Semi di Moringa

Semi di Moringa

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Benefici dei semi di Moringa

Benefici dei semi di Moringa

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Sapete perché la moringa, l'incredibile superalimento, è qualificata per essere chiamata l'albero dei miracoli? La Moringa ha enormi benefici... I semi e le foglie di Moringa sono entrambi di piccole dimensioni, ma mega in valori nutrizionali, ambientali, economici e medicinali.

Semi di Moringa

Semi di Moringa

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Sapevi che la Moringa oleifera può darti dei benefici incredibili? La Moringa oleifera è stata usata come rimedio per più di 300 malattie in India, Africa e in molti altri luoghi del mondo. La Moringa oleifera ha incredibili benefici per la salute, nutrizionali, ambientali ed economici per te!

Semi di Moringa
Semi di Moringa
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  1. Bought these seeds for germination. Growing websites state that moringa seeds are only viable for 60 days.

  2. seeds were excellent. have grown so many little plants in a week. the trick is to soak the seeds in water for a day.

  3. The seeds sprout

  4. I’m really disappointed with this product. I planted 10 seeds hoping to even get 50% germination. Instead I was only able to 1. I’m not sure if uts a bad batch or the product in general. I wanted to reach out to the seller but I see no contact info for customer service.

  5. The media could not be loaded.  Few of the seeds are really dry not sure if this still good to plant ?if not I plan to return the items and ask for refund .

  6. I like

  7. I ordered it as I am a Moringa fan and love those seeds, eating 3 to 4 each day, nice taste, too.

  8. Good, I will order again. These seeds were fresh, not stale or dried out.

  9. Wood recommend this seeds for grow the plants

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