Licorice Root Powder

Stems and licorice powder - Glycyrrhiza glabra. Licorice root has medicinal properties for the liver, cough, infections and is digestive

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Licorice Ingredients

Licorice Ingredients

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Licorice extracts are used as additive to many Kampo medicines to alleviate pain and inflammation. With rapid progress of analytical methodology, its action mechanism is being elucidated. This book is composed of three sections. Section 1 introduces licorice as alternative medicine, its application in the industry, and the trading/market prospects between Japan and China. Section 2 summarizes the purification/identification steps of licorice ingredients and their antioxidant, antimicrobial,...

The Licorice Plant

The Licorice Plant

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  1. And so tasty. This stuff helps my adrenals and my energy and general well-being. It also tastes amazing and satisfies my sweet tooth without an overdose on sugar.

  2. Good quality. Will buy again.

  3. Seems good, tastes nice.

  4. Reply Avatar of ThisJourneyBeMine
    ThisJourneyBeMine 27. March 2017 at 0:00

    Sweet, fine-textured. I like it, seems to be helping with discoloration and I’m only using it 3x week in a facial mask.

  5. Great product! I wish that the powder was a bit more finely ground, but still great in cold process soap. I ordered it for use in soap and lotion, but it’s not quite fine enough for lotion. Still, I will order it again!!

  6. very nice, tastes perfect the way i use the roots purchased from india(not sure where this product is from). using it in my daily herbal tea which gives a lovely taste and helps ward off the nasal/chest congestion.also i have candida overgrowth and hoping this will help in i use this in my hair pack and have noticed less hair falling.i use only a teaspoon of this licorice powder be it tea or hair pack

  7. everything great:-)

  8. Reply Avatar of Baskaran Nagamanickam
    Baskaran Nagamanickam 11. December 2019 at 0:00

    Super I used it as face brightener superb 😍

  9. Comes in a nicely packed. Have been using it for green tea as well has for various skin rejuvenate long creams. Totally happy

  10. use in my DIY’s and it works as it should – no complains

  11. I ordered this powdered Licorice Root because I was curious and I’m glad I did.I put about a teaspoon in my cup of coffee and it’s so naturally sweet I only needed creamer with it. It’s delicious! The powder is very, very fine and was blended thoroughly with just a few brisk stirs. I really love the flavor and I intend to use this in tea, oatmeal, smoothies and who knows what else! This has the flavor of Licorice, obviously, but I’ll be using it a lot for a sweetener with health benefits! I went to the manufacturers website and enquired over chat where their products are made , but there were no reps to answer me, they said and will get back to me. If they give me that information, I will update. Highly recommend!

  12. Reply Avatar of Adrien B. Kiernan
    Adrien B. Kiernan 16. May 2021 at 0:00

    my business

  13. It works very well for my formulas, will order again and recommend it to others.

  14. As expected.

  15. Good quality

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