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More Testosterone – How does it work?

Contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood. Other strong and controlled properties, are listed in Regulation EC no. 1924/2006 Health Claims


Testosterone is the most important androgen hormone and is essential for male health. This sex hormone is responsible for the development of all gender-specific expressions and characteristics in men, but unfortunately, studies show that average testosterone levels have plummeted in recent decades and it doesn’t look like this trend will end any time soon.[1]

This, of course, brings with it many problems ranging from decreased libido to lack of energy, erectyle dysfunction and reduced well-being. The reasons for this development are also many, but the main one is our modern lifestyle, with little exercise, an unhealthy diet, obesity and the harmful environmental influences responsible.

Testo Ultra

This development, which leads to low testosterone levels, is unfortunately accompanied by a decrease in sexual desire and performance, often even leading to a loss or reduction of erectile function. This, in turn, has a very detrimental effect on many relationships and can also corrode a man’s self-confidence.[2]

Therefore, many men are naturally interested in raising their testosterone levels to a healthy and satisfactory level, and after a brief search, many believe they have found the solution in special dietary supplements such as TestoUltra.

TestoUltra is a combination of a testosterone booster and a sexual enhancer based solely on natural ingredients. It is designed to increase sexual performance, raise testosterone levels and thus provide more well-being for those occurs in the way of andropause around the age of 40-50 years.

Where is TestoUltra produced?

TestoUltra is produced in Austria. This guarantees high quality production, as the regulations in Austria is very strict and only highly controlled production facilities are allowed to produce nutritional supplements. The manufacturer, “Inchealth GmbH”, is a Swiss company which. As a production expert, it produces nutritional supplements for brand owners. The advantage for the customer is obvious: as an expert and producer of various similar products, such dietary supplements can be offered at low cost and high quality.

What is TestoUltra made of?

Testoultra ingredients are varied. The main ones are L-arginine, Maca, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, vitamins and minerals. Let’s talk about some of them:

L-arginine: Often simply called Arginine, L-arginine is one of the semi-essential proteinogenic amino acids. The term semi-essential means that it can not only be absorbed from food, but can also be formed by the body from vitamins and other amino acids. The amino acid L-arginine has long been known to sportsmen and women, as it leads to a noticeable increase in performance in a very short time, not only in the gym, but also during sex.

This is because Arginine promotes fat burning, improves muscle growth and blood circulation and increases performance levels. If you suffer from high blood pressure, arginine can reduce it and it is also particularly important for the regulation of blood sugar, the immune system and the control of blood vessels.

L-arginine is also able to combat Erectile dysfunction because nitric oxide (NO), an amino acid, is formed, which promotes blood flow.[3] The molecule relaxes the muscles and vessels, which allows the erection to take place. A regular supply of L-arginine thus ensures a stronger and longer lasting erection.

Maca: In a double-blind scientific study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the effects of maca on increasing potency and libido were clearly demonstrated.[4] By administering maca, the desire of the individuals increased, which had an aphrodisiac effect. In addition to a rapid increase in pleasure, the patients’ overall quality of life was improved. “More lust for life” best describes the effect of maca. The study also shows an improvement in sperm quality with increased use of Maca, which increases the chances of having a child.

Zinc, folic acid and selenium: Folic acid, zinc and selenium are active ingredients essential for potency, fertility, reproduction, sperm production and testosterone levels in men. They become increasingly scarce as we age. Generating nutrients from everyday foods is no longer so easy for the body. On the one hand, we often do not feed ourselves optimally, and on the other hand, with time, the body becomes inefficient in the process of processing food.[5]

However, it would be wrong to consider TestoUltra as a simple sexual stimulant, because it is much more than that. The product is aimed at a sustained increase in performance and stamina in general. Instead of a short-term boost, the body will have more energy available in the long term. This is why it is used as a sexual stimulant, because with more energy it is of course possible to stay active longer, and therefore also in bed.

It can be an alternative to conventional chemicals such as Viagra and can have a lasting effect on erectile dysfunction thanks to this mixture of active ingredients. Finally, this nutritional supplement also helps to combat frequent fatigue or physical pain, as well as concentration problems.

How to take TestoUltra?

TestoUltra is easy to take thanks to its capsule form. However, it is necessary to drink enough liquid for the capsules to reach the stomach and work optimally.

The dosage is 2 capsules per day, to be taken directly in the morning. It is also possible to split the dose or take it in the evening, but this will not have any increased effect.

The product is vegan and suitable for long-term use, without side effects.

Testo UltraTesto Ultra

Tips for use

What do we like about Testo Ultra? – Our evaluation

There are not so many interesting testosterone boosters for men. We have tested TestoUltra and we now present our results. Find out how Testo Ultra is tested and if there is a better alternative for your libido, testosterone levels, potency and erection.

Our testoultra review is that Testo Ultra is a natural testosterone booster that revitalises and restores masculinity and improves mood.

The product successfully fulfils its function and can be taken without hesitation. We don’t report any Testoultra pills side effects and we testify that it has great benefits on libido. It also effectively stimulates physical and mental performance.

It’s a brand you can trust: Testoultra for men is a formula based on scientific research to give you results.

TestoUltra effects and mode of action

TestoUltra is specially designed to optimise the performance of men. The product successfully fulfils its function and can be taken without hesitation. It effectively stimulates physical and mental performance.

Testo Ultra has a lot of different benefits to offer and is able to deliver a variety of effects. Not only can it alleviate testosterone deficiency, but it can also significantly increase erectile function. As a result of increased testosterone levels, users benefit from many other health advantages, such as increased muscle and fat loss, more energy and well-being and, of course, a strengthened libido.

Testo Ultra

The manufacturer also promises that all these effects can be achieved without any side effects. All active ingredients are of natural origin, are vegan, and have a proven efficacy that can be further increased by combining the individual substances, according to the producer. Furthermore, it is a food supplement. This means that you can purchase the product without a prescription.

We can say that taking TestoUltra really helps men who are entering the andropause and whose testosterone levels are starting to drop. This criterion affects one in four men, and most shy away from going to the doctor.

However, before purchasing TestoUltra, customers should note that the product is not intended to serve solely as a sexual enhancer, but rather, through its ingredients, to compensate for any negative circumstances of testosterone deficiency.

Testo Ultra can definitely help improve all facets of male sexuality. However, it is important to remember that it is not a miracle cure. This means that not all testosterone deficiencies and erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated by taking the capsules. In very severe cases, doctor-prescribed testosterone replacement therapy or the use of prescription sexual enhancers is likely to be unavoidable, unfortunately. However, if you follow a healthy diet and get enough exercise, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of the preparation and therefore get even more out of the capsules.

The time when the first results become noticeable with the use of Testo Ultra varies somewhat from person to person. However, to benefit from the effectiveness of the preparation, you should take it regularly and on a long-term basis. The manufacturer recommends a minimum intake period of six to eight weeks to achieve really good results.

TestoUltra customer experiences and reviews

The experiences and reviews of Testo Ultra capsules, as well as other information we are aware of, are quite positive and speak in favour of Testo Ultra pills.

Several of the many users reported that their erection had changed, even after taking the pill for a long time. They also noticed an effect in terms of a harder penis, or a longer erection and better muscle development since taking the pill.

No TestoUltra side effects have been reported to date, and the promised improvements are also given and therefore a positive evaluation is made.

Our 4 weeks self-test with TestoUltra

We subjected Testo Ultra to a one-month self-test. Eliseo is 42 years old and volunteered to try the product because he has noticed a decrease in his potency for several months. He also feels less energetic and believes his testosterone level is too low.

Week 1: Our trial begins and Eliseo takes the capsules exactly as recommended by the manufacturer. However, he does not notice any significant improvement in the first week.

Week 2: The second week of our trial is unfortunately similar and Eliseo does not notice any relief from his symptoms either. He hopes that this will change soon.

Week 3: In the third week of the trial, the food supplement starts to work. Eliseo notices that the hardness and duration of his erections increase from one day to the next and he also has more desire to have sex. He also feels a little fitter and more energetic than at the beginning of the trial.

Week 4: In the fourth and last week of our test, the effect increases even more and Eliseo’s erection problems disappear. He feels much better in his skin and is enthusiastic about the effect of the capsules. He can now really feel all Testoultra benefits. From now on, he wants to continue taking them even after our test to continue to benefit from his regained virility.

Who are TestoUltra capsules intended for?

TestoUltra is specially designed to optimise the performance of men who feel the first signs of partial androgen deficiency, the so-called andropause . It is made for men who want to feel younger and more vigorous as they age. It naturally gives the testosterone, the stamina and the confidence a man need.

It aims to optimised physical performance in men suffering from low testosterone and who often have less energy, strength and stamina. It improves circulation to perform better physically both in and out of the bedroom.[6]

Pros and Cons

Helps with ED (causes strong and forceful erections)Only available online
Increase libidoNo immediate effect
Gives more energy
Entirely natural formula & Vegan
Enhances the regeneration of tissue cells

Is there another effective alternative?

TestoUltra differs from many other supplements in its comprehensive effects. Conventional supplements are usually designed to increase testosterone levels or sexual performance. Although these two things are inextricably intertwined, most manufacturers focus on only one of the two areas.[7] TestoUltra, on the other hand, caters to all facets of male sexuality with its unique and natural combination of ingredients, while also boosting testosterone levels, and so you can start using it right away and address your issues, the company also scores with very fast shipping.

Dosage2 capsules daily
Price 29,90 – 39.90
EffectsStimulates physical and mental performance, increases testosterone levels, increases muscle and fat loss, strengthens libido, gives more energy and better well-being and,…


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22 reviews for TESTOULTRA

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  1. Avatar of Dan


    I am 51 years old and my last blood test showed that my testosterone level was too low. Apparently this is common at my age, but i must be careful because it leads to a drop in libido.
    This of course has consequences both physiologically and psychologically. I understand better all my mood swings last months… Now I have a rational explanation, good.
    So my doctor told me I should take a dietary supplement such as TestoUltra to help restore normal levels of testo.
    I started the treatment with this product three weeks ago and I already feel a difference! It’s amazing, thanks!

    + PROS: Quick results
    Helpful(16) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this
  2. Avatar of Noah


    Very good buy and on top of that on sale. It’s my first order of this style, that’s why I was a bit puzzled at first, but finally it’s ok, I made the right decision. no regrets!

    + PROS: Excellent price
    Helpful(16) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  3. Avatar of Andrew


    At the beginning, I always forgot to take the pills so I didn’t have any effect. Now I am more consistent, I take them well and it’s perfect. They start to work and their good effects are noticeable.

    + PROS: good effects
    Helpful(16) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this
  4. Avatar of Peter


    I suffer from diabetes and hypertension, everything gets more complicated after the age of 50. Now I also have problems with my intimate relationship. Because of my chronic diseases I was afraid to take TestoUltra. But I read about its ingredients and they are all natural. I have been taking this supplement for a week now and so far I don’t have any side effects. I have more energy during the day, so I expect more positive results in a month.

    + PROS: No side effects
    Helpful(13) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. Avatar of Peyton


    I’m in the middle of my sexual decline (45 years old), so it’s not always easy. But with this supplement I can handle the situation much better because I regain strength and power. Although it’s hard to admit that one needs extra help, but noticing the good effects of taking TestoUltra has taken away my embarrassment.

    + PROS: Strength and power
    Helpful(12) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Avatar of Reece


    This is really good because in general testosterone boosters are made with chemicals. But this one is completely natural and therefore harmless. That is why it does not generate intolerance. Point in its favor!

    Helpful(12) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  7. Avatar of Audie


    I don’t know why men find it so hard to accept the fact that sometimes it is necessary to help the body with supplements or maybe it’s just my husband who doesn’t want to accept it. So I ordered Testoultra on the sly, to see how he reacts when I have to take it. This supplement convinced me at first because of the very good reviews. I hope it will help us too.

    + PROS: order for my husband
    Helpful(13) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  8. Avatar of Nick D.

    Nick D.

    For starters, I am a 56 year old man who has slowed down a bit, works too much at a desk and was becoming more lethargic. I was generally feeling my age and had a blah disposition about life and activity. I preferred my cell phone over my wife (although for some there could be many reasons for that) and could not motivate myself to pursue activities. So, I self-diagnosed and felt that perhaps my testosterone levels were down and naturally declining. Now that I was in the market for a testosterone booster, I began my research. There are a lot of options and a lot of reviews. I decided to try Testoultra because it had mostly very positive reviews.

    I received my pills on a week ago, and as of the writing of this review, I am very pleased with the effects so far. I feel like I have for more energy overall, not a power boost, but more of a smooth flow of extra energy. I feel motivated to accomplish tasks (both professional and home projects) and my overall mood has improved. I feel a bit sharper intellectually and have been handling multitasking better.

    + PROS: Very pleased!
    Helpful(10) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. Avatar of Jhon


    TestoUltra is an awesome product. At 45 years old, my energy level is always low and I have had a hard time losing weight. Not with this product!

    Now I have energy to get through the day. I have lost about 10 pounds in a few weeks and my sex drive has skyrocketed. Enjoy it very much!

    + PROS: Energize Your Life!
    Helpful(9) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  10. Avatar of Kevin


    This product boosted my testosterone levels from the low 200s to the mid 600s. I am sticking with using this from here on out and have recommended it to my friends.

    + PROS: Best product I've tried in a long time
    Helpful(10) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  11. Avatar of Curiel


    I don’t often write reviews, I don’t know if it’s the amazing workout talking or just me, but these pills increased my stamina and focus. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve been taking testosterone on and off for years and never really felt complete. These pills have a way of getting me through the day with better quality.

    + PROS: ¡Wowsers!
    Helpful(8) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  12. Avatar of Neal


    Guys, listen up. I was talking to a friend about not having so much energy. I’m 46 years old. I saw the ads about TestoUltra and thought…. well, my friend told me he used it and said to try it…. well, guys, here’s the truth. In about 4 days after taking 3 pills a day a few things will happen. 1. You will feel better. 2. You will have more energy. 3. And here are the most amazing side effects…your sex drive will increase and at the one week mark I felt like I was in my twenties again sexually…an added bonus….. I always thought the pills that claim to make your manhood bigger was bunk….. well… I was wrong…these people didn’t make that claim, they let me find out for myself…my wife and I have always had a good sex life, now I’m chasing it like a school boy.

    + PROS: Guys over 40. Read my review.. oh yes
    Helpful(14) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  13. Avatar of Jones


    Awesome/ Amazing product. I highly recommend!

    + PROS: Amazing product!
    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  14. Avatar of Birkholz


    I started taking this supplement a month ago and I am convinced that I am getting results. I train to lose weight but I don’t think this is a direct effect. That’s all hard work. What I do notice is in the bedroom. Without being crude, it has helped my love life. There is a difference now compared to a couple of months ago when I wasn’t on this and my doctor said my testosterone was low. I resorted to this because he wanted to wait to do something about the testosterone and I wasn’t going to wait for him. I really feel this has helped me. I recommend men over 40 to try at least a month or two.

    + PROS: I actually feel the results
    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  15. Avatar of Sebastian


    It is really excellent. The action is fast and prolonged

    + PROS: Very good product
    Helpful(6) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  16. Avatar of Strow


    I love this supplement. It is the best quality there is. I feel a big difference using them in my daily life. They are very effective especially if you exercise, but if you don’t, you will still notice a big difference. I recommend it.

    + PROS: The best
    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  17. Avatar of William Miller

    William Miller

    This product makes a difference. I can yell a difference by taking this product. My doctor was one who ran trials with this product and he told me that positive results were recorded.

    + PROS: great product! it works
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  18. Avatar of Stoic


    I have been using TestoUltra for a year now. You have to wait about 30 days for it to work. I do martial arts and lift weights. At 50, I knew I needed a boost.
    Since you can only tell if a supplement works when you discontinue it, I did – I could tell the difference between taking TestoUltra and not taking, because while taking I had more energy, focus, and it gave me a boost for my workouts. I am confident that TestoUltra gives me the clinical levels of supplementation I need. thank you!

    + PROS: Gives me the energy, boost, and testosterone support that I need!
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  19. Avatar of Joe


    I have used vitamins of all kinds and colors and they didn’t work in any way. But I am very impressed with this one, I have been taking it for a short time and it is amazing. I give it a 10 out of 10 in everything. Energy and vitality in all aspects. I advise it 100×100 and it is super economical compared to other vitamins that claim to be the most and do nothing, this has been a success.
    I take 3 tablets a day and it works great.

    + PROS: It works and takes effect in a short time
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  20. Avatar of Georgios


    This is a supplement I have been using for the past four months. I am active throughout the day, exercising regularly but I need something to give me energy at night for my wife as well. So this came in handy.

    + PROS: Boosts you up
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  21. Avatar of Rohn


    The ingredients in TestoUltra are very potent, which guarantees its effectiveness. And the benefits I got from consuming Testoultra are many, I feel totally renewed and with so much energy!

    + PROS: Contains very powerful ingredients!
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  22. Avatar of Arthur


    I had just turned 50 I was having prostate problems and they were getting worse and worse. I really didn’t even really know what it was at the time and thought it was stomach problems and/or colon problems and then it started to get really painful and sexual function was pretty much gone and I won’t share other TMI problems. I researched and researched for quite some time and was a couple of days away from visiting a doctor, which is a big deal for me. I don’t like going to the doctor as I am self employed and safe. I was also afraid of having some serious problems and was worried about surgery and other drugs and all kinds of things. Well, I decided to try TESTOULTRA and within a day, believe it or not as I really couldn’t, the pain slowly started to subside and after a week it was almost gone. NO, DOCTOR!!!! NO DRUGS!!! NO MORE WORRIES!!!! I really can’t believe it. I have no doubt that TESTOULTRA is responsible as it could not be anything else.

    + PROS: I really can't believe it
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this

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