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Rio Amazon Kaneel Extract, 250mg, 60 Capsules
Awin Revital
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Springer Nature. 2021 gbs voorbeschouwing

Kaneel is de algemene naam voor de specerij die wordt verkregen uit de gedroogde binnenbast van verschillende soorten van het geslacht Cinnamomum uit de familie Lauraceae. In de wereldhandel overheerst Cinnamomum cassia (L.) J. Presl Cinnamomum burmannii, maar deze is van een andere kwaliteit dan de "echte" of "Ceylon"-kaneel die wordt verkregen uit Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume (C. verum J. Presl).

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  1. After reading lots of stuff about how cinnamon can help regulate sugar levels decided to try these because of the added flavonoids. Found them to be easy to swallow and tasty. I’m finding that if I take an extra pill with something that I shouldn’t my sugar level will still increase but not as much as it would have without it. I’ll be ordering more.

  2. Antwoord Avatar van Massachusetts Resident
    Massachusetts Resident 6. september 2017 op 0:00

    While I prefer and trust supplements from Nature’s Bounty, make sure you fully understand the different types of cinnamon available before buying this brand. I have no real issues with the product other than it’s not the type of cinnamon generally recommended. If you’re looking for a cinnamon supplement to add to your regiment, you’re looking for ceylon cinnamon. This product is cinnamomum burmannii which contains even higher amounts of coumarin than ceylon or even cassia cinnamon. In my research, which was done too late, I learned that coumarin is something I need to avoid in the context of cinnamon supplements. Again, nothing against Nature’s Bounty or this seller, just make sure to do your research before buying this brand of cinnamon.

  3. My husband has type 2 diabetes and cinnamon is supposed to help control blood sugar. Taking these tablets is an easy and pleasant way of trying to help. Does it work? It is difficult to say in the short term. This may become clearer in time. However, it is worth a try. These tablets are inexpensive, they taste nice and this is a nice, natural way of trying to control blood sugar levels. Definitely worth a try.

  4. My husband takes 4-6 of these a day to keep his diabetes under control. 1 before each meal and one first thing in the morning as well as 1 before bed. He got off of his Metformin and his blood sugar levels are under control. When he eats to many cookies, though, nothing works meaning you have to be aware that there is no magic pill.But this works great.

  5. Very nice product! Perfect for my diabetes!! I eat this 1 month ago(4-6/day) so because of this i dont use tablets or insulin just this, diet and gym. Im so happy!! Im so sorry for my english!!

  6. Good quality at a reasonable price

  7. After my doctor voiced concerns about my A1C at my last checkup, I read up on how to help keep it down. Of course, I’m watching my sugar intake and getting more exercise, but I read that cinnamon can also do more with sugar metabolism. I started out with the regular cheaper capsules, but then found out that the ceylon cinnamon is better. I found these at a reasonable price here on Amazon. It’s a good-sized capsule, but slides down easily and I seem to have less of a problem with the dreaded “cinnamon burps.”

  8. Both bottles received were in large bottles that were 1/4 full and both were short 5 capsules.

  9. Do not take in an empty stomach you will get heartburn.I bought these for my diabetes and they really really help.

  10. Arrived on time. Very prompt. Now, my trial. It will be a wait and see for me. I ordered it, as I was very impressed about outstanding reviews. If this works …plan to add this to my healthy regimen.

  11. cinnamon helps with blood sugar regulation. i’ve noticed a big difference in my athletic performance and hunger levels as a result of using cinnamon supplements over the last few years. this is a good brand, priced well, and comes in bulk. will continue to purchase this.

  12. I have been using for 3 months , I cannot give all the credit to this supplement but with weight lose and lifestyle change I no longer taking pharmaceutical meds for my type 2 .There is no no aftertastes

  13. Il me reste à l’essayer

  14. I am only leaving this review at this time because of Amazon’s rather premature urging ─ I only received the Ceylon Cinnamon capsules three days ago and thus have only taken three of the recommended daily two-capsule doses.As a result, from my limited experience to this point, I can see no reason not to have given full overall ratings for the product ─ in my thinking, the rating was deserved on promptness of delivery alone. To have the product in my hands a mere two days after placing the order when I am not a Prime account holder defies all of my expectations.I do not as a rule have a problem with swallowing supplements, so full ratings were deserved here as well ─ they ‘go down’ exactly as easily as I would expect capsules of their size to do. That’s based on over 50 years of supplement-taking (I am 70 years old).The same goes for flavour ─ the gelatin capsules taste precisely as I expect gelatin capsules to taste, so highest ratings there as well.But results? I did not buy them in any anticipation of pain relief; but if I had, I think that I would be delusional to claim that I’ve seen any such relief after a mere three days. Nevertheless, if the cinnamon does diminish any known and unknown inflammation I may be suffering from, then this will be most welcome.The same goes for any blood sugar issues ─ as far as I know, I have never had problems in this area. But who wouldn’t want to experience better blood sugar control or regulation, regardless?There are many other beneficial claims that are made for Ceylon cinnamon ─ if they are true, then all such benefits are definitely welcome by me. But it will take far longer than three days to ever realize them.My personal choice in making the purchase was exclusively because I quite recently read that Ceylon cinnamon had antibacterial properties ─ and specifically, that it appeared able to inhibit the growth of five different types of bacteria know to cause urinary tract infections (UTIs).I may be a victim of just such an infection ─ a self-diagnosis, albeit. I have tried a few other natural remedies to no avail, so I thought that I would give Ceylon cinnamon a whirl for a few months.I may even go so far as to buy a pound of the actual Ceylon cinnamon powder at a fairly reasonable price that I saw advertised here on Amazon Canada ─ I would have no problem adding some to meals (I typically only eat twice a day).So time will tell whether Ceylon cinnamon will prove effective for me.

  15. I only just started taking this but I know cinnamon is great at regulating blood sugar naturally. I have no issues there but if you can take something that is helpful and good for you – why not get a jump on an issue that could arise later – especially because some of my relatives are diabetics (genetics?).As for this particular product, when I opened the bottle, the scent was not strong and I was actually quite surprised. There is a only the slightest hint of cinnamon. Same goes for taking it – the slightest itty bitty taste of cinnamon – not strong at all. The tablet was very easy for me to swallow. No aftertaste whatsoever. If you do not care for the taste of cinnamon this product is REALLY great. And if you do like the taste of cinnamon – well still good to take as who really needs an aftertaste when getting your dose for the day.I also love that it has certified organic ingredients. I only wish that it being VEGAN was prominently displayed on the bottle somewhere.If you thought my review was helpful – please click the “Helpful” button. Thanks! : )

  16. This is a good product. Ceylon cinnamon is much safer to use than the cheaper Cassia cinnamon as Ceylon cinnamon contains 250 times less coumarin, a substance which can be toxic for the liver in large quantities…The advertising/packaging is misleading though. The container advertises 1,200 mg and 150 caps on the front label. However the back label shows that a daily serving is 2 caps for 1,200 mg, so each cap only contains 600 mg not 1,200 mg!1 container will provide 75 days of “treatment” not 150 days! To be effective for blood sugar control, the studies I read have recommended an amount of 1,200 mg to 1,500 mg per day, 600 is not enough.Keep that in mind when comparing price per cap…

  17. These aren’t the first cinnamon supplements I have taken, so I know what to expect and I know how they should react with my body chemistry. While I haven’t experienced several of the claimed effects of cinnamon, it definitely helps my blood glucose level stay in the normal range. The first thing I noticed about these tablets was that they are compressed cinnamon, not gel caps like most of the others I’ve tried. The only other similar caps I tried were hard to swallow because they stuck to my mouth and they felt like they were stuck deep in my throat – these didn’t do that; they went right down. After taking these tablets every day for the last week, these are my impressions:What I like:• Easy to swallow – they don’t stick to my mouth or throat.• High potency – these are twice as potent as some brands I’ve tried.• No cinnamon burps.• Competitively priced for organic, non-GMO tablets.Overall, I am happy with these tablets and I recommend them.

  18. This product is not ceylon cinnamon. Opened the bottle and the capsules are not cinnamon at all. They are dark brown, not the lighter color like ceylon is supposed to be and do not smell at all of cinnamon. I can’t even say what they are. Tried calling company a few times and no answer. Wasted money on the three bottles that I ordered.

  19. I have consistently had moderate to occasional severely high LDL Cholesterol and high blood pressure. I have been taking your product now for nearly 8 weeks and combined with some changes in diet have seen a considerable drop in LDL and an increase in HDL Cholesterol while seeing a very positive drop in my blood pressure to more acceptable levels. I’ve also seen a marked improvement in my blood sugar levels although they were never considered really bad. Any improvement is good though. I’m hoping that if I continue to take this product that I will see even better results to come (I’ll keep you informed). I believe I’ve experienced a reduction in overall aches and pains (I’m 62 and they are a fact of life now) due to reduced inflammation. This is the first Ceylon Cinnamon product that I found that has a truly good, cinnamon flavor. I know that cinnamon has numerously more health benefits than I have mentioned so I will continue to take it this product since I have complete confidence in the quality it. Thanks.

  20. To start with, these are NOT Ceylon Cinnamon. Whatever it is is also mixed with something that evaporates off when the pills are taken from the jar and sorted into my weekly pill case. After 2 days the contents have noticably shrunk and after a week they have shrunk more and rattle. See first photo.In the 2nd photo, the left side shows real ceylon cinnamon and it smells and tastes like cinnamon.In the center are 2 of the shrunken capsules that I opened. Whatever it is is hard and shiny and looks like plastic. I broke one piece and touched it to my tongue and it is very bitter and has no cinnamon smell.On the right is a freshly opened capsule of this brand. It is clumpy and wouldn’t dump out of the capsule. It looks a little damp.I don’t know if they mix it with water or some chemical to get the weight up or what and then whatever it is evaporates when taken out of the sealed jar?To top it off, you have to take 2 capsules to get a 1200mg serving.The container shows only 1 other ingredient besides the cinnamon, the capsule.At any rate, I will not be purchasing anything from this company again.

  21. i have been taking this product as directed i finished the hole battle didn’t see any effect on blood sugar readings. it’s just throwing money

  22. I am a newly diagnosed diabetic and have been trying to control my diabetes without medicine and without huge changes in my diet. Between these Cinnamon supplements and Mulberry I have managed to fend off the “dia-beasties” and contain most of my sugar cravings as well. As someone who has always overindulged with sugar, as a child I often lived off of it, as I got older and less active it caught up with me. I could no longer eat an entire pack of Snickers or Reeses and run it off playing sports. You gain some weight in your 40s, then you start snoring from the weight gain. Then you aren’t getting enough sleep and your metabolism slows down. You gain more weight, your snoring gets worse, your heart starts to work harder….you know the deal. So I made a few changes to my sleep, made sure I was getting 7-8 hours a night, my metabolism started back up, I lost 30lbs over 3 years and am still losing as my body catches up. I didn’t put the weight on overnight and didn’t try to take it off overnight. I want this to be lasting. I added these with the Mulberry and it was like a kick start and lost another 10lbs for a total of 40lbs in 3 years. Its all related folks, its all related….you just need to own it and make a change and something as simple as adding this supplement has really given me a boost in controlling lbs and blood sugar. I reached my “goal” weight and will not add working out to my stable to increase muscle which will also burn more fat. Fitness is a marathon not a race. Especially as you get into your 50s. Obviously, I highly recommend this product as I know it worked for me. Keep your expectations real and you will see positive results on several levels.

  23. I’ve had these before and when I took some capsules out they looked like they had moisture in them. I cut one open to see that the powder was like a paste.

  24. I’m on my fourth brand of Ceylon cinnamon because the others either declined in quality or went under. Not sure what’s going on in the cinnamon world, but I’m happy to have found these that are organic, smell like quality cinnamon, and are reasonably priced. Now I just hope these guys maintain their quality and stay in business! I take cinnamon daily as diabetes runs rampant in my family. My parents and siblings all have type-2 diabetes so I’m doing everything I can to not join them, and one of the things is taking 1800mg of Ceylon cinnamon every day. I can’t say if it’s the cinnamon or other things I’m doing, but despite being a bit overweight myself I’m the only one in my family (knock wood) who isn’t diabetic, so take that for whatever it’s worth. If you’re considering taking cinnamon just buy these. I’ve spent hours searching and these are among the best, and I will certainly update if anything changes. But for now, highly recommended!!!

  25. I bought these because I have been having trouble with my periods (irregular) as well as my A1C being out of control. After 3 months of taking these at night alongside with metformin, I went from a 12 A1C to a 6.5. Was recently tested again and now my A1C is at a 5.9. I think alongside some lifestyles changes these really helped me. I finally am getting my period back. I had read online that these also help with PCOS issues and from experience now I would recommend these for anyone struggling with sugar control and period irregularity.

  26. After researching this stuff I took for my type 2 diabetes. It’s supposed to help control your sugar/glucose levels. For me it spiked my sugars quite a bit. After discontinuing use my sugar readings went back down to where they were before taking this supplement.

  27. I have never seen ceylon cinnamon looking like what is in this container. The effects are minimal. I was wondering why its so cheap. But this is a classic case of one getting what one pays for. I will not purchase again. Real junk.

  28. Antwoord Avatar van South Mountain Reader
    South Mountain Reader 2. juni 2021 op 0:00

    I take cinnamon capsules daily to help with blood sugar control. It seems to be helping,

  29. I have suffered from diabetes for over 25 years. Cinnamon is one of the things that really help lower my blood sugar. It actually works much better than insulin alone.

  30. I bought this as a metabolism booster, and it works better than most thermogenic supplements I’ve tried. It’s healthier, it’s cheaper, it’s more effective. I’ve lost a couple inches off my waist after a month, and I’m eating like a teenager again. The downside is you’ll spend more on food, and you might need to buy new pants.Side note: your burps will taste and smell like cinnamon, and if you take it regularly, it will also improve body odor.

  31. It help reducing your sugar level

  32. No indication of the type of cinnamon used

  33. Meets my needs

  34. I like it due to I dont have to mix it with anything. One capsule in the morning and one at night and already I have lost pounds, and my diabetic numbers have gone down.

  35. No iasues goea down easy hope it works on the blood sugar!

  36. Long Capsule is rammed packed with a new grounded cinnamon formula! I did prefer the round vegan gelatin-like capsules with liquid cinnamon inside instead!

  37. Capsule size is very big. A little hard to swallow.

  38. Good value for money and fast delivery time . I’ve only been taking them for a few days hopefully they are working

  39. I’ve tried several brands and this is by far my favorite. Great quality.

  40. fast delivery and I like the prodcut.

  41. First time taking this supplement and felt my body heating up from the inside. My mother was visiting and I asked her to get me my ice packs and I place them on back of my neck and lay down. Then I started to feel itchy and warm all over. This picture was taken after taking benadryl.

  42. Use this as a dietary supplement for metabolism and heart health

  43. Easy to take and effective.

  44. Good product.

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