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Terranova Selenium Complex, 100 kapsułek
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Selen w żywności i zdrowiu

Selen w żywności i zdrowiu

Springer Science & Business Media. 2006 zapowiedź gbs

Książka ta dostarcza czytelnikom jasny i wiarygodny opis niezwykłej historii selenu i jego roli w zdrowiu człowieka.



Springer Science & Business Media. 2022 zapowiedź gbs

Jak omówiono w tej książce, duża ilość dowodów wskazuje, że selen jest chemoprewencyjnym czynnikiem raka. Dalsze dowody wskazują na rolę tego elementu w zmniejszaniu ekspresji wirusów, w zapobieganiu chorobom serca i innych chorób układu krążenia i mięśni, a także w opóźnianiu postępu AIDS u pacjentów zakażonych wirusem HIV.

Selen w żywieniu

Selen w żywieniu

National Academies Press. 1983 zapowiedź gbs

Rola selenu w żywieniu

Rola selenu w żywieniu

Elsevier. 2012 zapowiedź gbs

Rola selenu w żywieniu przegląd najbardziej trafnych literatury naukowej zajmującej się podstawowymi aspektami obecnego zrozumienia roli selenu (Se) w żywieniu i zdrowiu.

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  1. I like this particular Selenium supplement as it contains all the extra vitamins and a little copper and zinc to help proper absorption and assimilation. It isn’t hugely expensive either and not loaded with fillers and undesirable stuff ! In addition the tablet is in easy an to swallow size !I never get any stomach upset or other problems with it and have been using it for quite long time.I recommend this completely.

  2. Podoba mi się

  3. Certainly seen the benefits

  4. I have always had trouble swallowing selenium tablets so I was excited when I found capauls. I was equally excited when I saw that it was by sisu, I find this brand has high quality products that I trust.

  5. This is expensive but I believe in liquids and tinctures rather than pills for easier absorption and you need only 2 drops which is a real benefit over some other products where you need 15+ drops.

  6. “If every girl took 200 Mcg in a generation we could ELIMINATE breast cancer by 82%” Directly out of Dr. Glidden’s fantastic book “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes”

  7. Very good quality product. My doctor told me to start taking these to help my thyroid. There is a big difference between the Pure ones and the store brands. I noticed when I take these I am actually getting something out of them. They absorb easily and it shows. I definitely recommend the Pure Encapsulations Selenium.

  8. I was watching a medical show and a doctor on the show said the best preventative to cancer is 200 mg of Selenium a day. I researched it and found this information: Selenium is able to play such a protective role in the body because it increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, therefore enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress. Selenium is often praised for its role in antioxidant activity which lowers free radical damage and inflammation. This means that selenium benefits your body by helping to prevent common forms of cancer, to fight off viruses, defend against heart disease, and to slow down symptoms correlated with other serious conditions like asthma.

  9. I have hashimotos. I’ve had it since I was 18 and right now I’m 20 years old. Every day I would wake up and didn’t feel like I could function well at all. No matter how much sleep I would get, I would end up always feeling tired. Yet at the same time, I had an incredibly hard time falling asleep. I would also often experience pain on my back whenever I would stand or walk for 30 minutes. Selenium 200mcg has helped to get rid of all of those symptoms and make me feel like myself again.

  10. Most people do not realise it but it is very common to be short of this. It helps so many bodily functions operate effectively. I recommend adding it to your vitamin regime. If you are still unsure, do some research and see if you feel it is relevant.

  11. I am cancer survivor so for me is very important to keep healthy especially in colder weather and flu season. I have been taking this supplement for couple of months and I can see big changes in my immunity. By now I would catch cold or flu but thanks to this supplement my immunity is strong and my body is feeling fantastic. I take two tablets every day in the evening . Brilliant product , I definitely recommend it .

  12. Best purchase I’ve ever made. The benefits kick it a couple of days after use but you will definatly look healthier and will feel it too.

  13. First, I gave it 5 stars because NOW brand is by far a top notch brand. Selenium builds up in our systems fairly fast. Especially if you are already eating a well rounded diet. I was taking this daily for a few weeks, and started to feel terrible. It turns out it was building up in my system. Our body gets rid of excess selenium fairly fast, and I was back to ‘normal’ after a month. I take this once a week now.

  14. I bought this as recommended by a thyroid specialist to help with my hashimotos and hypothyroidism. Since I’ve been taking it, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my immunity. Impressed.

  15. First thing I have found to help pain in my legs. I’ve been experimenting with lots of different pills and narrowed it down to selenium. Hope this helps.

  16. I never leave review for things but I really wanted to write about how this product is helping to reduce the swelling/puffiness of my thyroid eye disease. It’s no miracle cure but as soon as I stop taking it I can feel the pressure and all the fluid start to build back up. I also combine this with CACI eye massage therapy. The two combined has greatly helped my symptoms! 🙂

  17. Great price, great product. I wish I could leave feedback on bad products, but, as I am just learning, another product I received this week was the most horrible purchase I ever made on Amazon, but I am unable to leave feedback no matter what. Constantly I am told I exceed 400 characters, even if i use just one word. Trump and his goons must be in charge of customer service. Disgusting. The fish rots from the head down!

  18. This selenium is bio available to the whole body and has no additives. It is an excellent antioxidant for the liver and if you don’t eat a lot of Brazil nuts – then take this supplement…it works

  19. Been using this for the circulation in my legs and feet per recommendation of my doctor. It really has been helping!

  20. Brilliant thank you

  21. Good buy. Good price. Seems to be doing what it should. My energy is up and I’m feeling healthy.

  22. Trusted brand. Like the quality of this product. Good value for your money.I will buy again and recommend this product to others.

  23. I chose this brand because it was specifically recommended to me by a doctor specialising in supplements!

  24. good purchase

  25. Always but biocare, great products

  26. 100mg dose is good since over 200mg a day would be harmful. I take multivitamin pills and NAC that has selenium 20mg each.

  27. I am taking for hypothyroidism to maintain selenium levels after reading Dr Izabella Wentz blogs. Seems working for me compared to other market selenium products. I feel better, I just take once a day after lunch. I also take my doctor prescribed levothyroxine.

  28. Good quality ingredients.

  29. I bought this product primarily for the benefit of Thyroid support. I seem to have always have had a slightly under-fuctioning Thyroid, according to my MD. I can’t rate it on that basis just yet, BUT after about 5 days of taking this supplement, I must say that I am impressed with the apparent anti-oxidant factor. I have suffered for many years with Tendinopathy throughout my body. I have been taking a variety of supplements for anti-oxidation for a long time in the hope of reducing inflammation and pain, but without much success. Since I started on Naka Selenium last week, I can say that my joints have been feeling much better and I am almost pain free right now. I’m pleasantly surprised by that! I can’t think of anything else to attribute that relief to. The Naka is the only thing I have added to my regiment lately. So I will stick with it and hope that the improvement continues, or at least remains this good, which will allow me to be more physically active, which I need for overall health and fitness. Thanks.

  30. This product gave me very painful muscle cramps in my legs – sudden onset. I never have muscular cramps. As soon as I stopped taking this, my cramps disappeared. Not for everyone

  31. My wife bought this and I wasn’t really interested. Then she told me one day that it gives you energy boost as secondary effect. I take them when I wake early before work. It really gives you a boost without giving a heart attack. I’m told that it’s not for some people so you may want to see your doc before taking it.

  32. This product was recommended to me. Apparently I needed a selenium boost. It has worked well. Definitely recommend.

  33. My husband can bring his health vitamins on the road with him.

  34. Global healing are the best in the world, always great absorbency and the highest quality, they worth every penny.

  35. I have been getting cysts for 57 years now and since I discovered that this selenium stops me from getting them I take this daily.

  36. So pleased to have the 600mg format in the quantity I was looking for. I love the NOW brand

  37. Have been taking these for years and they seem to be working well.

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