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Alles over druivenpitextract

Alles over druivenpitextract

Avery Publishing Group. 1998 gbs voorbeschouwing

De reeks "Alles over gezondheid" behandelt de meest gestelde vragen over specifieke gezondheidsthema's met betrekking tot alternatieve therapieën, voeding, supplementen, kruidenremedies en ziektetoestandbeheer.



Woodland Pub. 2009 gbs voorbeschouwing

Druivenpitextract is een natuurlijk plantaardig derivaat, gemaakt van druivenpitten (of -pitten), en bevat exotisch klinkende verbindingen zoals procyanidolic oligomers (PCO's) en proanthocyanidinen, die fungeren als zeer krachtige antioxidanten en tal van gezondheidsvoordelen bieden, waaronder versterking van de bloedvaten, verbetering van de bloedsomloop, preventie van hartaandoeningen, en mogelijk zelfs vertraging van het verouderingsproces.

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  1. I don’t think it does anything to your health. Good gift item but something to avoid for yourself /family.It’s sad some of my family believes this thing, and I bought it as gift to them; although I know this thing has questionable effectiveness.Pricewise this is okay. I think Costco has cheaper ones. None of these really works when you don’t believe it; but it might work for those who do – so the content itself doesn’t really matter.

  2. Ich habe dieses Extrakt gekauft, um eine Pancreatitis zu behandeln, unter die ich seit über acht Jahren leide. Zusammen mit Kurkumin von Fairvital waren die Schmerzen nach ca. 15 Tagen ganz weg. Ich kann dieses Extrakt deshalb herzlich empfehlen.

  3. Item received as described.

  4. Im feeling very good and active since i started taking these capsules. Many thanks .

  5. Great antiauxidant, I have taken this for years . I was feeling great , gave me energy and kept me healty then I stop taken it when I moved to a small town and it was not available at the local store.I had a bad cold this January that lasted for up to 7 weeks. I was very happy.I am happy that I have found them again. Thanks Amazon.I am feeling much better now.

  6. J’ai reçu rapidement la commande. Le produit répondre mes attentes, un plus il ne laisse pas d’arrière goût un élément capital pour moi à la prise des gélules. Le résultat est immédiat certainement parce que je suis déjà en cure et parce que le produit est bon également que sa fonctionne. Vraiment satisfaite

  7. I’ve taken 2 of these Now grape seed extract, 100 mg capsules every day for the past 41 days and they really work for edema. Prior to taking these, my feet and legs would swell significantly during my 8 hours af work, never quite going back to normal overnight. By the end of the week, they were so swollen that I had to put my feet up all day Saturday and sometimes part of the day on Sunday, only to start the whole cycle again on Monday. This has been happening for several years. I started to notice a reduction in the swelling after about 2 weeks, and at this point, after 41 days, my feet swell about 10% of how much they did before starting taking this and are always back to normal every morning.I had read in these reviews that the grape seed extract could also reduce tinnitus, but unfortunately I haven’t had that happen for me.

  8. Grape seed extract has always given me good results for my cardio workouts. Without grapeseed, I do okay – but not as well. This product is a great buy and a good quality too. I can only say good things about it.

  9. C’est difficile à commenter parce que je prends d’autres produits naturels en même temps alors, je ne peux pas vraiment dire s’il est bon ou non, mais j’ai confiance en ce produit qui m’a été conseillé par une naturopathe en qui j’ai confiance.

  10. This is what I take for Meniere’s. It has citrus bioflavonoid in it also. I searched for a brand that didn’t have other things in it that I didn’t want and Puritan’s Pride seems best suited for me. I have been taking it for one year and haven’t had a meniere’s attack since then.

  11. This stuff is awesome! And by “awesome” I mean: I take it to prevent hayfever [and the like]. I get horrible hayfever!! The itchy eyes are the worst–that drives me nuts. Before Grape Seed Extract, my only recourse was to keep flushing my eyes with eye wash, or pollute my body with antihistamine drugs. I’m sure you’ve figured out I don’t like drugs! ;)I’m not the only one who this works for — It received her terrible pollen reactions, that she used to take Claritin D for. Also her ex-husband, and numerous friends and family members we’ve turned on to it.And, when I say “relief” I mean TOTAL RELIEF!!! No more sneezing, no more runny nose, no more itchy eyes — RELIEF!!! Which is amazing, because all my life I’ve suffered from terrible hayfever. When I was a kid, one of my chores was to mow a rather large lawn [with a push mower!]. I would spend the rest of the day blowing snot out of my nose and rubbing my dang itchy eyes [I have no idea why my parents never helped me with that!]The thing to know about Grapeseed [at least when used for hayfever relief] is this is an Herbal Remedy. Which means, it’s not Pop-A-Pill-Get-Immediate-Relief! It takes a few days to kick in — it might even take a week. BUT, once it DOES kick in, you get full relief with NO SIDE EFFECTS [at least none I’m aware of].I take one capsule in the morning, and one at night. That’s all I need to remain symptom free when the flowers are spewing!!

  12. We have purchased this product several times. It has helped my husband with stomach and pancreatic inflammation.

  13. Bought for my husband. Received next day and item as described. Would buy again.

  14. Bought for my husband. Received next day and item as described. Would buy again.

  15. I take one a day to help with piles and they work.

  16. I take one a day to help with piles and they work.

  17. Used this for bringing down blood pressure, not sure if it’s been fully productive but feel happy to havetried it.

  18. My doctor is a “longevity” MD and PharmD. He does micronutrient blood test every 6 mo. and my blood pressure was creeping up. 1 of these capsules taken with L-Citrulline and Jarrow quercetin dropped my resting heart rate by 15 bpm for past 6 months. Expands and relaxes the vessels and up NOX.

  19. I’ve been using this to heal leaky gut, lower inflammation and crowd out pathogen. Grape seed extract also unregulates genes for longevity such as AMPK.

  20. I like it, it seems that it works

  21. ABC is the first remedy I go to when my little ones have a fever. It makes them feel more comfortable and aids sleep without the need for Calpol.I now own the Helios 36 basics remedy kit for the whole family and have used a few remedies for my children and myself with great success.

  22. no problem, received and all good

  23. i liked it cos it was what i ordered

  24. High potency and very good price. Happy to see that this product is made in Canada.

  25. cheaper than the website

  26. packed in capsules. whole bottle was in fine condition.

  27. My husband takes this for blood pressure support and it definitely helps lower it by a few percentage points.

  28. Bought for mum. No isdues. She likes it.

  29. Health reasons. I take various vitamins and minerals. I can’t really be sure if I have received any benefits from taking thissupplement.

  30. Health reasons. I take various vitamins and minerals. I can’t really be sure if I have received any benefits from taking thissupplement.

  31. Aide pour l’énergie très bon produit merci

  32. This Grape Seed Extract is The Greatest and Best One in The Entire World because it is Organic and all itsIngrediants are The Most Top Quality!

  33. Bought to replace ones in first aid kit that were used up. Ended up using them on the apprentice two days later (self inflicted not because he was annoying). Company didn’t have any. Did the job until he got to hospital. Yes he’s ok now.Company has also since bought some.Something you hope not to use as the are for temp wound closure. Useful to have.

  34. Doesn’t have flavour at all, it’s still in use but I think it’s good

  35. i don’t need to take 4 x 100mg, I just take 1 of these ones instead

  36. Easy to swallow

  37. Seems to be vary good quality

  38. Decent value

  39. Great product.

  40. Great price assuming the product is legit

  41. I like that this is good for your heart. I normally take the 200mg capsule but it is on backorder. So I’m taking two 100mg capsules per night until I receive the 200mg. I only but Puritans Pride because of their great quality and value.

  42. We had run out of these during lock down after other half had sanded finger nail off when power sander slipped. Luckily minimal damage and I know these helped after the nurse stopped redressing the wound. Unfortunately, I had one small size and so needed a selection. This pack is great, provides a variety of sizes meaning you don’t have to buy several expensive packs of differing sizes. Great to slip into travel first aid kit, keep in small pocket of bag with antiseptic whipes and plasters. Would definately order this again and recommend this product.

  43. wife uses for restless leg syndromefinds good relief

  44. Very good brand, love that it is in a glass bottle.

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