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Slanking - Hva skal jeg gjøre?

Ta Glucomannan ... Denne fiberrike roten har vitenskapelig bevist å forbedre vekttapet betydelig når du slanker deg. Det regnes som en mirakelkur for vekttap.


Why to people use Slimmestar? Because being overweight is a much more widespread problem than we think and it is more serious than many people realise. Millions of people struggle to commit to structured diets and exercise routines to achieve their weight loss goals. They try to fight it with their tools and knowledge, but they don’t succeed, which is why they turn to products like Slimmestar.

What is Slimmestar?

Slimmestar has developed an effective solution: weight loss capsules! Slimmestar capsules are specially designed for those looking for easier and more convenient ways to lose weight without sacrificing quality results.


The capsules contain powerful ingredients that increase metabolism and suppress appetite, resulting in better calorie burning potential and helping to meet specific fitness wants and needs.

Slimmestar Ingredienser

Slimmestar uses only natural ingredients to achieve that thermogenic and fat burning accelerating effect. Here are the key elements of this product: Cocoa, Glucomannan (konjac root), Vegan vegetable capsule shell, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6
Slimmestar EN3 Slimmestar

Tips til bruk

This product is an advanced composition of the best active ingredients that help reduce appetite and burn fat safely and effectively. An essential blend of natural herbs, this product helps regulate metabolism by stimulating the body’s ability to rapidly break down carbohydrates and fats for maximum energy, while providing vital nutrients that support healthy weight management. By seriously addressing the body’s key mechanisms responsible for appetite and calorie metabolism, Slimmestar delivers long-term results and could be an essential part of any weight loss program.

How does Slimmestar work?

Those capsules contain patented active substances that directly target the parts of the body responsible for fat burning and appetite control. Slimmestar works by releasing molecules to burn fat and glucose, inhibitors that slow sugar absorption and suppress hunger, antioxidants that cleanse the blood of cholesterol and toxins, and hormones that stimulate thyroid secretion and accelerate fat metabolism. With Slimmestar, you can ensure that your body receives the right dose of beneficial substances to lose excess weight.

One of the benefits of Slimmestar is that it eliminates hunger symptoms, which means that after completing the treatment you will not gain weight. In addition, it regulates the metabolism, so you will eventually forget about the extra pounds.

Slimmestar’s Benefits

The main benefits that Slimmestar brings to people who take this supplement are:

  • Accelerates fat burning;
  • Releases toxins;
  • Drains fluid retention;
  • Increases energy levels;
  • Reduces appetite and the appearance of cravings.

User Testimonials

Many products of this style are a scam, but according to user testimonials, Slimmestar is a reliable product. They attest that slimmestar accelerates weight loss, but for this user need to do his part, i.e. follow a hypocaloric diet and exercise with some frequency.

According to testimonials from users who have used this product, by following the instructions given by the manufacturer, results can be seen in a few weeks.

Product Information

DoseringDaglig bruk
Pris 24,90 – 44.90
VirkningerAccelerates fat burning, Releases toxins, Drains fluid retention, Increases energy levels, Reduces appetite,…





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Ytterligere informasjon

Spesifikasjon: SLIMMESTAR


Diet, Weight Loss






Cocoa, Glucomannan (konjac root), Vegan vegetable capsule shell, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6

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  1. Avatar av Magda

    Magda -

    I was happy that my colleague recommended me this dietary supplement because I have tried several and I was starting to not believe in anything… But with this one, after two weeks I am already a different person …

    + PROS: Dietary supplement
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  2. Avatar av Eda

    Eda -

    After taking these capsules and in combination with sports I have no feeling of hunger. This product I will buy again, because I feel good. 100% Positive Effect.

    + PROS: 100% Positive Effect
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  3. Avatar av Anne

    Anne -

    This diet product is a bomb! Since the first bottle, the pointer on the scale goes down again and again. This has not happened to me with the past diet products. Simply great!

    + PROS: Simply great!
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  4. Avatar av Cinthya

    Cinthya -

    Very easy to swallow and no aftertaste, this weight loss supplement is and will be part of my daily routine to stay healthy!

    + PROS: Keep your weight healthy with this
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  5. Avatar av Nick

    Nick -

    I honestly feel that this fat burner has not only increased my metabolism but also my energy level.

    + PROS: lowers your weight but also increases your energy
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  6. Avatar av Gloria T.

    Gloria T. -

    After 5 weeks I have lost more than 4 kg, my clothes fit me again. a good product from all angles and even without side effects. fine product!

    + PROS: fine product!
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  7. Avatar av Gabriel

    Gabriel -

    Easy and simple to use. Start small and build up to a full dose. I also felt more energy.

    + PROS: simple to use
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  8. Avatar av Roy

    Roy -

    It helped me restore my weight to where it was before I went off the plan with my food. The water retention and bloating completely disappeared! I also feel that they helped with the internal inflammation as I started to feel better physically and mentally over the course of taking them. I plan to continue using these products now that I am back on plan with my healthy eating in hopes that, along with continuing my healthy diet, they will contribute to my continued long term goal of fat loss.

    + PROS: helps me feel much better in every way
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  9. Avatar av Brandon

    Brandon -

    I started taking them about a month ago, you can feel the burn, just sitting in the office or relaxing in bed you will feel the burn and in the gym you will sweat non-stop even in simple tasks. I highly recommend this product.

    + PROS: highly recommend
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  10. Avatar av Soledad

    Soledad -

    I recently consulted a dietician who was not at all opposed to my taking a food supplement. To be on the safe side, I showed him this one and he accepted my choice. It is a very healthy and natural product. We know the virtues of each ingredient and he confirmed to me that if I respect the dosage, if I eat correctly and if I do a minimum of sport, I should see a result quickly. I have just started, so as far as weight is concerned I am content with stability, but I can already say that I no longer feel like eating too much, at least between meals. I really believe in it and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t bother me at all when I take my capsules. I think I have made the right decision.

    + PROS: right decision
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  11. Avatar av Velinda

    Velinda -

    I’m on my second bottle – it really helps control my appetite and helps me eat smaller portions!

    + PROS: controls food cravings
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  12. Avatar av Renate

    Renate -

    I love this product! I have been sharing it with all my friends. In the first week I lost 8 pounds and have kept the weight off. It reduces my appetite to help me stay away from snacking. definitely worth a try for those curious!

    + PROS: love this product
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  13. Avatar av Loren

    Loren -

    I have been using this product for the past 3 months and it has worked well for me. Thank you.

    + PROS: Takk
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  14. Avatar av Torsten

    Torsten -

    I was looking for a good way to take a few pounds off my belly and came across Slimmestar from Inchealth, it sounded like what I was looking for. At first I was skeptical about buying this weight loss supplement, but I looked at the reviews from other customers and said give it a try, I lost 8 pounds in a week!

    + PROS: give it a try
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  15. Avatar av Anna Paula

    Anna Paula -

    I have been taking Slimmestar daily and I feel like I have more energy and I take the fat burner supplement, it helps me sleep and I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

    + PROS: more energy
    Nyttig(0) Ikke nyttig(0)Du har allerede stemt på dette
  16. Avatar av Sonya

    Sonya -

    I am completely of the opinion that SLIMMESTAR is a good product and without side effects. They are also 100% vegan. I have already lost almost 4 kg, I will certainly order the next can.

    + PROS: without side effects
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