Neem Extract Powder

Neem Extract Powder

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Neem Dreams

Neem Dreams 2014 gbs preview

The neem has been used since ancient times for household, medicinal and agricultural purposes and now is the centre of the clash between tradition and modernisation.

Neem, a Treatise

Neem, a Treatise

I. K. International Pvt Ltd. 2009 gbs preview

The present edited volume 'Neem - A Treatise' provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of this wonder tree - Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss).

  1. My doctor diagnosed me with major bile flow problems due to biliary sludge in my gallbladder after discovering it in an ultrasound. My doctor suggested taking my gallbladder out but I refused. I’ve grown accustomed to having all my organs. This stuff allows my bile to flow naturally and cleanses my liver incredibly well. I’ve had an enlarged liver for years and after just one cup in the morning, for three days, I feel AMAZING for the first time in years! Thanks mother nature for your healing gift called Neem! Even my mind is clearer and the energy I have lasts all day. I’m amazed! No synthetic patented drugs for me with terrible side effects anymore. Uck! I’m all about herbs now! Good luck big pharma. People like me are catching on to your drug monopoly. Mother nature’s a tough competitor to beat!

  2. I got this for use on my dog that was having severe mange from mites. All her hair fell out and she was devouring herself in misery. Flea control was not controlling the problem. She picks up the mites rolling in the dry grass. I worked out my own system of application and it works a treat. I take about 2 cups of water, add two heaping spoons of the Neem powder, then microwave for 2 minutes. I let the mixture steep for a day or so, stirring it occasionally. I then give it a good stir and pour it into a used squirt bottle. I then put on some latex gloves and apply the solution to a dry dog. Shake occasionally while applying to get the powder particles into the mixture. After coating the dog all over I let her air dry. No rinsing is needed. Her skin has completely cleared up and her hair has come back. She is also a happy dog now. I treat her about every week. This stuff is great and natural.

  3. This product is genuine.Very impressive. I respect honest sellers who sell genuine things as discribed, I use it for my hair n face pack.My husband takes it with water every morning in a empty stomach.

  4. This review is about Just Jaivik 100% Organic Neem Leaves Powder , this stuff is really good and effective for lowering blood sugar levels and has many more benefits for the whole body. My only complain about this brand is the quality of the product, it looks like they picked up the fallen leaves/branches from the ground, did not bother cleaning them at all and pulverized them all together with sand, gravel and God knows what.Please don’t take this powder directly with a cup of water or juice but rather place the right amount (a teaspoon) in a none-metallic pot, pour boiling hot water on it, cover and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes then pour back the clean tea into another container without the settled sediments at the bottom and you are good to go. I hope this help someone.

  5. We purchased this specifically for using as a natural hair conditioner powder for one of our family members, I know that seems strange, but Neem has many uses and it works well as a hair conditioner for some people. It’s organic, and and not full of chemicals. Happy with this purchase! If you found this review Helpful, please click Yes! Thanks much, Willy C.

  6. I found this organic Neem Powder top quality. I use it for many health benefits for me and my dog. It helps internally and externally, for Dandruff adding it to shampoo, Hair & Scalp cleansing rinse, for Teeth & Gums (add to tooth powder, toothpaste, mouthwash. Good for digestion, blood sugar, skin issues, mosquito and flea repellent, it is anti-bacterial etc. I add it to my dogs food and I have some in warm water.

  7. So far so good. Came quickly and I’m just now using it. Pleased so far.

  8. Shipping was fast. So far its been working great for my hair.

  9. I bought this in order to get something replacement ofchloroquine or NIVAQUINE which may requires medical prescription and stuff since that’s the only help again COV19 even COV20 lol4 years ago I lost control of my body system…allergies, itching in the eyes, in the ears, my back, spasm on my legs…sudden bad skin conditions…I was devastated…I started drinking Neem powder diluted in liquid…it’s bitter.But I got motivated after the first time I drink it morning time I woke up with my face glowing I am very well pleased to announce that here.I used to read some people using it for pets and stuff but this works on humans…Great help, the powder textural so smooth which made easy to swallow as if it’s a tasty banana strawberry smoothie! Thank you so much I will keep desintoxicating my system with this powder for year to come

  10. I am pleased my order was dealt with quickly and an earlier delivery than reported. highly satisfied with that, I purchased this for two ponies who are both unwell with respiritary issues. One has lots of inflammation and very scurfy skin. Both are rubbing head and neck with itching I suspect from sinusitis and other discomforts. I am using this bitter herb to boost immunity and ease skin issues. I have used neem oil before and that is good protection from insect bites etc. I have tried this myself a bitter herb, but my ponies are taking it in their feed without issue. Time will tell if my strategy is right. I bought sufficient to give it a good try!

  11. Packed nicely, looks good I will test it out and updateI put a small water bottle to help with visual idea of the size of this product

  12. Happy with the powder

  13. I bought this neem powder to make hair oil. I’m reading it improves hair loss and strength the hair. I have applied my diy oil so far 3 times over about 10 days. I do notice the hair loss is a bit less.. I have a strong belief that this will work this time. I really want my hair to get thicker and more dense as it used to be in the past. I’ll send an updated review after maybe 3 months to let you know how it is doing.

  14. If you have a scalp problem use this with neem oil use every day until you see the issue disappear. it took me a month to see the results, my hair fell out on my edges due to an infected scalp. I used this with neem oil, my hair and scalp is now better than even before. My hair is growing back thicker longer and healthier. It has a very sting smell though, but the results are worth it.

  15. So far so good; the taste of neem with turmeric and honey is doable and I feel good after consuming it. It’s only been a short time but I am feeling better so I ordered 3 more packages so I don’t run out. Health is very important as we age and we must do our best to be healthy to experience a good life.Amen halleluia om………

  16. Neem is a tonic for the liver

  17. I just love as a healthy medicinal substitute for my wellbeing.

  18. Product packaging is great ; the neem powder looks natural. I have used it as a face pack when I had couple of pimples and they did help healing them. Very effective remedy for boils etc

  19. I got this powder to use for DIY face masks as I’ve heard Neem has great cleansing and detoxifying abilities. I was told the Neem tree has very good antibacterial properties and can be used for many things. I have only had this product one day yet and used it on my face and was very impressed with the result. The powder is very fine and smells amazing.I mixed half teaspoon neem powder, half a teaspoon clay, a little bit of aloe vera gel and a spoon of water to make a paste. Then I apply the mixture to my face and left it for 20 minutes, then rinsed it off with a cloth. I was left with clear and even completion. My skin was so smooth and soft, with a glow from within.Next time I am going to use it mixed with coconut oil as a hair treatment.

  20. Triphala powder is extremely versatile, you can use to help repair damaged hair, you can prepare skin care from it and brush your teeth, I prefer to use as an ingredient in cooking of for making triphala tea. I have a cup of triphala tea every night, it helps immensely with digestion and eases constipation without being aggressive or harsh on the tummy. It is also really good for the liver; I was diagnosed as having fatty liver so changed my whole way of eating etc 9 months ago and introduced triphala to help. Triphala is a blend of three amazing Indian fruits, Amla, Haritaki & Bhibhitaki. This is the first time I have tried this brand; I like it very much. It is organic it is good quality and it arrives in perfect condition, perfectly dry with no clumping. Price is really good.

  21. It’s very strong tisane as i only use a 1/4 tsp a time. Help digestion and clean gut. The taste is very bitter, have it with food is much better to drink.Recommended vendor , delivery is on time, well packaging

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    Vladimir Chufarovskiy 8. February 2022 at 0:00

    I use it – I like itThanx…

  23. This product cures the skin diseases.

  24. It tastes like it should, very good value reasonable price quality product and gives a child a meal. Highly recommend

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