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Good Sperma – How does it work?

Contributes to normal spermatogenesis & contributes to normal sperm formation and fertility. Other strong and controlled properties, are listed in Regulation EC no. 1924/2006 Health Claims.




Potencialex is an herbal preparation for men potency. It is taken orally in the form of capsules. According to manufacturer, regular use should not only increase potency but also penis size, sexual function, production of testosterone and libido.

Manufacturer attests the various active ingredients have a positive effect on the blood flow in the penis and ensure a strengthening of the libido. Since Potencialex tablets are made from purely herbal ingredients, they can also be used by all men of any age group.

Where is Potencialex produced?

Potencialex is produced in Switzerland. This guarantees a high quality production, because the regulations in Austria are strict and only highly controlled production facilities are allowed to produce supplements. The manufacturer, “Inchealth GmbH”, is a Swiss company which, as a production expert, produces food supplements for brand owners. The advantage for the customer is obvious: as an expert and producer of various similar products, such dietary supplements can be offered at low cost and high quality.


What are Potencialex Capsule’s Ingredients?

Potencialex tablets are over-the-counter sexual enhancers made from purely plant-based ingredients. Therefore, according to the manufacturer, it is well tolerated by all men. The active ingredients of the preparation were developed to treat male dysfunction.

This is supposed to be done by boosting testosterone production through the individual active ingredients. Regular use of Potencialex capsules is said to enable an erection for up to 3 hours, the manufacturer claims.

The product is vegan and suitable for long-term use without side effects. All the vitamins and minerals it contains are what men need for a good help: L-Arginine, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Selenium, Zinc, Maca, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Biotin, Vitamin E, and Cocoa Extract.

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity.

L-arginine is known to combat these symptoms because nitric oxide (NO), an amino acid, is formed, which promotes blood flow. The molecule relaxes the muscles and vessels, which allows the erection to take place. A regular intake of L-arginine thus ensures a stronger and longer lasting erection.[1]

I en dobbeltblind vitenskapelig studie utført av Massachusetts General Hospital i Boston ble effekten av maca på økende styrke og libido tydelig demonstrert.[2] Ved å administrere maca økte lysten til individene, noe som hadde en afrodisiakum effekt. I tillegg til en rask økning i glede, ble pasientenes generelle livskvalitet forbedret. "Mer lyst på livet" beskriver best effekten av maca. Studien viser også en forbedring i sædkvaliteten med økt bruk av Maca, noe som øker sjansene for å få barn.[3]

Folic acid, zinc and selenium are active ingredients essential for potency, fertility, reproduction, sperm production and testosterone levels in men.[4] They become increasingly scarce as we age. Generating nutrients from everyday foods is no longer so easy for the body. On the one hand, we often do not eat optimally, and on the other hand, with time, the body becomes inefficient in the process of food transformation.[5]


How to take Potencialex?

Potencialew is easy to take thanks to its capsule form. However, it is necessary to drink enough liquid so that the capsules reach the stomach and work optimally.

On their website, the manufacturer explains how to take Potencialex . We recommend that you follow the dosage instructions to achieve the best possible results over the 4 weeks.

The dosage is 2 capsules per day, to be taken directly in the morning or 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is also possible to divide the intake or to take it in other moments. It can then take up to 60 minutes for an erection to occur. Regular use of the capsules will reduce this time.

The daily dose of 2 tablets should not be exceeded, otherwise over-regulation may occur. In addition, you should use the capsules for at least 21 days until you can expect a long-term change.

The effect of Potencialex usually takes place within the first 30 minutes, but if you are struggling with severe impotence, it can take up to 60 minutes. However, you will feel it very quickly when the blood flow to the member is stimulated.

ProduktBild Potencialex DE2 Potencialex

Our Review: What do we like about Potencialex?

We are very interested to know what is really behind this natural sexual enhancer. To do so, we researched testimonials and reviews from other customers, examined the ingredients of the capsules and conducted our own self-test.

Potencialex is specially designed to optimize the physical and mental performance of men. We can say that the product successfully fulfils its function and can be taken without hesitation.

We can say that Erogen x capsules are recommended for:

  • Increasing male potency
  • Improving sexual function
  • Stimulate the production of testosterone
  • Increase the duration of sexual intercourse and erection
  • Improve body tone

Considering Potencialex only as a simple sexual stimulant would be wrong, because it is much more than that. In fact, the product aims at a sustained increase in performance and endurance in general. Instead of a short term boost, the body will have more energy available in the long term. This is why it is used as a sexual stimulant, because with more energy, it is of course possible to stay active longer, and therefore in bed too.

Potencialex effects and mode of action?

Potencialex natural sexual enhancer is designed to help combat erectile dysfunction in men on a long-term basis. Erectile dysfunction affects more and more people and can have different causes.

Basically, a distinction is made between physical and psychological causes. Physical causes can be cardiovascular problems, diseases of the nervous system or metabolic disorders. Organ diseases also affect male potency.

However, not only physical factors can cause erection problems. Psychological components are at least as important. Conflicts, both at work and in private life, can affect erection during sexual intercourse. Depression and anxiety disorders also have a great influence on male potency.

Potencialex customer experiences and reviews?

We always read in detail customer reviews about a product. They help us to get a neutral picture of the product in question. That’s why we look for Potencialex experiences on popular social media.

We noticed that most of the Potencialex reviews are positive. Almost all users stated that taking the capsules was easy to integrate into their daily routine and that using the capsules was hassle-free.

There are also many Potencialex testimonials from young men on forums who report that their potency problems had placed a heavy psychological burden on their daily lives. With the help of Potencialex capsules, they were finally able to get rid of this burden. Most of the users emphasize that the duration of their erection during sexual intercourse has increased.

Since taking the capsules, many men not only feel better physically, but are also able to enjoy their sex life much more. This has also helped many men who are married or in a relationship and have been able to save their marriage or partnership as a result.

Our 1 month self-test with Potencialex?

To get a complete picture of a product, Internet testimonials are not enough. For this reason, we decided to conduct a 30-day Potencialex trial with Sam. He is 39-year-old.

Sam had had erection problems since his youth and was therefore never able to lead a normal sex life. He told us beforehand that the dysfunction not only limited him physically, but also placed a great psychological burden on him. This made him the perfect subject for our Potencialex test. Excited, we began our little experiment together.

Day 1
On the first day, we invited Sam to our office for a preliminary interview. This allowed us to better examine his dysfunction. Since he was in a relationship at the time of the test, there was no problem performing the test. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules 60 minutes before intercourse. These 60 minutes are necessary at the beginning so that the blood circulation in the penis can improve.

Day 15
It had been more than two weeks since our self-examination. On the 15th, we asked Sam to come to our office. He reported that the use of Potencialex capsules was completely free of complications. In addition, his erectile dysfunction was said to have improved significantly.

This not only had a positive effect on his sex life, but also on his psyche, as he told us. In addition, he told us that after the first week, erection was already occurring within the first 45 minutes. As the first results were very positive, we decided to continue the self-test together.

Day 30
Day 30 was the last day of our Potencialex test. This meant that a control test had to be done on that day as well. During this check-up, we were able to determine that Sam’s erection problems had completely disappeared. Our subject told us that he was now able to have sex normally again, which also gave him a lot of psychological relief.

Sam was more than happy that he was able to control his erection problems naturally. Not only had he solved his erection problems, but he also enjoyed sex more. In the end, he told us that he would recommend the herbal preparation to all his friends who need it.

Who are Potencialex capsules intended for?

Potencialex capsules are designed primarily for men who suffer from erection problems. The capsules are not only supposed to improve blood circulation, but are also able to treat psychological impotence. After all, it is often mental factors that can strongly influence a man’s potency.[6]

Therefore, it is said that taking Potencialex capsules regularly also improves a man’s self-esteem. In addition, it is also suitable for all those who want to do without chemical sexual enhancers.


Fordeler og ulemper

Made naturally – no chemicalsDoes not replace a healthy lifestyle
Long lasting benefitsIngen umiddelbar virkning
Highly effective: physical + mentalNot available worldiwe
Long term consumption possible

Finnes det et annet effektivt alternativ?

Many people are used to take conventional chemicals such as Viagra. We now know that a food supplement such as Potencialex can be an alternative to it because is more durable: it has a long-lasting effect on erectile dysfunction thanks to this mixture of active ingredients.

Viagra works immediately and provides a short-term erection, with many side effects.[7] Potencialex on the other hand, neutralises the causes of the impotence problem and naturally helps to restore good sexual relations. It also helps you to be physically fitter and mentally stronger.

Indeed, this nutritional supplement also helps to fight against frequent fatigue or physical pain, as well as concentration problems.

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Dosering2 kapsler daglig
Pris 24,50 – 49.90
VirkningerImprove sexual function, Increase potency, increase duration of sexual intercourse


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  1. Avatar av boby

    boby -

    so good for my libido! just what I needed!! and just in time because I was starting to get weak. deficiency comes just so suddently, that it’s better to realize it before it’s too late.
    and with only two capsules a day, virility quickly comes back, really!! it’s the very first time I’ve done a cure like this and its worthed! i am so happy, and my girlfriend too!

    + PROS: powerful fast effects
    Nyttig(14) Ikke nyttig(3)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  2. Avatar av Jack

    Jack -

    I finally found the best. This supplement is simply a wonder, it works great on many levels and improves my life as a couple a lot. Super happy!

    + PROS: Rapidly effective
    Nyttig(16) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  3. Avatar av Mike

    Mike -

    What I like most about this product is that it contains no additives, chemicals, preservatives or colorants, which is so important because nowadays we find everything!

    + PROS: I like it
    Nyttig(15) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  4. Avatar av Jacob

    Jacob -

    No side effects and potent components. I tested it and recommend it!

    + PROS: Ingen bivirkninger
    Nyttig(16) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  5. Avatar av Scott

    Scott -

    Potencialex tablets are easy to swallow and do not hurt my stomach. A good point in their favor. And with ingredients like Ginseng and Maca known to be powerful energizers, I cannot complain! Excellent product and quick effect on my body! Potencialex passed my test with success!

    + PROS: approved test
    Nyttig(14) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  6. Avatar av Jareth

    Jareth -

    I finally found the best. This supplement is simply a wonder, it works great on many levels and improves my life as a couple a lot. Super happy!

    + PROS: A wonder
    Nyttig(13) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  7. Avatar av Ethan

    Ethan -

    After only 15 days, I can find my sexual vitality again. It really does me good because it was not pleasant. The quality and duration of erection are much better now. It improves my libido, but also my whole love life. I am thrilled!

    + PROS: sexual vitality
    Nyttig(12) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  8. Avatar av Becky

    Becky -

    My husband’s purchase of this product caught me off guard, but I can honestly say that it is well worth it. My husband has become much more confident in the bedroom. Excellent results!

    + PROS: Honest product
    Nyttig(10) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  9. Avatar av Leann

    Leann -

    We tried to have a baby for several years with no results. Now I have been using Potencialex for 4 months and my wife just had a positive pregnancy test. Also, my sex drive is through the roof, I feel like I did in my twenties, wanting more and more sex. And sex feels so much better because of a greater release.I also admit that I stopped drinking alcohol over a year ago and started leading a very sporty lifestyle.

    + PROS: I feel like in my early twenties
    Nyttig(10) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  10. Avatar av Gus

    Gus -

    I just placed my order after reading many positive reviews. I hope it will have good results for me too, I need this help very urgently.

    + PROS: waiting for the order
    Nyttig(9) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  11. Avatar av Tim D.

    Tim D. -

    There were no problems with the order and the delivery of the product arrived in perfect condition and very quickly, even faster than planned. Thank goodness because I was anxious to get started.

    + PROS: pleased
    Nyttig(9) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  12. Avatar av Ian Luck

    Ian Luck -

    There are not many supplements like this one. All the ingredients are known to play an important role in libido, virility and testosterone levels.
    And all of it with no additives, all natural and vegan too – that’s great! I always pay attention to these details because they are important to me.
    In any case, these little capsules have an incredible effect on my sexuality. I am rediscovering it and reliving it. It’s a very strange feeling that I never thought I would experience again.
    But here it is, to my greatest surprise! Thanks to my best friend who gave me this bottle as a gift!

    + PROS: Very affordable
    Nyttig(9) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  13. Avatar av Scott Alex

    Scott Alex -

    As I have gotten older, I don’t have the sex drive I had and my wife’s has increased. I found it all worked, when I could have my mind connected with the downstairs. I didn’t think about it much anymore. I got Potencialex about 2 weeks ago and I, and my wife, have noticed a great improvement. I have noticed that I think about sex more often. Before I could think about sex once or twice every few weeks. Last night we had sex for the second time this week, it had been several years since that had happened. We are very happy with the results. I hope this helps some guys who are not sure what is wrong with them and are looking for answers.

    + PROS: It has really improved my sexual appetite
    Nyttig(8) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  14. Avatar av Jennifer

    Jennifer -

    Potencialex keeps my husband functioning and he is still able to perform sexually. We can’t yet know if it dissolves the plaque in his arteries since it contains L-Arginin. We are optimistic as there is evidence that it can work for that as well. We love it!

    + PROS: Great supplment
    Nyttig(6) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  15. Avatar av Marvin

    Marvin -

    I bought it to recover after the gym and to have a rewarding experience in the bedroom.
    My stamina has increased dramatically thanks to Potencialex. I usually take one pill a day, especially since I work out. On days when I know I’m going to get action, I take the full dose of 3 pills during the day. Thanks to this product, I now trust this brand.

    + PROS: This stuff really Works!
    Nyttig(6) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  16. Avatar av Arterbus

    Arterbus -

    Every time I try to find an alternative to strengthen my intimate relationships, I keep coming back to Potencialex. This is the best so far in terms of effects and value.

    + PROS: The best so far
    Nyttig(5) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  17. Avatar av Kindle

    Kindle -

    I rated this product 5 star because it works as described and this was the best price available anywhere on the market and I would highly recommend it

    + PROS: Flott produkt
    Nyttig(4) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  18. Avatar av Carlos Fons

    Carlos Fons -

    This is the best Supplement I have ever used. I have used all kinds of brands and when I came across this one, which was about 7 months ago, I haven’t had to go to another brand since. It seems to make me healthier. I feel younger and more powerful! Thank you!

    + PROS: De beste
    Nyttig(3) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  19. Avatar av Curtis

    Curtis -

    This product is really good for hypertension issues it can really lower the blood pressure naturally. It also good for erectile dysfunction for example it can really intensify an erections.

    + PROS: Stay Firm
    Nyttig(3) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  20. Avatar av Janice Ingram

    Janice Ingram -

    I ordered this product for my husband and he really liked it. I thought I could cut our budget by spending less on supplements and cancelled his current order for this product. Big mistake! When he asked me when his Potencialex would arrive because he was running low, I admitted that I had cancelled it. He immediately said, “I need this product! I need to reorder it! He said it makes him feel so much better when he takes it, so I’m keeping the order standing.

    + PROS: Husband insists on this product!
    Nyttig(3) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  21. Avatar av Juan

    Juan -

    I take medication for depression and I have erection problems and most of the time it was hard for me to reach orgasm or not at all.
    I tried these capsules and my wife was crazy about them, very good erection, like when she was 15 years old and it gives you such energy that you think you are invincible.

    + PROS: It is the best
    Nyttig(3) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  22. Avatar av Alberto

    Alberto -

    Good set of components to start the mornings with energy, it is noted in those times you need an extra for work or if you do sports regularly and these capsules help you endure until the evening. Spectacular effects!

    + PROS: extra energy
    Nyttig(2) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  23. Avatar av Michael

    Michael -

    The big pack of potencialex has saved my life with my wife…. Although it’s hard to admit it, my marriage was about to break up because of my problem. But these Potencialex capsules work instantly and with no side effects! I am more than grateful!

    + PROS: Magic Capsules!
    Nyttig(1) Ikke nyttig(1)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  24. Avatar av Arthur

    Arthur -

    I know everyone is different and something may work for some and not for others, but I have to give Potencialex capsules a 5 star rating. I am a 52 year old single male and had lost all interest in physical and sexual activities due to lack of energy and motivation. The most noticeable benefits with Potencialex original were physical energy and mental and emotional motivation. I returned to the gym after more than a year and felt great. My libido became stronger and more powerful again, which made me enjoy intimate relationships again. It is an incredible enhancer in every way. That’s why I have been recommending Potencialex to all my friends and family.

    + PROS: Potencialex Original Powerful and Effective
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