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Olijf Body Lotion Olijf Body Lotion
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CHI Olive Organics Olijf & Zijde Haar en Lichaamsolie 59ml
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Olijf Voedende Droge Lichaamsolie Olijf Voedende Droge Lichaamsolie
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Olijf Lichaamsboter Olijf Lichaamsboter
Awin De Body Shop UK
CHI Olive Organics Olijf & Zijde Haar en Lichaamsolie 251ml
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Duitsland, Oostenrijk


Frankrijk, België

Spanje, Portugal




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Verenigde Staten van Amerika






MDPI. 2021 gbs voorbeschouwing

Olijfolie van de eerste persing, uitsluitend op mechanische wijze bereid uit gezonde en intacte vruchten van de olijfboom, is een basisingrediënt en een echte pijler van deze voeding. De positieve rol ervan voor de gezondheid is inmiddels een universeel onderwerp van zorg. De deugden van natuurlijke olijfolie, en vooral van extra olijfolie van de eerste persing, houden verband met de kwaliteit van de vruchten, het...



Elsevier. 2015 gbs voorbeschouwing

Olijfolie is al duizenden jaren een basisvoedingsmiddel voor de inwoners van het Middellandse-Zeegebied en wordt nu populair bij consumenten over de hele wereld. Olijfolie verschilt van andere plantaardige oliën omdat zij in haar natuurlijke vorm wordt gebruikt en een unieke smaak en andere kenmerken heeft.

Het Olijfolie Dieet

Het Olijfolie Dieet

Hachette UK. 2016 gbs voorbeschouwing

Is het waar dat twee eetlepels olijfolie per dag uw risico op hartaandoeningen kunnen halveren en kunnen helpen bij gewichtsverlies? Kan olijfolie kankercellen doden, de ziekte van Alzheimer's bestrijden, een falend hart nieuw leven inblazen en zelfs slechte genen uitschakelen? Het Olijfolie Dieet neemt een...

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  1. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for just about all my cooking – including baking – and this Kirkland First Cold Pressed EVOO is a good one. The flavour it nice and since I cook a lot and use my oil a lot, I’m happy to have a larger amount at hand. This 2 liter bottle fits the bill. I have no complaints and am glad to have had the convenience of purchasing this heavier bottle delivered right to my door!

  2. I purchased this product after reading how Kirkland brand was one of the few true olive oils. I don’t shop at Costco so I was happy to be able to purchase this through Amazon. Was sure we would take forever to go through this size but amazed at how much olive oil we use.Great value, good oil.

  3. Having lived in Spain for over 10 years, I use olive oil a lot…and I do mean a lot. I use it for cooking and also on my salads.This olive oil is flavorful, a good value plus delivered to my door. In all honesty, I don’t remember what the presentation looked like! I was more impressed with the quality than the presentation.Will buy again when this has been used up…which won’t be too long.Highly recommended.

  4. I have never liked olive oil but this one is wonderful. It has a very subtle flavour and is amazing on salads. I’ve wasted money on strong olive oils but this one is one I’ll buy again. No wonder it won an award. The price is okay. I can get it for a few dollars cheaper at a store far away, but with no car I’m happy Amazon carries it.

  5. I bought this expressly because it does not use vacuum machines to harvest the olives, so no song birds are killed as a result. This olive oil is very good – delicious, in fact – and brilliant that it is in a metal, recyclable container too. A winner all around! I shall be buying again. Thank you!

  6. I fry or roast meat and vegetables in this olive oil and it gives them a sweetness of flavour especially red and yellow peppers.

  7. As far as cooking and taste, Ihave no idea. This is the oil I use to moisturize my body. My skin seems to love this specific one. Ordering it here on Amazon, saved me a trip, and a lot of hassle, from going to Walmart. It was shipped fast, in new condition, with the seal intact. Since I’m already talking about this olive oil, I’d like to tell anyone with really dry skin that is not affected by lotions whatsoever to try oil, especially this one since it’s so moisturing.

  8. Excellent oil without the over pepperiness not always required. I do wish however date of harvesting was included.

  9. This is very good quality oil, nice flavour and very pleasant. Taste is leaning more towards sweet than bitter perhaps fruity but not in a sweet sugary way, can’t really explain it but tastes excellent with salad

  10. I usually buy the Iliada kalamata oil but I switched to this one as it was unavailable and I’m glad I did! It’s one of the best I’ve ever tasted and seems a more reasonable price as well. It’s nice and fruity and is perfect for cooking and salads and even stands up on its own as a snack with bread and balsamic vinegar. Will definitely buy again

  11. I searched and searched for Olive oil and I came across this. I had previously been fortunate to buy olive oil from a colleague that was buying it from a farm in Italy but he has since left so I started the search for an alternative and found this. Really nice flavour and colour and a great price for a really good quality olive oil. We use it for cooking mainly but it goes great with balsamic vinegar and bread or as a salad dressing. Much better than what you can find elsewhere and when this runs out this will be a repeat purchase.

  12. From just an “average joe” using the oil to cook and make dressings, I give 5 stars. It has a nice clean taste, it cooks as expected; I have no qualms with this product. To be fair, I have since used all of the oil, kept the bottle, and refilled it, as it fits nicely in my kitchen, not that you care. Enjoy.

  13. The oil was very good, but the container came in a banged up condition. Nothing leaked, thankfully.I was wondering why so many reviewers are getting banged up boxes… then it occurred to me that the reason this is on Amazon is that the company probably cant sell them through regular retail channels. Nobody will buy a banged up container.Still, if you look at the contents, it’s worth the price. Cheaper than a non-banged up carton. I don’t care, really.

  14. It makes a lovely change from the oils at the supermarket. Being on a keto diet, I go through a rather large amount of the stuff, and it improves almost every meal!

  15. Good quality, use as a finishing agent.

  16. This product is great, I use it in my everyday cooking.I switched to this oil as the previous veg oil gave me heartburn.Great value for money this 5lt.

  17. I have tried smaller bottles in the past and keep running out so decided to buy this 5L so that it last me for a while. There’s no denying that this is one of the most versatile Virgin Olive Oil. I use this for frying and for cooking too, brings amazing flavours! Delivered in a well packaged box.

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