Spørsmål og svar om testosteronmangel

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen). It is needed to maintain normal sexual and reproductive function in men. Testosterone contributes to physical changes during puberty such as the development of the penis, testicles, beard and hair. Testosterone also acts on the testicles and helps to make sperm.

Testosterone is also important for a man’s overall health. It helps develop bones and muscles. It can affect mood and libido (sexual desire).

How is testosterone produced?

The pituitary gland and hypothalamus, located at the base of the brain, produce hormones that control the production of testosterone and sperm by the testicles.

What is testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency occurs when the body is unable to make enough testosterone to function normally. This is not a life-threatening condition but it can affect the quality of life.

How common is testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency affects about one in 200 men under the age of 60. In older men, testosterone deficiency is more common but the exact figures are not known.

How does age affect testosterone levels in men?

Testosterone is at its highest level in young adults. With age, there is a gradual decrease in testosterone so that levels are significantly lower at age 80 than at age 30.

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What are the possible causes of testosterone deficiency?

  • Excess weight
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Medication: narcotics, etc.
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Testicular disease or trauma
  • Disease of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus (see capsule on hyperprolactinemia and pituitary adenoma)

What are the possible symptoms of testosterone deficiency?


  • Limited beard and hair development
  • Delayed development of the penis and testicles
  • Decreased muscle development
  • No voice moult (remains with child’s voice)
  • Delayed growth (see capsule on short stature)


  • Mood changes and poor concentration
  • Low energy
  • Decreased muscle strength and endurance
  • Increased body fat
  • Decreased libido (sexual desire)
  • Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection
  • Decreased beard and hair growth
  • Breast development (see capsule on gynecomastia)
  • Hot flushes
  • Osteoporosis (brittle bones)

Please note that erectile dysfunction is most often caused by changes in the nerves or blood supply to the penis, as in men with diabetes. Psychological causes are also common. Low testosterone levels can lead to difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, but this is not a common cause.

How is low testosterone diagnosed?

The diagnosis of testosterone deficiency requires several steps:

  • A detailed medical history
  • A thorough physical examination
  • At least two early morning blood tests on two different days to measure hormone levels.

How is testosterone deficiency treated?

Testosterone is prescribed for men with a confirmed deficiency and is usually continued on a long-term basis, under the supervision of a doctor. The aim is to bring the hormones back to the correct levels.

There are several natural products that claim to act like testosterone and improve muscle or sexual function. Testosterone is available as injections, gels, lotions, patches and tablets. The type of treatment is prescribed according to the advantages and disadvantages of each form of administration. Usually TestoUltra is prescribed. You can find it online: TestoUltra Original.

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Is there such a thing as andropause (or ‘male menopause’)?

The terms “andropause” and “male menopause” are not appropriate. Menopause is the cessation of menstrual cycles in all women. Testosterone levels in men do not drop suddenly but rather gradually as they age. Not all men will have a significant decrease in testosterone with age. The assessment and treatment of hormonal changes in men and women must be diagnosed and treated differently.

Is there anything I can do to prevent testosterone deficiency?

There are no measures to prevent testosterone deficiency if it is caused by damage to the testicles or pituitary gland. If the reasons are other, a healthy lifestyle such as maintaining a healthy weight or the use of TestoUltra can help keep testosterone levels within the normal range.

Testo Ultra differs from many other preparations in that it is comprehensive. Traditional supplements have generally been designed either to increase testosterone levels or to improve sexual performance. Although these two things are inextricably linked, most manufacturers only focus on one of the two areas. Testo Ultra, on the other hand, influences all facets of male sexuality thanks to its unique and natural combination of active ingredients that increase testosterone levels.

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