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Levering aan alle Europese landen door IncHealth GmbH, Zwitserland


Where is OTTOMAX produced?

OTTOMAX is manufactured by IncHealth GmbH in Switzerland. Er is ook productie onder licentie door Tradecom voor de Zuid-Amerikaanse markt. Alle andere producten zijn vervalsingen. Er worden veel vervalsingen en valse informatie verspreid op internet. De aanbiedingen op deze pagina zijn door ons persoonlijk gecontroleerd.

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Inner Ear Infections Cure

Inner Ear Infections Cure

gbs voorbeschouwing

Do you want to get rid of ear infections totally ? Ear infections can be acute or chronic; Acute infections heal fast but they can be very painful. Chronic infections linger and may reoccur even after medical treatment. If left untreated, they can cause permanent damage to the inner and middle ear. Infections of the inner ears are often caused by irritation or inflammation of the labyrinth--this is the part of the ear that aids hearing and balance. Difficulty in hearing is mostly caused by...

Ear Infection Essentials

Ear Infection Essentials

Xspurts.com. 2023 gbs voorbeschouwing

"Navigating the journey of ear infections becomes easier with knowledge, understanding, and prevention strategies." Discover the comprehensive guide to understanding, treating, and preventing ear infections with 'Ear Infection Essentials.' This book serves as a robust resource for those struggling with ear infections or those who simply wish to comprehend the intricacies of ear health better. Start by exploring the anatomy of the ear, the structure, how it functions, and the role of the...

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