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Natural supplement with extracts from Boswellia serrata and Curcuma longa



There are many treatments available for joint disease including physical therapy and medication. A new product, called Hondrostrong, has recently gained popularity as an alternative treatment for joint problems. This article will examine the effectiveness of Hondrostrong.

As we age our joints begin to degenerate, causing pain and discomfort. Joint problems can present various complications and health risks. It is important to address these problems appropriately to avoid possible negative consequences. Musculoskeletal diseases, which include joint problems, represent a significant burden on people’s health and quality of life.

The main danger of joint problems lies in the progressive deterioration of function and the chronic pain they can cause. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, among others, can severely affect individuals’ mobility and quality of life. In addition, limited ability to move can lead to physical inactivity, which in turn can increase the risk of developing other diseases, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease.

In addition to physical symptoms, joint problems can also have an impact on mental and emotional health. Chronic pain and the inability to carry out daily activities can lead to stress, anxiety and depression in some people.

What is Hondrostrong?

Hondrostrong BoswEx + CurcEx is a supplement of the highest quality that is designed specifically for joint care and to support well-being. It is formulated with natural ingredients which aim to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints, thus promoting joint mobility.

Hondrostrong Kombi EN 2er

This liquid is formulated to provide effective relief and improve the quality of life for those suffering from joint problems.

Hondrostrong BoswEx + CurcEx composition

Hondrostrong BoswEx + CurcEx is composed of Boswellia and Curcuma; centuries-old herbs. They have long been used in ancient medicine, but even today we still reap the benefits of these powerful substances. Both plants have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help promote joint health and reduce joint discomfort. It is vegetarian and gluten-free.

Boswellia serrata Extract (Frankincense)

Frankincense is mainly known for its intense, characteristic smell, for which the essential oils and boswellic acids contained in frankincense are responsible. The Indian frankincense Boswellia serrata is particularly rich in boswellic acids and contains 15-16% resin acids.


The frankincense resin is extracted by cutting the trunk and branches, which releases a sticky liquid that dries in the air to form resin.


Curcuma longa Extract (Turmeric)

Turmeric from the plant Curcuma longa has been used for thousands of years and was one of the most valuable and important spices and is still an essential ingredient in food and medicine all around the world.


The natural ingredients of the turmeric root are diverse: it contains essential oils, sugars, proteins, resins, camphor, salicylates and curcuminoids, which are among the valuable active ingredients of turmeric and the group of phenols. The curcuminoids themselves are composed of curcumin (77%), demethoxycurcumin (17%) and bis-demethoxycurcumin (3%).


Indications for use

Hondrostrong is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • Joint pain: When you experience joint pain due to injury, wear and tear, arthritis or other joint-related conditions.
  • Inflammation: If there is inflammation in the joints, Hondrostrong can help reduce swelling and inflammation, providing relief and comfort.
  • Joint stiffness: When you feel stiffness in your joints, especially in the mornings or after prolonged periods of inactivity, Hondrostrong can help improve flexibility and movement.
  • Sports injuries: If you have suffered a joint injury during sports or exercise, the use of Hondrostrong can help in the recovery and rehabilitation process.
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis: If you suffer from osteoarthritis or arthritis, Hondrostrong can relieve associated symptoms such as pain, inflammation and joint stiffness.


How does Hondrostrong work?

Below are the main ways in which Hondrostrong acts on the joints:

  • Pain relief: Boswellia and Curcuma aim to act directly on the pain receptors, providing fast and long-lasting relief.
  • Reduction of inflammation: Boswellia and Curcuma present in the liquid help reduce inflammation in the affected joints. This can decrease swelling, stiffness and discomfort associated with joint problems.
  • Improved circulation: The ingredients aim to stimulate blood circulation in the affected area. This helps to deliver essential nutrients to the joints and facilitate the elimination of toxins, which promotes recovery and well-being.
  • Tissue regeneration: Boswellia and Curcuma also have regenerative properties that can promote the repair and regeneration of damaged joint tissue. This can contribute to the restoration of joint function and improved mobility.
  • Tissue strengthening: They also help to strengthen the connective tissues surrounding the joints, such as ligaments and tendons. This can increase stability and reduce the risk of future injury.

Users Opinions

The product has an excellent reputation on the Internet. Many patients claim that Hondrostrong works exactly as described in the instructions. Therefore, many recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. At the same time, negative reviews can also be found on the Internet. The reasons for their appearance are obvious.

Hondrostrong is described as a scam by people who have ordered a fake and cheap product on the Internet. The manufacturer always talks about the need to buy the product exclusively from an authorised online shop.

Dissatisfied patients include those who have violated the instructions for use. Any medicine, if used without a system, will give bad results. Therefore, it is important to study the package leaflet and strictly follow its recommendations.

Negative opinions are also spread by people who do not trust products that are not on the shelves of pharmacies Hondrostrong. But this argument, on the contrary, shows that customers are not protected against buying counterfeit products at an inflated price. The manufacturer works to ensure that consumers only get the best product at the best price.

Product Informations

ProduktHondrostrong BoswEx + CurcEx
DoseringApply 2 times a day
Pris€ 39,90 – 49.90
EffekterSupport well-being, relieve pain and inflammation in the joints, promote joint mobility,…


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Specifikation: HONDROSTRONG BoswEx + CurcEx


Gout, Joints




60 ml


Boswellia and Curcuma

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  1. Avatar av Bertha

    Bertha -

    I have been suffering from gout in my knees for 5 years with these pains that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I have already tried so many painkillers that I have even damaged my stomach, so I became a fan of natural products and I read a lot about curcuma and its benefits. After reading about it my hopes of getting better came back, so I started taking these drops and I can say that they are amazing. Of course they are not miraculous but if you persist and continue the treatment you can notice a big difference in the decrease of pain.

    + PROS: decrease of pain
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  2. Avatar av Amelia

    Amelia -

    This works great. I slipped a disc in my lower back and it helped so much. But with as much as I was taking every day it’s a bit pricey

    + PROS: works great
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  3. Avatar av Wilma

    Wilma -

    It made me feel better, it took away the pain I had in one foot, what I don’t like is that the smell is too strong.

    + PROS: Det fungerar
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  4. Avatar av Esther

    Esther -

    Life changing! Chronic back pain only got worse year after year until I started these drops in my regimen all day long. It is truly amazing!!! The other part of the healing equation is getting a yoga hammock to reverse to decompress my back. I am actually getting stronger than weaker for the first time in years. Refusing to undergo back surgery, it was necessary to find relief and this is a BIG PART!

    + PROS: Life changing!
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  5. Avatar av Jazmin

    Jazmin -

    I don’t understand why many of the reviews I checked said it smelled terrible and tasted really bad. Well, I just got mine today and it doesn’t taste bad at all and it’s not a perfume smell but, it’s not that bad. I gave it 4 stars because I don’t know how it’s going to work because it’s my first day. But, I will see if my arthritis improves after taking these natural drops…right now I am in pain because my pain is chronic….. will let you know in a few weeks.

    + PROS: not bad tasting
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  6. Avatar av Miriam D.

    Miriam D. -

    I use these wonderful drops for chronic pain and inflammation. It has reduced my back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, etc., and so on. I travel with the liquid in my purse, I depend on these drops to get as close as possible to being pain free without medication. My only recommendation is that one has to be consistent with the natural treatment, give your body time for the gout to take effect, don’t give up quickly.

    + PROS: be consistent
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  7. Avatar av Frank

    Frank -

    Never in a million years thought this (or any supplement) would help for fibromyalgia that I have had for 30 years, so I never tried it. A wet winter caused me to be in a lot of pain daily. Chose this product at random based on reviews. I take one dropper a day and it works for me! My fibromyalgia is not gone, but this has taken the edge off the pain and I feel that I can sleep and move my body more comfortably. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s an answer to prayers for me. It took about two weeks to start feeling relief.

    + PROS: Det fungerar för mig.
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  8. Avatar av Jazmin

    Jazmin -

    I started a new bone & joint support regimen and included this tincture in there. So far I’ve experienced slight reduction in inflammation & pain but the bigger miracle has been the boosted immune system that I contribute 100% to this tincture. Turmeric is a miracle plant and this is the most effective & sustainable way to add it to your daily regimen. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

    + PROS: help for inflammation & pain
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  9. Avatar av Erica

    Erica -

    I love this product. I have it every morning and it seems to help with inflammation.

    + PROS: love this product
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  10. Avatar av James

    James -

    I have difficult time swallowing pills so this works great for me. I mix it with organic cherry juice and water and it is very good. A little goes a long way.

    + PROS: works great
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  11. Avatar av Neira

    Neira -

    It is totally organic and is extremely helpful in reducing my headache due to sinus inflammation and body pains and is very good for stomach. I always order it every month. And take it in warm tea or coffee.

    + PROS: extremely helpful
    Hjälpsam(0) Ohjälpsam(0)Du har redan röstat detta
  12. Avatar av Karim

    Karim -

    My whole family is hooked on these HONDROSTRONG BoswEx + CurcEx drops. Great for inflammation, aches and pains. I use it in a little orange juice. Many of my arthritis friends swear by it.

    + PROS: Great for inflammation, aches and pains
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  13. Avatar av Emilio

    Emilio -

    I bought it to introduce turmeric and boswellia more easily into my life. I think it tastes better and is easier to add to my diet than the powder. It also doesn’t create any of the weird texture like the powder. So for me it’s a necessary drop every day, I love having it in this presentation.

    + PROS: necessary drop every day
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  14. Avatar av Elsa

    Elsa -

    The most important thing that I liked about HONDROSTRONG BoswEx + CurcEx item is that I read the reviews before purchasing, because I was having a lot of issues with menopause and i have been trying some things that was close to natural as possible so I purchased this and i see improvements since I been taken it..

    + PROS: great natural product
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