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Marshmallow Extract Althaea Rosea Extract Hollyhock Extract Powder Protecting Skin,Promoting Wound Healing,Diuretic

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Healing Herbal Infusions

Healing Herbal Infusions

Page Street Publishing. 2018 gbs preview

“An informative, user-friendly guide, Healing Herbal Infusions is brimming with great remedies, recipes and wise herbal advice.”

Herbal Medicinal Products

Herbal Medicinal Products

CRC Press. 2022 gbs preview

Herbal medicinal products are becoming more widely accepted as alternatives to medical prescriptions. Many physicians believe that herbal medicinal products are able to beneficially complement or even replace chemical medicines. Recognizing this, European institutions are pushing the harmonization of assessment criteria for herbal medicinal products.

  1. For those of us with IC, I thank you for providing this product. It works so well that I do not have to resort to pharmaceuticals.

  2. I can’t say it was this alone, but two to three drops of this combined with two to three drops of Marshmallow root essential oil into your favorite carrier oil, rub into your skin, and its like new skin by next morning. I’ve used more essential oils, creams and lotions than I can count, and there’s absolutely no comparison. The normal results are always, temporary smoothness or hydration, sticky residue or heaviness that never absorbs. I apply this before bed and next morning my skin feels supple, from the inside out,skin I haven’t felt in a long time, I’m always wanting to touch my own skin now 😉

  3. Reply Avatar of Hiliary Ouellette
    Hiliary Ouellette 14. July 2019 at 0:00

    I have to write a review for this product because it gave me back my life about 2 years ago I had something that feels like a UTI that would not go away I went to see my doctor who tried every pill under the sun unfortunately nothing worked they could not identify anything wrong with me so they sent me to see a specialist he could not find an issue either he just told me I had pelvic floor disorder which I did therapy for but never got better so I started looking up things that help people with bladder pain slash urethra pain ot Ic then came across this product I started using it in about 2 weeks later my pain was almost gone i Take 2 in the morning and 2 at night thank God I found this

  4. I am using this product for acid reflux and I have a nervous stomach right now from stress. This product soothes my stomach. And I have enjoyed no acid reflux. I would recommend this product.

  5. I think, in comparison with marshmallow root powder, the suggested dose of this extract, which is 1-2 ml 3 times a day is a sufficient dose, and taking more means consuming more glycerin, which they use as an additive. So I switched to organic marshmallow root powder, which is used to make a tea-like mixture, the mixture is thicker than water, and to make the same thickness from this extract, I would probably need to use the entire bottle for one mug. Also, the flavor of 2 ml dissolved in 4 tbs of water is not that strong, so I assume the extract itself is not that strong…?Of course if you hate the taste of marshmallow root tea, this extract is easier to consume, dissolved in a small amount of water and doesn’t require using hot water like the powder does.

  6. Arrived next day thank you. If you have been put off with previous reviews please take a look at the pictures of my batch. I was very pleased with it and yes there are a few small sticks here and there but overall this is by far the best processed marshmallow I’ve purchased to date. Very happy with it and smokes lovely. Giant bag too so will last a long time. Thanks again.

  7. This really helps for chesty coughs. Actual tangible results, and fast too. I get a bottle in for each cold & flu season.

  8. I use this for my IC (Interstitial Cystitis), it doesn’t even take time to work. It works instantly. I take it as directed before night with a small amount of water, and instead of getting up 5+ times a night to go to the bathroom, it’s only one. Sometimes none! I **highly** recommend this product. I have tried other marshmallow root products but this is the only one that, as long as I remember to take it nightly, it works! The taste isn’t too bad, it has a hint of sweetness to it and it is the best tasting marshmallow root extract I’ve tried so far.


  10. Really helps anyone with Interstitial cystitis of the bladder! I take one every 6 hours that seems to subside my cystitis pain all day, I will take an extra if need. I have little to no pain by taking these pills, really really highly recommend them for anyone suffering with this awful condition called Interstitial cystitis. They also seem to be helping me with my bowel issues as well.

  11. Not the best taste, but not absolutely revolting! Works fine, but found I was needing to go to the loo at least 3or4 times per night, so that outweighed the benefits so no longer taking it.

  12. Very good stuff ❤️

  13. I would recommend this to anyone with gastritis.

  14. there weren’t many reviews on this product so here’s hopefully one to help you. It comes in a plain white box but the product looks just like the picture. (ignore the napkin the dropped was a bit greasy). It smells like the incense they burn at catholic funerals which I guess makes sense since it’s an herb but doesn’t make it easier to drink. I only tried it once so far so hopefully I will edit this review with how it works after a few more tries. It isn’t the best tasting but if it helps some health problems i’m willing to give it a shot.

  15. I was having an IC flare and didn’t want to use the medicine suggested by my GP because of any potential side effects. So a quick Google search and the reviews on this page led me to order these pills. What a Godsend! The bladder pressure subsided and then completely disappeared less than 48hr after I started taking the pills. The pills have not eliminated the urgency and frequency of my bathroom trips. However, because I don’t have this constant painful reminder in my pelvic region, well, I can now hold my pee longer than before. It’s such a relief because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold a non-remote job or attend a meeting if I had to pee every hour.

  16. I’m diagnosed with Css ( Central Hypersensitivity Syndrome and this is one off the best thing what keeps me going, really good for pain and a lot more.

  17. I’m so glad I found this product! I am almost 6 months pregnant having issues with an IC flare. The AZO medicine can be used for up to two days and I needed something to soothe my bladder daily. This is CLUTCH!!!! I take 3 pills a day with each meal and it has given me so much relief it also made my stomach feel much lighter! Great stuff!

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