Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies?

Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies

✓ Tea Tree Oil

For centuries, tea tree oil has been used as vaginal yeast infection home remedies for topical treatment by ancestral medicines like ayurveda or chinese medicine. They knew this plant to be an excellent antiseptic and antifungal treatment that has been used successfully as a treatment for Trichomonas, Candida albicans, and other vaginal infections. This oil can be administered topically or through a vaginal suppository (a dissolvable capsule or pill).

✓ Vitamin B2

It is said that Vitamin B2 supplementation boosts conventional yeast infection treatment. Indeed, Vitamin B2 (also called Riboflavin) contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes. EC Regulation 1924/2006 EU Health Claims


✓ Boric Acid

In many old medicinal books you can read that boric acid is an effective vaginal yeast infection home remedies thanks to its ability to affect vaginal acidity. Beyond its pH effects, this acid is well known for having anti-microbial and anti-fungal activities. You can take it as vaginal suppositories or as food supplement.

✓ Probiotics

Probiotics, like lactobacilli, are known all over the world to help restore the normal bacteria–yeast balance throughout the body, for example the balance between the digestive tract and vaginal flora. It was historically used to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans and/or its adherence on the vaginal epithelium as vaginal yeast infection home remedies.

✓ Psyllium husk

Soluble fibres such as psyllium are well known to absorb all toxins in the intestines and to eliminate them. It is said to help support detoxification and prevent the yeast from absorbing toxins, antigens and particles. You can take one teaspoon each evening and dilute it in a compote. Avoid diluting with water as it can cause a sticky, unattractive appearance.

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✓ Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a fatty oil that comes from the white pulp of the coconut and has many health benefits. It is well from alternatives medicines for its effective antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, that’s why many people use it as vaginal yeast infection treatment.

✓ Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to its acidity, our grandparents already knew that apple cider vinegar can inhibit the growth of candida albicans, the strain of fungi that typically causes yeast infections. They used this natural remedy for its antimicrobial and antifungal effects mixing half a cup of it in a warm bathtub or soaking it for 20 minutes. In this way they used it as vaginal yeast infection home remedies.

✓ Garlic

For many generations and in many cultures, garlic is well known for its antibiotic and antifungal qualities which make it effective against vaginal fungal infections. Allicin, the major biologically active component of garlic, is known to slow the growth of the Candida fungus that causes yeast infections and to be an effective Candida killer. You can take it in powder or in capsules as vaginal yeast infection home remedies.


Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Vaginal yeast infections are fungal infections of the vagina or vulva. This infection can be caused by yeast overgrowth or candida. A fungus is usually found in the vagina and mouth, as well as on the skin. Candida is part the normal ‘flora’ of bacteria and fungi which colonize the human body. Your immune system works well and maintains the correct balance of candida when it is healthy. This balance can be disturbed if your immune system is weak or you take antibiotics. This can lead to yeast infections.[1]

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What is the fastest way to get rid of a Yeast Infection?

Everyone would like to know how to get rid of a yeast infection in 24 hours. But it is much better and effective to treat yeast infections to restore the balance over the long-term than just treating symptoms of vaginal yeast. You need pacience and accept the stages of a yeast infection healing.There are many remedies for yeast infections. The best yeast infection treatment is to counter candida overgrowth. You can increase your acidophilus or bifidus levels.[2] Saccharomyces boulardii (SB), the only probiotic yeast that is available in supplement form, also competes against ...Read more: What is the fastest way to get rid of a Yeast Infection?
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Can Yeast Infection cure itself?

If you want to treat yeast infection by yourself, you need to start a good diet and change your eating habits. You must get rid of yeast from your diet to cleanse your digestive system.[3]Long-term relief will be possible if you avoid certain foods. For a period of four to twelve weeks, these foods should be ...Read more: Can Yeast Infection cure itself?

What is the main cause of Yeast Infection?

We all know what does a yeast infection look like and but generally we don't know the causes... Vaginal infections are caused by an imbalance in vaginal flora or a change of pH (acidity) in the vagina. This causes the vaginal fungi (Candida albicans, which is 90% of all cases) to multiply and infect the body.[4]There are many factors that could make you more susceptible to ...Read more: What is the main cause of Yeast Infection?



Natural Treatments for Yeast Infection

Natural Treatments for Yeast Infection

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Do you want to get rid of a yeast infection in 24 hours? Yeast infection is a common infection that causes irritation, itching, swellings and soreness around the area. Yeast infection is also characterized by painful sexual intercourse, redness, and in chronic cases, even rashes. Most women experiencing a regular occurrence of yeast infection tend to resort to over-the-counter ointments which ultimately causes irritation of the skin. It is a known fact that most ointments being applied on...

Natural Remedy to Cure Candida Disease

Natural Remedy to Cure Candida Disease

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While yeast infections can be a common occurrence, they can also be an annoyance, and even worse, embarrassing for women. Although severe infections may require a trip to the doctor's office and a prescription, there are over-the-counter options and several home remedies for yeast infections. Learn how to identify a yeast infection, when to go to the doctor, how to treat a yeast infection at home, and how to prevent them from recurring.

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  1. The use of contraceptives caused me to have excessive fungal growth. The worst thing that could happen to me was that it made me itch horribly! I was very embarrassed because of this. My mother encouraged me to look for something natural. I looked on the internet and found a tea tree oil vaginal suppository. It sounds unbelievable but I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it has really calmed the itching down a lot. I hope it can also solve the problem completely.

  2. I love the smell, I haven’t found another pure coconut product with such a good scent that compares to this one. I use it for my face after washing my face and it helps keep my skin from being dry and tight from the cold, without breaking out. I use it on the rest of my body in place of lotion right after showering. It has even helped me with the vaginal yeast infection I caught. This oil is amazing! It has completely eliminated the burning and white discharge I had in the intimate area. I love, love, love coconut oil!

  3. I love the smell and taste of garlic. My dad has been eating garlic cloves like peanuts with his meals for as long as he can remember. He believes that eating garlic has everything to do with him rarely getting a cold or sniffles. She is going on 94 years old and is still in excellent health for her age. Since I don’t cook every day, I take garlic pills as a supplement. This has even helped me with the vaginal infections I have had. Something too uncomfortable. But I notice a big difference after taking garlic for a long time.

  4. I bought this Tea Tree Oil originally for acne when I get a pimple every blue moon helped with that. But I was having an unbearable vaginal infection, in my desperation I also applied this oil. The itching disappeared in 2 MINUTES!!!!!!!! Great product.

  5. I have an infection in the intimate area and for many years I have suffered from this without knowing the cause. I am not a fan of medications and always try to find a natural alternative to heal the body instead of covering up the symptoms. I started taking Probiotics, I take 1 pill a day, in the morning and that’s it. They are small, about the size of an aspirin and easy to swallow. This has helped me personally quite a bit in clearing up the infection. I hope to continue this way.

  6. I can’t say enough good things! For most of my life, I had problems with female odor. I was tested for each and every infection and they came back positive. I read about Tea Tree Oil, so I am trying it a few days ago. Of course it’s too quick to see a difference but I feel the itching has gone down quite a bit.

  7. I recently had some medical issues and needed some quick relief. Because of the antibiotics I was taking, my pH was altered (funny!). This Coconut Oil is amazing. It stops the embarrassing itching and burning….. And it even works for intense itching. The effects lasted between 4 and 5 hours. Within a few days I was back to normal. This product is absolutely worth the price.

  8. I have been suffering from chronic BV for over two years. I have been to the doctor numerous times and have been prescribed every antibiotic and cream imaginable, but the BV always came back. After only 2 weeks of taking Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, the fishy smell and itching disappeared completely. By the way, my idea was to lose weight that’s why I started with the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies but I am amazed with the other results. I have been taking these pills for almost 2 months and the symptoms have not returned, I am finally cured!

  9. I usually have to use several creams to get rid of yeast infections after taking antibiotics. I bought 3 of this Tea Tree Oil for that very reason, but after using it for 4 days, all the symptoms disappeared. Amazing! Congratulations on a great product. I now have two extra in case I need it.

  10. I want to start by saying … this is a game changer! I read all the comments and prayed that it would work for me too….. and it did!!! I am 46 and in the worst part of menopause…hot flashes, night sweats….. DAMN!!! Then… I start itching …uncontrollably ! I’m single….I haven’t been intimate with anyone….. I wonder what the hell is going on down there. Not only am I itching, but I’m also getting acne…down there. This has been going on for months. I start researching and find that…all the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis seem to be what I am experiencing. I took Probiotics as soon as I got them in the mail…around 4pm. I swear to the gods…. by 9 pm…. I wasn’t itching at all! I felt more normal than I had in months. I wanted to cry. I’ve been taking them for a week now and it’s getting better and better. And the acne is clearing up too. i will never be without these probiotics again!!! Don’t hesitate ….and don’t suffer in silence anymore!!! Buy them!!! They work!!!!

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