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Help From Kelp

Help From Kelp gbs preview

The Biology and Ecology of Giant Kelp Forests

The Biology and Ecology of Giant Kelp Forests

Univ of California Press. 2015 gbs preview

The largest seaweed, giant kelp (Macrocystis) is the fastest growing and most prolific of all plants found on earth. Growing from the seafloor and extending along the ocean surface in lush canopies, giant kelp provides an extensive vertical habitat in a largely two-dimensional seascape. It is the foundation for one of the most species-rich, productive, and widely distributed ecological communities in the world. Schiel and Foster’s scholarly review and synthesis take the reader from Darwin’s...

  1. Been taking this for a few years recommended by my doctor and taking it has affected my mammograms-they have been very good. Before, I had questionable readings. The kelp has been a life saver.

  2. It takes a couple weeks, but I have noticed I don’t get the afternoon drag and my hair and nails look so much better. My metabolism is changing as well, but it’s not going to be a difference right away.

  3. It seems to be helping my metabolism. My thyroid nodules are shrinking. Can’t wait for my next scan.

  4. A daily capsule raised my basal body temperature half a degree, from roughly 97.0 to roughly 97.5. It worked quickly– within a week. I’ve been eating healthier, but I have in general noticed less hunger and specifically fewer sugar cravings. However, I have also noticed some cystic acne, an old enemy, so I may drop back to one every other day. 5 stars because it’s clearly powerful.Please be careful with this. Even small overdoses of Iodine have been medically proven to increase, not decrease, hypothyroid symptoms, because your body just stops making thyroid hormones. There are tons of “how could I be so stupid!” posts on the internet from people who gave themselves hypothyroid with large doses of iodine. Take one capsule every day or every other day and don’t get crazy. Good luck!

  5. I almost returned these due to the negative feedback. Glad I didn’t.1. So many things are banned in California, I wonder how they manage to survive.2. The Kelp capsules I was using smelled a lot worse.3. Kelp tastes fishy? Go figure. Maybe because it is Seaweed?4. I ground up the tablet and added it to my tuna fish. Wonderful.I’m buying this for the Iodine and really glad of it. Turns out that Iodine is Brain-Food! My 96 yo DH is regaining his cognition from the Iodine. Nothing fishy about that.

  6. I was paying for an RX of bioidentical Thyroid medicine each month. I switched to Now Foods Kelp 18 months ago. I’ve had 2 blood tests since and my hormone levels are the same as when I was on the Rx version.Now, I don’t have to go back to my Dr each month for a refill Rx and I don’t have to wait in line at the drug store either.

  7. We don’t use grocery store iodized table salt, so we wanted to make sure we were fine with iodine intake. This product entirely supplies the daily recommended amount of iodine from a fully natural source (unlike what comes out of salt mines with zero iodine added). We’ve purchased from Nature’s Way for many years, and always been very satisfied with their products. Good company, fine product.

  8. Before leaving feedback please realise that every person body is unique, too high dosage or too low dosage etcJust remember alternative is chemical that doctors prescribe and harmful to your bodyDoctors make money by prescribing drugs to us, Jameson is great herbal brand, first time with Kelp but trust the brandI was diagnosed with underactive Thyroid, my TSH from 7.88 reduced to 5.34 in one week based on blood testTSH 7.88

  9. I was really excited to find these kelp pills in a glass bottle, at a very reasonable price to supplement my iodine intake. Sooo disappointing to receive the bottle and see that in addition to the kelp, they have added potassium iodide. WTF, Solgar?! Not a trusted supplement brand in my book now. I’m sending them back.

  10. I read up on the kelp and decided to try it because I was losing a lot of hair and I was always tired. My Dr did a few tests then basically said comes with age, not much I can do so I was left to fend for myself. The kelp has definitely helped with my being tired all the time and my hair doesn’t fall out nearly as bad as it did. I’ve been on it for 2 mths now and so is hubby. Last wk when filling my pill container I forgot to add the kelp. didn’t realize it until I went to fill them again a wk later. That week without them I was napping twice a day and had absolutely NO energy! Now I’m back on them 2 days and I feel much better!! It certainly works for me and I only take 1 tablet a day. Be careful not to take too many because they can have the opposite affect!!

  11. I need to take Kelp for my thyroid, and my doctor recommended that I take only 200 mcg of it. That is sometimes hard to find in a health food store, so I found this one online. It wasn’t the 250mcg that it advertises, but the 200 that I needed. I was thrilled with that. They are dry, and the flavor is not so great, but it’s not horrible. I take it because it helps me a lot with my thyroid. Great quality and good value for my money. Would definitely buy again.

  12. I do not like that this bottle expires in 5/20! I take 1/day with 300/bottle. My previous bottle expiration date was 7/21 and I am finishing it up now. This bottle will be expired before I’m half way through the pills. Not happy with this purchase.

  13. In 2005, I was getting treatment at National Jewish Respiratory Hospital. While there, it was discovered that I had a sluggish thyroid gland. Rather than initially putting me on thytoid meds, it was suggested that I try Nature Best Icelandic kelp. Within in a few days I noticed a difference I took one tablet an hour when awake. In 30 days, my thyroid was normal. I also went on a proper diet, and took lots of Bcomplex and multiminerals. Because of proper diet, supplements, and especially Icelandic kelp, I lost a lot of weight. And my hair started filling in and growing fast.

  14. These are pretty good, they give me a noticeable amount of energy. I stopped taking them to see what would happen and I went right back to being groggy and tired so I bean taking them again and dont think I’ll stop

  15. This product has literally saved me from so many symptoms: headaches GONE, anxiety GONE, brain fog GONE, food cravings GONE, rushing thoughts and tension GONE, plus I have so much clean energy!!!! Thanks!!!!

  16. Excellent!

  17. My husband is 83 he has a great head of hair. He started loosing his hair when he was about 50, I read that this will keep you from loosing your hair, it won’t grow more hair if is is already gone, just keep what you have.

  18. I find it very hard to judge the quality of these products myself, so I’m pleased to see that this product has the Tru-ID certification which verifies the exact ingredients of the product. Tru-ID is certainly not as good as as labdoor or consumerlab in the US which test random, off-the-shelf samples – Tru-ID lets the vendor chose the test sample which really undermines its value – but i guess something is better than nothing.

  19. I have hypothyroidism and take prescription medication. This product boosts its effects. Seems to help my energy level.

  20. Reply Avatar of Cristina Cabral
    Cristina Cabral 3. May 2020 at 0:00

    These pills are doing wonders for me. I was having night sweats and getting anxious and very upset over everything. Now I feel back to normal.

  21. Good product, decent price.

  22. My Naturopathic Doctor prescribed kelp for hair loss. I had been under very heavy stress for a few years and as a result, my hair started falling out.I take this kelp in the capsule form because it’s completely natural and therefore contains the iodine and other minerals I need, in the proper balanced amount.My hair has started growing back again. I’m very happy with this product.

  23. Well, I am happy. Fabulous value. Canadian Kelp, Canadian company. Great source of Iodine. I am using this for my morning smoothies to support thyroid function. Tremendous thanks for offering this item to us.

  24. Works well but be careful, the affects of too much iodine is very bad. Can result in hair loss and high glucose levels.

  25. Extremely happy to find this product.Using daily in my smoothie. Been using it for a few weeks and I can’t taste it in my drinks. Also have thyroid problems so I hope this helps support my body’s needs with the iodine.

  26. This is great for stopping hot flashes. I’m so glad!!

  27. Causes nausea and exponential weight gain.

  28. Love vegan sushi but both my mum and sister had problems with low functioning thyroid; this definitely helps.

  29. Easy to swallow. Don’t taste anything going down w a big gulp of water.

  30. While I thought kinda expensive after using for several months for 3 large dogs it is definitely effective and lasts a long time. I will be re-ordering.

  31. Just start using it but it taste great

  32. I use this in my dog food recipe. Works great and excellent price

  33. Great with keeping thyroid levels under control

  34. I usually purchase the powdered variety but I found it to be too messy. These do just fine. Great price for how many capsules you get.

  35. I hardly ever have to take these pills because I eat a lot of egg yolks. However, if I do not get iodine in my diet for at least 3 days, I will pop one of these. A lot of other iodine supplements are way to potent. The dangers of super high iodine levels are just as dangerous as low levels. This dose is ideal!

  36. Works well and affordable. Better than many products out there that have way too much iodine per pill. Given that most adults only need about 150mcg per day, these are perfectly portioned. Helped reverse iodine deficiencies fairly quickly. Would recommend as par of daily diet if you don’t get much iodine naturally in your diet (e.g. vegan, low sodium, etc.). Best taken after eating something in my experience.

  37. My thyroid levels are within range (so they say) but because we use non-iodized salts (sea, Himalayan, etc) more and more. I feel it’s a great addition for thyroid health. I feel more normal and I am hoping it’s beneficial for my hair issues.

  38. Great Product. Keeps my thyroid functions reasonably in check. Probably good for other tuff as well.

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