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Comprehensive Handbook of Iodine

Comprehensive Handbook of Iodine

Academic Press. 2009 gbs preview

Over two billion people worldwide are at risk for the spectrum of disorders known as "The Iodine Deficiency Disorders." 1-10% will suffer cretinism; 5-30% will have some sort of brain damage or neurological impairment and 30-70% will be hypothyroid. The causes of iodine deficiencies can be considered from both simplistic and more complex perspectives: From the leaching of iodine from soil resulting in crops with low iodine content to malnutrition resulting in impaired iodine absorption. Poor...

Iodine Made Simple

Iodine Made Simple

CRC Press. 2017 gbs preview

Iodine Made Simple is a unique volume that explains the basic properties of iodine as well as the products and technology using it. Included are eight sections: What Is Iodine?, Iodine around Us, Iodine That Sustains Electronic and Information Materials, Using Iodine for Analysis, Innovative Industrial Technology Starts with Iodine, Iodine Is Needed to Maintain Health, Iodine for Vegetable Production and Livestock Breeding, and Next-Generation Technology Starts with Iodine. As the importance...

  1. Great to have on hand in case of an emergency. They have an expiration date that was only a couple of months from the date we received but that was mentioned by another reviewer before we purchased. They were very inexpensive and were only purchased “just in case” so not too big of a deal to us. The close expiration date not being mentioned by the seller was the reason I did not give 5 stars. I feel as though that should have been disclosed. Arrived on time and packaged as stated though.

  2. Everyone should Have this NOW in House and use daily!! Iodine was removed from table salt years ago. Even if Salt says contains iodine, it would take many pounds of salt to get the required iodine daily that is necessary for Thyroid protection. Not just from radiation, but from many chemicals we now drink from water, eat in our foods, breathe in our air and many more. In fact the worst carcinogen the average American encounters regularly outside of food and water is by far the worst carcinogen to come into contact with. Gasoline fumes when fueling your vehicles.

  3. This product rocks. As with all NOW products, the potassium iodide is well packaged, sealed for security, and the pills are all well packed and never broken. I’ve bought 5 or 6 bottles so far and never a problem.People buy iodine for a variety of reasons. Mine is that we don’t get normal amounts in our diet and the FDA requirements for iodine are a joke. My specific purpose other than general health is skin care. Iodine is extremely important in generating healthy new skin cells. As I have some inherited tendencies that can cause me some issues, I want to do what I can. Several skin issues have significantly reduced their presence since I started on this a year ago. After doing significant research, I determined that 30 mg per day is a very reasonable dose, though far more than what the FDA claims, but far less than most Japanese people get on a daily basis. At this level, it is very safe for all glandular function, and a year in has caused no issues at all.

  4. I am a 63 year old male who began having a variety of health issues about three years ago after removal of a benign polyp at the age of 60. I guess I had instant Leaky Gut Syndrome. Psoriasis, pain in the lower back and kidney area and other issues. Just waking up, I felt like a truck had run over me. I tried hundred dollars worth of supplements and colloidal and ionic silver, grapefruit seed extract, and oregano oil, which helped, but didn’t help enough. Then I bought this potassium iodide powder and tried it. The first time I used it, I took an amount equal in volume to less than half of a baby aspirin. To my amazement I was pain free for four days. Then I had a slight relapse and took another small dose of this along with about an ounce of ionic silver. I’ve been pain free for more than two weeks now (without any GSE or Oregano oil). To me this is a miracle. I have no connection with the company that sells this, but I thank God that I found it. Nothing else worked including antibiotics and pain killers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. I purchased this to make my own Lugol’s Iodine Solution and it works great. Making your own is much cheaper than purchasing it already made. Just 3 ingredients needed. Easy to use. Fast dissolving. Worked great for it’s intended purpose. Fast shipping. Would purchase from this seller again.

  6. This is a very good supplement with numerous benifits to maintain a healthy life style. The taste is a bit salty but that’s minor to the potential benifits you reap when taking this supplement.Ionic Potassium Benefits & Deficiency SymptomsPotassium is called the “alkalizer.” It neutralizes acids and restores alkaline salts to the bloodstream. Potassium works with sodium in all cells including at nerve synapses to maintain or restore membrane potentials and to assist in metabolic processes. Potassium is critical to cardiovascular and nerve function, regulating the transfer of nutrients into cells and facilitating muscle energy.Potassium also regulates water balance and assists recuperative powers. Potassium aids rheumatic or arthritic conditions (causing acids to leave the joints and ease stiffness). Potassium is vital for the elimination of wastes. Potassium is a natural pain desensitizer. Potassium helps control convulsions, headaches and migraines, promotes faster healing of cuts, bruises and other injuries and generally contributes to a sense of well being.Potassium is stored in the muscles.Some Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency:Bad circulation, bluish tint to skin, Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome, diabetes, earaches, edema, headaches, heart palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, intestinal pain, muscle weakness, oppressive breathing, pain in the eyes, prolapsed uterus, swollen glands, tissue anemia, and water retention.If you’re suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms then most likely you need to purchase this supplement.I strongly encourage purchasing this product and see if it help you the way it benifits me and my family. This is my third bottle of this particular potassium supplement and I plan to continue purchasing this item. Please consult your doctor or license natural health care physician if you’re suffering from a serious health condition.****** If you enjoyed my review please vote this review as helpful and feel free to ask me any additional questions and I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities. Please click on my name to read my reviews on other healing supplements and natural remedies that has helped me and my family.******

  7. A convenient way of boosting your iodine intake without other fillers etc and lasts a long time! As it is only a few drops it doesn’t really affect the taste of the water you drink with it which is a plus!

  8. If you are familiar with the GAPS diet and have any of the conditions it addresses (leaky gut, candida, bacteria overgrowth, crohns, colitis, IBS, gut dysbiosis, autism, schizophrenia, etc.), liquid minerals, especially potassium, seems to be one of the missing keys to make the GAPS diet work. The flora in the gut is responsible for mineral and nutrient absorption. Without it, you can’t absorb minerals properly, which leads to many systemic conditions in the body—hence why a ionic minerals are so key; they are in their elemental form, which means they absorb without the body having to work at it. Pills don’t work, especially for minerals. This is one of the biggest lessons I had to learn while experimenting on myself with a host of different supplements. Why buy a supplement with only a 9% absorption rate? Why irritate your intestinal lining for no reason? When it comes to minerals, liquid is key.Potassium is one of the most abundant minerals found in food, which suggests it is also the most important. I recommend combining this product with trace minerals (from plants/soil) as well, and you will notice a night-and-day improvement within a few days. But keep in mind, every body is different. So you will have to experiment a little to find out which minerals you are deficient in.I also highly recommend a liquid trace minerals. These are key, since they provide a broad spectrum of all 72 trace minerals (I have found  Tropical Oasis – Premium Ionized Plant Based Trace Minerals  to be a good source). Over 96% of the minerals are absorbed in this form. However, be careful with it, as it is quite powerful. Minerals take time to permeate through the body and be used in the tissue. Taking too much will just overload your body with minerals you don’t need, faster than your body can excrete them. Trace minerals also may not provide enough of the minerals your body may be deficient in, so again, you’ll need to experiment with isolated minerals as well. Stay on GAPS of course: Eat meat, fat, and vegetables. Avoid grains, gluten, diary, and sugar. I also highly recommend eating fatty fish, like farm-raised salmnon (not wild caught). And I’ve found that supplementing with Biosil (a highly-bioavaiable form of Silica) is also key in healing the gut lining. Silica makes your skin smooth and supple. You want smooth and supple skin, because that means your inner “skin” will also become smooth and supple. So focus on supplements that help your skin, and you will help your gut at the same time.******UPDATE 12/20/2017:***** A note, be careful with supplementing probiotics and trace/plant/fulvic minerals at the same time (potassium is ok, since it is a natural antibacterial). I just learned, first hand, that good bacteria can turn bad if you’re not careful. I always thought probiotics were the holy grail of medicine, and have been popping them like candy for years. But for those with compromised immune systems, it can quickly cause a bacteria overgorwth. And this problem can be further compounded with mineral supplementation (as it could feed the bad bacteria instead of absorbing into your body) and cause an ever worse flare up. This just happened to me last week—worst flare up to date. But as soon as I stopped the probiotics, it went away the next day. Lesson learned.

  9. Wonderfully priced replacement for Iodoral that I have taken for 9 years since I was diagnosed with cancer & had multiple surgeries. Due to Iodoral pricing I actually ran out several times but when I was recently informed that my cancer had returned I went shopping for the best price that I could find Iodoral (Iodine & Iodide) and Rentless by far has the best price available. My 1st purchase from you was higher priced but recently found you had a discount so I bought two bottles and hope to be able to continue my purchasing from you as I am convinced that Iodine & Iodide “Kill” cancer. Thank you for offering such an affordabe product. Only wish is that Rentless had no other contents as with Iodoral, other than that I am “Sold”.Kindest Regards, Karen

  10. always useful to have, if you live near a power station

  11. Used with caution, and not too often, this is a good addition to the diet.

  12. Bought these in a fit of enthusiasm for radiation safety following watching the acclaimed drama, “Chernobyl” on Sky. Haven’t needed to use them yet. Can’t comment on suitability for radiation exposure, but the tub looks nice and fits well at the back of the shelf in my bathroom cabinet.

  13. Been taking this for a few weeks now, definitely starting to notice benefits, doesn’t taste great but not horrible

  14. If you’re undergoing a lot of radiotherapy, this is a good thyroid blocker. Ask your doctor first. The pills came fast, no strange flavor, no side effects.

  15. This protected me from a nuke that Putin dropped. I have been blessed with a second chance at life. But I do have an extra arm thats sprouted out my back… It will have its uses I guess. Good luck in WW3!

  16. In the absence of being able to get a high-strength Potassium Iodide from a chemist, this was the best alternative I could find. Whilst this is a relatively low dose compared to the ones I’d ideally have gotten, I’d rather have something than nothing at the moment just in case. Unless you buy from a Pharmacy, or the US you’d be hard-pressed to get something stronger.

  17. Reply Avatar of Stuart Parkinson, Eliffile
    Stuart Parkinson, Eliffile 30. March 2022 at 0:00

    We ordered these out of a super abundance of caution regarding the state of the world. The price seems fair and the product came quickly, as advertised. Hopefully we will just throw them away in a few years time. And if we don’t, we’ll definitely have been glad we ordered them ahead of time.

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