Jakie wskazówki, aby zwiększyć swoje życie seksualne?

No or too much foreplay, frustration, boring sex, routine and loss of desire, it is not always easy to tell your partner that things are not going well in bed. However, communication is essential within a couple and talking about it is the key. Here are ten tips for getting back on track sexually.

1. Know yourself to know what you like

Many people don’t know their bodies. If you don’t know your anatomy, you won’t know what you like. You will not be able to let yourself go if you are not aware of what you are giving to the other person. It is therefore important to know yourself to know what you want. Make a list of your likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes, and your most secret fantasies and desires. Then share it with your partner so you both know what you like.

2. Reveal your desires and listen to those of the other person

Don’t be afraid to talk about your sexual desires. For a relationship to work, it is important to find out what each of you like most and least so that you can focus on what you like and improve what is not going well sexually. Communication about each other’s desires is important and improves trust within a couple.

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3. Breaking the routine

When routine sets in, the lack of excitement in the relationship often leads to a drop in libido. To remedy this, try changing a few things in your daily routine. Having sex in unusual places instead of in bed, using objects, trying out sex games or swapping your usual pyjamas for sexy lingerie are simple and effective ways to break the monotony and spice up your love life. Trying new things could rekindle the flame in your relationship.

4. Embrace change

Your desires change over time and that’s perfectly normal. You obviously don’t have the same desires at 20 as you do at 40, let alone after 35 years of marriage. It is therefore crucial to talk to your partner and explain that your desires have changed so that they can understand and adapt. Assume your new desires and invite your partner to participate.

5. Avoid a power struggle within the couple

If your relationship is based on a power struggle, the person being dominated can quickly lose self-confidence and become withdrawn. He or she may not dare to express what bothers or displeases him or her, and this situation will do nothing to improve your sexual relationship. Each person in the relationship should be able to take the initiative and express themselves fully. Your feelings or resentments towards yourself or your partner will be crucial to your sexual well-being.

6. Intimacy requires closeness

Lack of communication and closeness is bad for your sex life. If you are only together in bed and do not maintain your relationship, the flame will be extinguished and difficult to rekindle. The exchange in a couple is a sexual dopant. The more you exchange, the higher your libido will be.

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7. Take Food supplements

Food supplements is an effective solution to increase your performance and revitalize your sexuality. Stimulating the libido, the food supplement  helps to restore sexual desire and enjoy sexual intercourse.

I recommend Potencialex which is known for its great results: Potencialex.

8. Guilt is a bad idea

Guilt, whether for you or your partner, is a toxic feeling for love. Both of you need to take responsibility for your part in the situation, without blaming yourself or the other person. If you don’t feel like having sex or don’t have the same expectations, don’t feel guilty. Conversely, if you find it difficult to feel pleasure or if you are not satisfied with your partner’s performance, blaming him or her is not the solution. The best remedy is to talk about it, put your expectations into words and find solutions.

9. Everyone must find solutions

Instead of blaming the other person, think about the problems you have and try to find solutions together. The more you express what you want, the better the other person will understand how to meet your needs.

10. Don’t judge your partner by your own standards

It is a mistake to think that the other person necessarily likes what you like. If one likes to shout in bed, the other may prefer to keep quiet. If you pay particular attention to foreplay, your partner may prefer the sex act itself. The same goes for dirty words and less “classic” positions, which are not to everyone’s taste. We are all different and it is important to respect each other’s desires. So listen to each other and keep an open mind.

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