I have been using it for a week now and the good thing is that it has no side effects. I hope it will help me to reach my ideal weight in these months.

    + PROS: good reviews
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  17. Avatar of Alisa


    When you reach 40 it is very difficult to lose weight easily. But several acquaintances recommended Reduslim to me and it couldn’t be a coincidence that it works for several of them. That made me want to try it too. I have already placed my order online and I am looking forward to start the treatment.

    + PROS: good recommendations
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  18. Avatar of Candice


    This product really exceeded my expectations. First day I was a little bit moody and almost returned my products. But next day I felt grate and every day since.
    I’m 54 years old female and I have so much energy I run circles around my co-workers half my age. I have been on this product going on 3 weeks and already lost 10 pounds. I can even seem my body shrinking in inches. I’m so glad a decided to wait and give more time before I was going to return these.

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  19. Avatar of Brian


    It helped me lose 10 kilos in 5 months. Excellent natural supplement. What more could you ask for? It has it all and it’s effective!

    + PROS: Amazing!!!!
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  20. Avatar of Briann


    I just placed my order online. For my health I need to lose weight fast. I hope this supplement will help me to achieve it.

    + PROS: I need to lose weight
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  21. Avatar of Shawn


    I will update my comment in 2 weeks. I bought to try it twice a day for a month. So far I haven’t had any side effects, what I do have left over now is energy, I’m so surprised! As for hunger, it does suppress hunger.
    I will update in the next few months because I will continue to use this!!! In love!!!!!

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