Waarom en hoe de testosteron afscheiding op natuurlijke wijze verhogen?

Testosterone is the most important androgenic hormone in the body. It causes the appearance of male sexual characteristics such as hair growth. An increase in testosterone can be a sign of hyperthyroidism in men or an ovarian tumour in women.

Testosterone is a hormone belonging to the group of hormones called androgens. Testosterone is the most potent.

In men, it is produced mainly by the Leydig cells in the testicles. A small part is produced by the adrenal glands (located above each of the two kidneys). In women, it is synthesised by the adrenal glands and in the ovary.

What is the role of testosterone?

In men: During male puberty, the level of testosterone secreted by the testicles increases. As a result, specific male characteristics appear, such as hair growth and the development of the genitalia. The young man’s voice changes and the libido begins to manifest itself. Testosterone production is also involved in the maturation of sperm, which is the male reproductive cell called a gamete. Testosterone controls spermatogenesis and is therefore essential for male reproductive function. This is why this endocrine substance is called the male sexuality and fertility hormone. However, its role does not end there, as it protects against osteoporosis. It therefore contributes to good bone health. It is also essential for muscle growth.

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For women: If it is a symbol of virility, testosterone also influences female sexual desire by increasing libido. However, these effects are largely controversial within the scientific community. It is involved in bone growth and maintains bone health. The hormone has effects on women’s memory. At the brain level, it could stimulate cognitive performance. Its intervention on cardiac muscle mass would also strengthen the heart. It could even reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Why prescribe a Testosterone dosage?

In men: A testosterone test can be prescribed for men if a dysfunction of the sexual glands is suspected (testicular insufficiency).

In women: A testosterone test may be ordered in women if they have excessive hair in areas that are not normally hairy. This is called hirsutism.

How do you know if you need to increase your testosterone level?

Increasing testosterone levels is becoming urgent because the chemical environment and diet are exposing us to more and more pollutants that compromise its optimal secretion in men.

It is involved in sexuality and reproduction, but also determines muscle mass, hair loss, bone density and red blood cells. This key hormone for muscles starts to decline around the age of 30.

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It’s easy to detect. In addition to ageing, if you notice problems with libido, a depressed mood, difficulties in concentrating, a memory defect and fat storage around the waist… These are hormonal signs that should not be overlooked.

How to increase testosterone levels?

When the results of the examination show a low level of testosterone, a supplementation can sometimes be proposed by the doctor. The aim is to make up for the hormonal deficit, but above all to correct the symptoms that led to the prescription of a dosage. The best recommendation is TestoUltra: Buy TestoUltra.


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