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Uzdrawiająca moc żeń-szenia

Uzdrawiająca moc żeń-szenia

CRC Press. 2019 zapowiedź gbs

Zastosowanie zdrowotne i medyczne żeń-szenia jest szerokie ze względu na jego właściwości adaptogenne, jest to skuteczny tonik. Żeń-szeń może być stosowany w celu poprawy sprawności umysłowej i fizycznej, zmniejszenia stresu i zwiększenia długowieczności. Książka ta obejmuje właściwości i zastosowania czterech odmian żeń-szenia na świecie, z naciskiem na amerykańskie i azjatyckie rodzaje żeń-szenia. W książce omówiono właściwości lecznicze żeń-szenia, uprawę roślin żeń-szenia, właściwości chemiczne, odżywcze, medyczne i farmakologiczne, detoksykację,...

Żeń-szeń, rodzaj Panax

Żeń-szeń, rodzaj Panax

CRC Press. 2000 zapowiedź gbs

Panax Ginseng jest powszechnie stosowany w medycynie ludowej Dalekiego Wschodu od ponad 5000 lat. Jego wygląd przypominający człowieka sprawił, że szybko został zaakceptowany jako tonik utrzymujący organizm w dobrym zdrowiu, odmładzający i opóźniający starzenie.

Żeń-szeń i produkty z żeń-szenia

Żeń-szeń i produkty z żeń-szenia

World Scientific. 2022 zapowiedź gbs

Wybór ziół lub produktów ziołowych, które są odpowiednie i bezpieczne w użyciu jest bardzo ważny dla każdego konsumenta. Jest to szczególnie prawdziwe, jeśli chodzi o żeń-szeń, jedno z najczęściej używanych i wysoko cenionych ziół w Tradycyjnej Medycynie Chińskiej.

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  1. I have had my first trial of this and four months down the line feel it has improved the following:Waking early in the morning feeling fresher, improved concentration, ability to work solidly till midnight.The only confounding variable in this is that i took it with neurozon that provides B vits for memory. Therefore in combination i would say from experience that ones memory noticably improves. This is particularly at the level of improved attention to small details. Also the other affect which another reviewer noted is the experience and remembering of quite old long forgotten memories.On this basis i would say that in combination these tablets improve energy and concentration levels and appear to enhance memory and in a rather effortless way you feel capable of driving onwards.What is important however is not to thrash the engine! I did notice a tailing off after 5 weeks and lost the benefit of both and then just felt bloody tired, but this was in context of a hectic work regime.Like all things a sensible regime of work, rest, exercise and quality sleep is of paramount importance. These tablets are certainly a useful adjunct but should in no way be seen as a way of short circuiting the body that is you!

  2. This stuff is SO good!!! I just love the sweetness combined with the kick of the ginger. I have tried several brands and find that this brand is consistently the best. Pieces are tender but not mushy, evenly coated with sugar but it’s not caked on, sliced thinly and contain very few woody, fibrous pieces. (I think occasional woody pieces are the nature of the product and are inevitable. While I get a few woody ones, none have been inedible.) I prefer the thin slices over chunks and that might be why I am partial to this brand too. I am diabetic but eating a few pieces of this doesn’t affect my blood sugar very much. I love that I’m getting a delicious treat and getting the health benefits of ginger. I have used this when I have felt nauseated and it really does alleviate the nausea. I wish this came in a resealable bag instead of the stiff plastic that rips so easily. Of course, this is easily remedied with a zip lock bag!

  3. Excellent Korean red ginsing extract.It comes in a glass jar with reusable thick plastic seal to keep it fresh.It also includes a small long handled spoon to measure the correct amount.Ideal for a hot ginsing tea.Korean red ginsing (6yr old root) is considered the best quality ginsing availeable.It has been highly valued for its many health benefits for centuries.My order arrived quickly and very well packaged to protect the glass bottles.I will order again from this seller.Thank you BuyKFoods and Amazon.

  4. Great deal for the price. I used to buy a similar product years ago but it came in a much smaller bottle. I was surprised at the size of the bottle.FYI – I do not use the spoon enclosed as it would be too much. I use maybe 5 to 6 drops every other day. I confirmed this with a well known herbalist. The long chain carbo formula of ginseng boosts your metabolism but constant use can cause your system to overload and have consequenses. I have another much cheeper ginseng which I extraced using Wild Turkey 100 proof, and the effects can be felt immediately; i.e. it is too strong. Korean red is known for it’s more subtle effect but as such it is expensive. There are far more expensive ginsengs out there. My Sifu(means father/teacher in Cantonese – Chinese) told me of a variety that grows on a mountain that costs $10,000 for an ounce, and when taken it made him feel like a kid again. He said it was best to feed ginseng to chickens and then eat their eggs, also to use it in cooking like make chicken soup. I tried using my cheaper ginseng, but the effects were still way too strong for my system. Anyway, I suggest you pay attention to your body and use the amount that works for you.

  5. Robiąc duże partie pierników, zużywam tak dużo imbiru, że postanowiłam zamówić go hurtowo, aby zaoszczędzić pieniądze. Miałam pewne wątpliwości co do jakości imbiru kupowanego luzem przez Internet, jednak ten był świeży, żywy i aromatyczny, a do uzyskania takiego samego smaku wystarczyło użyć mniejszej ilości niż zwykle. Nie był grudkowaty jak w przypadku innych marek i nie wymagał przesiewania. Jak dotąd nie natrafiłem też na żadne kawałki korzenia. Imbir jest przechowywany w dużym szklanym słoiku, aby ograniczyć bałagan związany z otwieraniem i zamykaniem opakowania.

  6. My first impression upon the arrival of this 16oz bag of ginger was surprise at the ample quantity! The size of the pieces, small chop/extra large granules, are perfect for my herbal tea and cooking needs. Being pieces rather than ground powder, this ginger needs a bit more steeping or cooking time to really bring out its flavor and spicy quality. But boy is it there! If you have some of this Frontier Cut Ginger and feel it’s bland, don’t add more, add a little more time. Trust me, all its desirable qualities are in these cut pieces 🙂 And again, one pound is a lot! Photo added to show cut size.

  7. one of my doctors recommended this as a natural way to boost my energy levels [I’m a 60-year old male]. It actually worked! Took about 2 weeks to kick in, but I can tell a marked difference. Make sure you check for drug interactions before you take it, and the American ginseng is different from Asian ginseng, with different results

  8. This stuff is incredible. I’m not joking. I feel like a completely different person (in a good way). I have so much more energy and motivation, and that “brain fog” has lifted. Where has this been all my life?!

  9. This has been an absolute game changer for me. I often struggle with fatigue and chronic exhaustion. On a morning that I feel tired and suffering from brain fog, one of these usually sorts the problem out within an hour. This has got me going back to the gym more often and focusing at work again. Will definitely buy again.

  10. I’ve found them to be very discreetly effective in terms of alertness and concentration. I wasn’t feeling anything at first so doubted their effectiveness but then one day realised I wasn’t feeling drowsy as I would normally be during meetings and in particular uninteresting ones. So I feel it was worth the money.However, why I’m giving it a 4 instead of a 5 star is that after taking them for a few days it then effects my sleep in that I can feel so wide awake throughout the majority of the night. I will wake up the next morning feeling fine but I enjoy the benefit of completely switching off through sleeping. Bearing in mind I’m often taking them first thing in the morning between 7 and 8am.So I’m wondering if I have to be really fatigued to experience the full benefits of this supplement including having my normal sleep.

  11. Świetna strona

  12. Its 30 years since i took these,i am now 71 been through breast cancer treatment 6 years ago, lately felt so tired ,having tried multivitamins etc,decided to try Power health ginseng,after 3 weeks i feel amazing its cured my IBS,however bit constipated which is for me a dream,might just take one every other day,its magic cannot believe it,However i am not saying its for everyone and i do read the imformation given on internet by authorities,,I am so glad i made decision to take this product,i wish anyone to feel better like i do….

  13. this crap is amazingthis will crush or be a phenomenal addition to any preworkoutcoffee plus 2 of theselook the F’ out

  14. Tasty loose leaf tea.Just what I needed!Thanks

  15. I was excited to try this since it was without preservatives…however, I like to have the ginger flavor override the sugar. I find the aftertaste is sugar,so I was disappointed.there are nice chunks and pieces of ginger which is great but too much sugar. I find myself rubbing off as much as possible but still too sweet..flavor and heat of ginger is lost in the sweetness

  16. I used long time for me one the best vitamins.

  17. I heard of this tea on a cartoon character. Checked it out on google, l am on my second packet. I am enjoying it very much. I find it refreshing, calming and very tasteful

  18. Okay, so I was looking for a nice ginger to add to my black tea and to my surprise I got it on the first go. This ginger is a course grind. The pieces are very about the size of a grain of rice. This package fit into a quart canning jar.It takes 1 tble to make 2 liters of ice tea.When I got the box and opened it I got a knife and slit open the package. The smell got my sisters attention all the way in the living room. This stuff is very fresh. I do wish it came in its own airtight container though.

  19. Yup it’s ginseng root make sure you have a good grinder if you want powder this is pretty hard stuff

  20. I rehydrated a few roots in cold water in the fridge overnight and then I made ginseng chicken and it was absolutely amazing tastes great and definitely goos quality for the price

  21. All the root oils completely drained from these roots before packaging – Super fast shipping is all I really received on this

  22. Great flavour, not too much sugar and a lovely amount of spice comes through. I use these for medicinal purposes mainly but also great for baking, adding to tea, or just for a nibble. Massive amount for the price and quality. Highly recommend and will be getting plenty more in the future.

  23. 25 years ago, I bought this product on my doctor’s recommendation after having an immune response to an infectious disease. My fatigue for months had been significant. After using this product, I bounced back to normal. Last year I had a major injury and developed an infection and ultimately sepsis. Again, I was exhausted all the time due to my immune system reacting. I returned to this product and had a full recovery again. I recommend it highly.

  24. Authentic and genuine product.Great supplier as described quality is good and on time dispatch.

  25. My GP’s nurse recommended I try consuming a small piece every 2-3 days for minor arthritis pain. This product was definitely the best “more bang for your buck” deal. When it arrived I laughed out loud not realizing what a huge bag it would be. No way could I use as prescribed before it began it get stale or dry out. So, I divided it up into several snack size bags placing them in a larger freezer bag and popped the vast majority into the deep freeze. As it turned out, it’s a bit too strong for me to chow down on so, decided to add several small pieces each day to a cup of brewed turmeric tea and IT’S DELICIOUS. Highly recommend this brand.

  26. I LOVE Davidson’s teas and apparently I’m not alone because they are often SOLD OUT! I’m nervous to tell my friends for fear there won’t be any left for me! LOL.Ginger tea is my absolute favorite tea. It is my “Go to” whenever I have the slightest discomfort in my tummy. Ginger immediately settles and soothes even with the worst of viruses.Here are some of ginger’s amazing benefits: Boosts immunity. … Relieve nausea. … Creates a healthy and settled tummy Ginger Reduces inflammation Ginger increases blood circulation Ginger helps me breathe better and is said to enhance overall respiratory function Helps promote calm and serenity Relieves menstrual discomfortGinger is the bomb and I don’t know a better company and frankly a better way to save money than to buy in bulk. I just put the water in my Krups coffee maker and let it heat the water and throw a tea ball in full of the day’s tea(s) and I’m set to go. Hot tea all day!

  27. Sproszkowany imbir jest najlepszy na bolące stawy. Spożywam trzy łyżeczki dziennie i dzięki temu mój ból jest bardzo silny! Jedną łyżeczkę do śniadania, jedną do herbaty po południu i jedną do herbaty wieczorem. Łączę sproszkowany imbir z kurkumą i nie muszę już zażywać żadnych środków przeciwbólowych. Natura leczy mnie 100%! Uwielbiam gotować, a imbir jest świetnym składnikiem curry i zup.

  28. Wcześniej kupiłam ekologiczny imbir mielony tej samej marki, zatwierdzony przez Soil Association, i był on zdecydowanie wyższej jakości, ale niestety od miesięcy nie jest dostępny w Amazon. Ten jednak nie wydaje mi się zbyt oryginalny, jeśli chodzi o kolor, smak i zapach. Nadal uważam, że powinien być w porządku do celów kulinarnych, ale jeśli zamierzasz używać go jako napoju (np. herbata imbirowa/zmieszana z mlekiem), być może warto zdecydować się na lepszą jakość.Mam nadzieję, że JustIngredients przywróci swój wcześniej sprzedawany doskonały produkt. Dziękuję.

  29. Yes, this Panax Ginseng works.I give it two thumbs up and two big toes too.With some supplements I question whether they have much, if any, effect.This one makes a difference.It doesn’t make me feel 17 again. It does give me a reminder of that energy, and that’s nice to have back, even as a part time visit.

  30. Idk what my parents plan to do with it, but they liked it so i liked it.

  31. Definitely the nicest ginger I have eaten, high quantity of ginger, not too much sugar. It can be horrifying to read the ingredients on some crystalized ginger and to find there’s more sugar than ginger. I love the way it is cut into little cubes, handy for baking and even more handy for dipping into the bag and snacking. I haven’t encountered any stringy pieces and it tastes very fresh and.:…..well, gingery in the way the should be, not sweet and sickly with a hint of ginger as some brands are. Trouble is this kilo bag is not going to last very long.

  32. Taste is good, takes weeks to feel adaptogens. Hard to know if I am getting a proper dose of ginseng because they decided to list the serving in milliliters instead of milligrams.

  33. This is our second purchase. We put this in our tea in the morning and it makes us feel great. Definitely recommend.

  34. lovely ginger scent and tastevaluewill buy it again

  35. Excellent service. very well packed, well pleased with the product.Would order again and recommend.

  36. I love crystallized ginger, always have, but it is hard to find good quality stuff and usually it is in very small amounts and pricey.These kilo packets are great; I transfer some to a jar which sits on the kitchen table, and add some to plain yoghurt each morning. Ginger is very good for you! Also great along with a cup of tea!The pieces of ginger are quite large, about 7mm cubes, although I had one packet with smaller pieces (but still even and consistent, no tiny bits). They are firm but not too chewy, none of them have that fibrous texture that can spoil the experience, and the ginger is fiery and strong.They would be good for cooking with, but are best eaten straight. I am now on my fourth packet, and have three more in the cupboard!

  37. I bought it to my Dad. He told me that it’s good, and it helps him having a better sleep. I will buy it again when he need it.

  38. Good quality

  39. Tried a few different brands of ginseng but these are the best. I take in the morning and my energy and mood is great. The effects take time to motivate your system and usually work for me later in the day. If you try before you go to bed, then you should wake up raring to go!

  40. This product really works, gives energy and strengh, thank you!

  41. Would recommend

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