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Handbook of Nutrition, Diet and the Eye

Handbook of Nutrition, Diet and the Eye

Academic Press. 2014 gbs preview

The Handbook of Nutrition, Diet and the Eye is the first book to thoroughly address common features and etiological factors in how dietary and nutritional factors affect the eye. The ocular system is perhaps one of the least studied organs in diet and nutrition, yet the consequences of vision loss can be devastating. One of the biggest contributors to complete vision loss in the western hemisphere is diabetes, precipitated by metabolic syndrome. In some developing countries, micronutrient...

  1. I have the wet form of AMD, and have been taking Folbee plus and Preservision2 as prescribed by my retina Dr…in addition to the darn shots. I decided to add this supplement after doing some research. Within a couple of weeks I could tell a difference. My visual acuity is improved, esp with seeing my computer. My eyes adapt to lighting changes faster and overall, my eyes feel more comfortable. After a few more times of testing, I will be able to see if it has improved the thickness of my retina. So far this is the only thing I have taken for the AMD that I could actually tell a difference. Is it going to cure the AMD, or bring back my lost vision…probably not but but even small improvements mean so much. I recommend this capsule.

  2. This product does seem to reduce the burning in my eyes–I am reordering a bottle today because I ran out of product a week ago and my eyes are burning again. Member’s Mark also offers a larger quantity of lutein (25 mg) and zeaxanthin (5mg) than competing products. And there is no fishy smell because no fish oil is in the pills. Highly recommended.

  3. I take these for my baby blues ( except they’re brown). My Dad lost his sight at a fairly young age to Macular Degeneration. I’m mid 70’s with 20/20 and have taken this daily for years. So far, so good.

  4. I’ve used this product since last year & it really helps with the blurry eye strain I would have from trying to find things on my phone in the car (while my husband is driving & asking me to look for this or that). My eyes would be blurry looking out into the distance after looking on the phone especially in the evening even with the glare guard screen protector. These vitamins give me the results I need & none of the other eye vitamins helped like these. Not even all the different prescription moisturizing eye drops reduce my eye strain like this product.

  5. Excellent vitamin for the eyes. I have Macular Degenertion, but still use my cell phone and I pad. People please protect your eyes from the blue hidden light in technology!

  6. I think that this is helping to keep the cataracts at bay. Of course I watch the diet and take other supplements. After 5 months on steroids, the eye doctor was seeing cataracts in 2017. So two years later my eyes look good and it was my best eye exam ever!

  7. Eye docs don’t know for sure what is the optimum dose for Lutein/Zeaxanthin so I try to find those with the highest mg’s.I have heard (from eye doc) that the Zeaxanthin may be more important to eye health than the Lutein. This led me to this product which not only has a good dose of Lutein (40mg) but packs a whopping 7mg of Zeaxanthin….the highest amount I have come across in over the counter supplements. As for if it works, long term effects to be determined but for now…I can still see!

  8. Great combination of Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Many others simply don’t offer a proper amount of Zeaxanthin. This product does and it contains an excellent amount of Lutein for daily use as well, not too much and not too little. Overall, therefore, I find it has the best balance…

  9. I have been using it for a few weeks, but I noticed some improvement regarding my vision.

  10. Macular eye degeneration affects everyone as you age! Taking 20 mg. of Lutein and at least 2 mg. of Zeaxanthin and 500 mg. of DHA from fish oil is recommended by N.E.I. (National Eye Institute) a division of N.I.H. to treat macular eye degeneration. In a recent visit to my optometrist, he confirmed that my macular eye degeneration had been arrested and my overall eye health was markedly better. Proof that this does work! Also, this product is less expensive than the over the counter meds at your local pharmacy. I will continue to take this product and buy again.

  11. I don’t like any surgery, so my eye doctor recommended Lutein w/ /Zeaxanthin to improve my vision. That was a year ago, and I’m so happy with the results. My night vision is better (not perfect, but improved) and my overall vision is so much better: stable, and no longer cloudy. I’ve been able to indefinitely postpone cataract surgery for now.I started with this 20mg, and then switched to 40mg per day.Very pleased – be sure to take it every day: maybe it will work for you. Wish I had started taking this 5 years ago at least.

  12. I usually buy from the health shop I haven’t saved a lot but I couldn’t get to the shop because of lock down so it’s good that I’ve bought the quantity that I did.they

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    Slow Moving Fun Seeker 7. June 2020 at 0:00

    I think most of the supplements with *branded lutein* are pretty much the same. (I know there are contentious debates as to pure form vs esters and I don’t have knowledge enough to say one way or the other. I am assuming–trusting–that SR has made a prudent choice here.)I looked up the specific branded lutein that Sports Research uses, Lute-gen, and it seems like top quality, with traceability from seed to softgel. SR makes a point in using organic extra virgin coconut oil, non-GMO ingredients, and a veggie-based softgel capsule. And NO carageenan–I think this is kind of a big deal that a lot of people overlook. So I appreciate their fastidious attention to detail. Like their other products, I think this is first rate.

  14. Moved to Waco, TX and plagued with more allergies affecting the eyes tremendously. Took the two month supply and did not reorder since I already take so many vitamins.I cannot read a lot of the small print on labels anymore. Don’t know if it’s my age, or the labels. My friend took this continuously and his doctor told him it looked like he had laser surgery on his eyes so I’m giving it another shot.

  15. These are much better than the capsules that I have been buying from a high street health food shop for years. They are much smaller, easier to take and contain more active zeaxanthin.

  16. My vision has improved with this medicine.

  17. I have suffered from dry eye problems during the lockdown period. I wanted a great value Lutein and ZEAXANTHIN product which did not cost the earth. This product is both good value, as the dosage is so high and the cost is very good, compared with its competitors. I took two a day to help with dry eye problems and when used in combination with a hot eye patch and Hycosan drops, my eyes have been restored. Excellent product and recommended.

  18. One a day capsule is perfect to maintain healthy eyes.

  19. Arrived early,good packaging and a good product

  20. After about thirty days I noticed the different it’s a 60 day supply for the money that’s really cheap and you’re not going to find any product that has higher of the ingredients that you need in here I’ve done a lot of research I have noticed incomplete difference in my eyes I don’t even need to wear my glasses in the house because I don’t have as much blurriness as I did I’m seeing people’s faces and eyes clear and it works took 30 days before I notice a difference obviously it’s not a miracle pill have to build up in your body I would highly recommend this and I’ll be taking it from now on

  21. My dad and I both wear glasses for reading. He told me he tried this, and could actually read smaller lettering after taking a bottle of Lutein. I gave it a try, and I did notice a similar experience; I could read smaller lettering, ironically, on the Lutein.My eyes are very important to me an I plan to keep using Lutein.

  22. I take this for light sensitivity. It took four to five days for it to start making a difference, but once it ‘kicked in’, so long as I take one a day, it continues to reduce my sensitivity throughout the day. If I miss 3-4 days in a row, I can tell.I was diagnosed with macular degeneration over a year ago, for which my ophthalmologist recommended I take an AREDS supplement. Since the AREDS formula contains both lutein and zeaxanthin but in lesser amounts, I stopped taking this Lutein 25mg/Zeaxanthin 5mg supplement to see if the AREDS was sufficient to abate the light sensitivity: it was not. So now I take the AREDS supplement to retard the progression of the MD AND this Lutein/Zeaxanthin supplement to help reduce my light sensitivity.These capsules are small enough to be easily and comfortably swallowed by most people.

  23. I’ve only been taking these for 9 days and I already notice a difference. Mainly with less eye strain and floaters. I’m on my phone a lot these days and was having a lot of eye strain even though I always keep the blue light filter applied to my cell phone and wear blue blocking glasses at night.Even though I take an excellent multivitamin, I definitely feel the need for a separate eye supplement like this due to all the blue light exposure these days.I like that this eye formula has a high dose of lutein and only requires one pill per day which is small and easy to take. Just make sure to take it with some food containing fat as it is a fat soluable supply.

  24. I think it works, maybe it is a mental, but I really have an impression that these pills works.

  25. Having had numerous eye surgeries in the past couple of years, to say my eyes have undergone a lot of hurt is putting it mild. My eyesight is in jeopardy due to a number of health conditions. I had been considering a supplement for some time now so when I saw this I thought why not.I spend far too much time at the computer out of necessity and not choice. I know how damaging blue light can be so that is another reason why I felt I should try this supplement. As I sit here writing this review, I suddenly realized that I have been taking only one gummy each day and not the recommended two each day. I have no idea whether this supplement is working or not because I have not noticed any differences. However, they have not gotten any worse.Here is what I do know: The gummies taste nice They are easy to take Lutein and Zeaxanthin are good for the health of our eyesEven if they only protect against the damaging blue light I think they are worth it. I am going to start taking the recommended dosage and If I notice anything worth mentioning I will update this review.

  26. Well, the product tastes fine, which is all I can really offer here as a known result. Great taste, but I wish they would have used a natural sugar free sweetener like stevia or monk fruit. I don’t know if I would be able to pick out that it is mango, but it is nice.I think with a product like this, you need time before you “see” any difference, literally. I want to say that I can tell there is a major difference, but I don’t really want to make false claims.I have been diagnosed with lattice degeneration and I am at high risk for retina tears, holes and detachment due to my previous poor vision (-6.75 in both eyes) with astigmatism. As a result, I had vitreous gel detachment in one eye which scared me and then years later in the other eye. I also have blurriness in my left eye when I am stressed. I had Lasik done which made me more at risk. The doctor and ladies at the Lasik center recommended supplements including vitamin C and Lutein and a few others.Since taking them, I haven’t had the blurriness and I haven’t had floaters that I can remember, which VERY strange for me since I have had A LOT of stress. I only realized this in the last week when I was going through one of the worst situations of my life. I am also doing therapy so it could be that. As I said, I don’t want to make false promises, but I think it is doing something. I have always had good results with Smokey Mountain.I would get these again just to see if this continues or stop and see if it comes back. I am on the last few days so I will see what happens.As for now I recommend them not just because I think they are working, but because I think it is an important eye health supplement to take.

  27. It works for me. My macular stayed the same, didn’t need new glasses like I have had too every two yrs. Just saying.

  28. My optometrist has been recommending lutein supplements for four decades, and I’ve been taking the supplements for that long, too! Back then, when I started with Lutein, research showed benefits for age-related macular degeneration, and since then the general research has shown even wider eye health benefits. Current studies reinforce the general maintenance of eye health when lutein is part of your daily supplement regime, and considering how important your vision is, these supplements should be on your “take every day” list!

  29. I use this product daily and it was exactly as I ordered

  30. My optometrist mentioned I have slight macular degeneration on one eye and mentioned I have to change my lifestyle a bit like staying out of bright sunshine and wearing sunglasses more often,he then tried to upsell me on a Lutein brand that cost $85cdn for 45 pills.I told him I think about it.I talked to my family doctor and he said it was overpriced and recommended me to get it off the shelf.After much research I settled on this brand.Time will tell if it helps but after a few weeks Im less sensitive to bright light and the pill is easy to swallow.

  31. Far superior too any other supplement in this range. This is my 3rd year of purchasing these and they’re fantastic.

  32. A small capsule that has resolved my dry eye after a month’s use of taking them. Very easy to swallow and no after taste. A little expensive but so worth it.

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