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Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health

Springer Science & Business Media. 2012 gbs preview

The evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human development and most helpful to achieve good health throughout life is clearly documented by Dr. Joyce Nettleton in her new book Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health. Omega 3 fatty acids are produced by the plants of the land and sea. The tissues of the body require the omega-3 fatty acids for their proper functioning just as they also need the omega-6 essential fatty acids. It is probable in man's evolutionary development that there...

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Research

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Research

Nova Publishers. 2022 gbs preview

EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are contained in oily fish, such as salmon, lake trout, tuna and herring. These fatty acids are not essential to the diet; however, scientific evidence indicates that these fatty acids may be very beneficial in reducing Coronary Heart Disease among other things. This book brings together some of the recent studies on this important and interesting substance.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Nova Publishers. 2022 gbs preview

EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are contained in oily fish, such as salmon, lake trout, tuna and herring. These fatty acids are not essential to the diet; however, scientific evidence indicates that these fatty acids may be very beneficial in reducing Coronary Heart Disease among other things. This book brings together some of the recent studies on this important and interesting substance.

  1. I take these as my DR said to I have no idea if they work other then as of this writing I am still alive, so I have that going for me.

  2. I like the idea of taking one supplement for 4 health problems. I don’t know if they work, but at 76 I am never sick and don’t take any prescription medications. I do take a hand full of supplements daily and am moderately active.

  3. I have chronic dry eyes which makes wearing contact lenses very difficult. After a day of wearing contacts, I’d have to take a 2-3 day break because my eyes would be so red and dry. I started using vitalux eye vitamins which worked fantastic, the only problem I had was remembering to take them 3 times per day. I did some research and landed on Nutrasea. I’ve only been taking it for three days and have had zero issues with redness or dry eyes after wearing my contacts. The flavour is super light and is really easy to take.

  4. I could cry tears of joy about this product.This is going to get a little personal, but you need to know that “that time of the month” just started, and it took me completely by surprise.Why is this good news? Because every month prior to this one, my aches, pains and bordering on severely depressed mood were harbingers that it was about to start. Even though I knew the cause, that depression was pervasive and crippling. This has been affecting me for years.About a month ago it was so bad that I was desperate to find a solution. I searched online and read on multiple credible sources that fish oil can help with menstrual depression, in addition to cleaning up one’s diet, abstaining from alcohol and getting more exercise. (I’ve read and heard this for years elsewhere as well.) I threw everything at the problem, including buying these supplements and taking them three times each day as directed, but in the past two weeks I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit as junk food and happy hours have crept back into my lifestyle (working on it!). After a couple days of exercise three or four weeks ago, I only did my first run today (sorry for the detail, but likely just as my “time of the month” was starting). The only thing that has been consistent has been my taking fish oil three times daily.It was only after I finished running that I realized “she” was here. I was elated to be so taken aback, and that was because all of those horrible tell-tale signs I’ve been suffering from for years were nowhere to be found.Ladies, menstrual depression is a horrible feeling. I’m not sure this remedy will work for everyone, but it is widely recommended by medical professionals and it worked for me in just one cycle. If you have trouble with menstrual depression, please give this a try and take your month back! Between this and the positive effects on heart health, looks like I’ll be taking these supplements until the wheels fall off. Hope this review is helpful.

  5. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt mentally in a very long time!! I’ve been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for about 3 to 4 years. I’ve always had a low level of depression and anxiety for quit some some time. However from the beginning of 2017 until now it has become severe to the point where I’ve sougt out professional help. I’ve tried to read books, I’ve been put on medication but I just couldn’t seem to shake this depression. I’ve done EVERYTHING. So I came across and article that stated the chemical EPA and DHA found in fish oil when taken in higher concentrations helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. So I gave it a go and when I say I was amazed at the results after only taking this supplement for 4 days I instantly noticed a difference. It’s almost like the mental black veil I struggled with for so long had been lifted. I’m only 10 days into taking this supplement and I feel AMAZING. I hope this feeling never goes away.

  6. I started taking these about a year ago because I was hoping to increase my focus (I have ADHD). At the time I had dozens of warts on my hands that had been getting worse for a couple of years. I’d tried over the counter wart removal, freezing, nothing was working. My doctor suggested that my immune system was having trouble fighting off the virus for some reason. I had my last freezing treatment 3 mos before I started these supplements and the warts had steadily been getting worse. Within just THREE WEEKS of taking these supplements (and changing nothing else about diet, medication, etc) every wart on my hands was GONE! After years of nothing working, this supplement did (unexpectedly). I have gotten fewer colds since starting these supplements as well. I am very forgetful so the fact that you only have to take one a day is great. Also there is definitely no fishy aftertaste. I will always buy this brand!

  7. Used to have bad pain in my hands in the morning, I take one before bed every night haven’t had pain since

  8. I am 74 and have been using the product religiously for years after my physician (Internist) recommended I take 5 grams of fish oil daily. My annual blood work now comes back very good. … Except now the Dr recommends I drink more water? I like delivery to my home … I got tired of the lady at the pharmacy remarking, “That’s a lot of fish oil !!!” … I always told her, “My fish are squeaking really bad.” (Humor)

  9. Definitely gives me fish burps afterwards. I don’t care much about it but I don’t know why they claim that these don’t. Even other reviewers seem to claim they don’t but they do, just give me a call and I’ll burp so you can judge for yourself.

  10. I use this supplement to help prevent early heart failure and to counteract me smoking cigarettes. So it’s like i have not had 1 cigarette in my life. Ye ha!

  11. Overall: Cheaper than you think! Highly Recommended!Although it is around $50 for a bottle of fish oil, if you are supplementing already, consider the fact that each pill has around 700mg of eicosapentaenoic acid and 240mg of docosahexaenoic acid.Comparing this to a big box store (costco) in-house brand, this brand has 4x more EPA and 2x more DHA than other brands. This means one of these pills is an equivalent of 2-4 of other pills. So consider that when deciding between a 360 count for around $20 (other brands) or 180 for $50 (Viva). Remember one Viva fish oil gel is around 4x more potent than others.

  12. I research the heck out of all consumer purchases and review everything online as I depend on others to make my buying decisions. This is a great product that has no fishy aftertaste or repeating. With supplements, you get what you pay for so despite being slightly more expensive than some you are getting a higher quality product that your body will easily digest. As this is the lower dose variety you normally take 3 to 4 capsules per day…buy them, your heart will love you!

  13. This fish oil is awesome! I had a stroke in Jan 2019. In March 2019 I started taking the fish oil three times a day in hopes that it would help my brain to heal and allow me to think better as I recovered. In June 2019 I saw the newest MRI of my brain which showed the hole in my brain from the stoke was completely healed over with no evidence it was ever there. My doctors were totally amazed at how well my brain had healed in such a short amount of time. I told the doctors the reason for the healing is because of prayer, fish oil, and my keto diet. I still take this fish oil 3 times a day because it’s good brain protection. BTW – I wasn’t on a Ketogenic diet when I stroked. If I had been then maybe I wouldn’t have stroked out.

  14. It’s hard to determine, but I will say sceptically, it seems like most of the beneficial portions of omega-3 have applied to me, even it’s placebo, I can’t complain!I’ve been in a bit of a rut the past few months with some health issues and a break up, so my doctor recommended some vitamins to take care of a few deficiencies, lifestyle changes and such. Amongst the vitamins, she recommended omega-3, which I had zero idea what they did and my only experience with them were the egg cartons that advertise it. The bottle said it can improve mood imbalances, again as sceptically as I can put it, I think it has helped. I found myself engaging like my old self again and not focusing on the bad stuff. Again, it could be placebo, it could be science, I’m not qualified to say.NOTE: While I feel it had a positive impact on me, please talk to a doctor or nutritionist before listening to an internet man like myself.If this helped, please click the button below!

  15. Very good fish oil! I’ve been critical of other fish oils in the past, but not this stuff is legit.First, the basics. The pills are a good size and easy to swallow (I take all three (but usually 4) at the same time with a sip of water). They aren’t enteric coated anymore because that has been found to hinder absorption as such, the bottle does have a slight fishy smell. They don’t claim to be burpless as the enteric coating is what keeps the burps away but I have yet to have one and i’m halfway thought the bottle.Now that the non-essentials are covered, into the important stuff. Why do you take Fish Oil? You take it for the Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Or more specifically, the EPA and DHA. According to the American Heart Association, you should be taking 1000mg to receive the full benefits of Omega-3s. So at 4080mg total with 1200mg of EPA and 900mg of DHA, this is some potent stuff!This fish oil is purified through low temperature molecular distillation. Usually when you shop for fish oil what you’ll see is, “purified to remove mercury” well, there are more impurities in fish oil than just the heavy metals. Molecular distillation removes all types of impurities… heavy metals, PCB’s and any other toxins. That is what you want, especially if you’re going to be taking fish oil for the long term (which you should).While not the reason why I take it, after only a few weeks I can feel that my skin is softer. Something that I didn’t notice with the last generic brand of fish oil I took.A good price for the amount of Omega 3s, I will be purchasing this again.

  16. It is very good value for money (although as a consumer you always wish for a lower price)However .. I buy the larger count so it lasts a long time for me as I take one a day along with Vit D in the morning.If any burps happen at all they are lemony which is fine for me.I have RA .. and this type of supplement is recommended to help with inflammation .. I thin it does !It arrived the very next day which shocked both myself and my husband .. so service was excellent !

  17. This, right here, you’ll want to get this 3-6-9 oil.Value, potency, etc… this one!

  18. I have been vegetarian for about 1.5 years now and have gotten bad hormonal acne since becoming vegetarian. I used to eat a lot of fish (high in omega-3) but once I became vegetarian that was left out of my diet. I was recommended to try taking some omega-3 supplements to help get it back. After a month of using this my acne has cleared way up and I haven’t gotten any hormonal acne which always comes w/ my time of the month!

  19. Effective for dry eye without the side effects of fish oil derived omega 3’s. I noticed that my eyes felt better the very first day I started taking this and I don’t think it can be due to the placebo effect. I love that it is plant based and sustainably grown with out killing fish for our benefit. The lack of heavy metals is also a bonus. Who needs mercury, lol. I still get dry eye in the mornings but that is because of clogged meibomian glands and heat compresses really work to unclog the glands, just can’t overdo it or else your corneas warp.

  20. I really love this brand! I feel a lot less anxious, I have more energy, I have less inflammation trough out my body, I feel smarter, I have a higher libido, I have a better looking skin, My Shoulder and hip pain is gone since I started taking those pills combined with vitamin D. I take 3-4 pills per day for 180 lbs male and 3000-4000 ui vitamin D. I have a hereditary condition called Ankylosing spondylitis, my doctor and chiropractor prescribed me with these supplements to help me ease the inflammation. Now, I can safely go back to the gym without worrying of hurting my self. Its night and day! thank you Nordic Naturals!

  21. Flavour or thickness isn’t applicable. The product itself is quality, and my choice was based on my physician friend’s advice, who uses the same brand. Quick delivery and price seems to be about the same as competitors. I will buy again, as long as the demand doesn’t drive prices up

  22. I think for the price it comes with decent quantity. Its helping me with my blood pressure problem. I just think its not very easy to swallow.

  23. These were a present for someone else. They were sent very quickly so I give 5 stars.

  24. I am always confused about vitamins and supplements, never fully convinced they’re of good quality or not full of fillers. I took a chance on this one based on reviews and certifications and really liked it. It tastes fine. It’s not good but it’s not gross, and for me it definitely does not have any burp back flavour. I recently started with a naturopath who took me off every vitamin and supplement I was on (for the very reasons I stated above) except for my NFH brand vitamin D and this fish oil. So it got the thumbs up from her. Based on that and the price, I am happy with this purchase.

  25. After doing alot of digging for the best omega for both physical and mental/psychological benefits AND budget friendly, this is the one that is the best. It has the highest concentration of EPA/DHA (which is what we want from omegas) for the price. It’s one a day for physical benefits, 2-3 for additional psychological benefits (i.e. to aid anxiety or adhd for example)

  26. I originally bought this a few years ago when I was feeling feeling dull and my brain felt like it was on fire, after 1 week of using this, all that went away and I was able to focus and pay attention and my short term memory improved 3x. Before I was forgetting stuff I did even earlier in the week or day but after I took these, those issues went away.

  27. Most people get their Omega fatty acids from food, especially oily fish, but I have been taking these Omega 3-6-9 supplements for years despite the fish supply. There’s quite a bit of scientific literature on the benefits of the different Omegas, the most widely used being Omega-3. While most people will only need a small amount of supplementation to a balanced diet, we don’t all eat a balanced diet, so supplements are a great way to get what your body can use. There’s no “recommended” dose from the scientific studies, but taking too much (within reason) has no negative effects as you simply pass the excess out. I tend to shop around for whatever is on sale with the higher-dose Omegas, and usually end up with Nature’s Bounty. Consistently high quality.

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