Kidney Infection Home Remedies?

Kidney Infection Home Remedies

✓ Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect tissues in the body from oxidative stress, which can automatically help promote kidney health. It is said to have good results as Kidney Infection Home Remedies. Vitamin C, EC Regulation 1924/2006 EU Health Claims


✓ Cranberry

Cranberry juice is known to do wonders for kidney pain. It has historically been used to cleanse the kidneys as it is believed to flush out bacteria and toxins. It is now used to relieve kidney pain at home by many people who like to use natural remedies.

✓ Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea or taking its extract are other ways to relieve kidney pain at home. It is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help prevent kidney stones making it more difficult for them to form. More than that, it is used to combat existing kidney stones and relieve kidney pain.

✓ Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacterias that are said to support healthy kidney function and improve renal function by removing toxins from the colon. Indeed, since gut health plays an important role in maintaining optimal kidney function, probiotics are worth in a kidney infection treatment.

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✓ Apple Cider Vinegar

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is used as Kidney Infection Home Remedies. In addition to flushing the kidneys, getting rid of toxins and excess minerals that can lead to kidney stones, people use apple cider vinegar to help relieve the pain caused by stones. The acetic acid it contains helps dissolve kidney stones. Simply mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it.


Kidney Infection Home Remedies Kidney Infection Home Remedies


Kidney Infection Home Remedies

Kidneys, shaped like a bean, are two organs that filter blood and produce urine. The kidney is sometimes the main organ of the circulatory system. The kidney is responsible for purifying the body and aiding in the elimination of harmful elements. Sometimes, the kidney can become inflamed and no longer perform its function. This poses a risk to the patient’s health as the waste products end up in the blood.

Although rare, kidney infections can be very serious that is why you need a good kidney infection diagnosis. They are also known as pyelonephritis.  But what causes a kidney infection? These infections can be caused by a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection (UTI).[1] The bacteria travels through the ureters, which are the tubes that connect the kidneys and bladder. That’s why we all should know uti treatment and how to relieve kidney pain instantly.

Can a kidney infection go away by itself?

A kindey infection is almost always caused by toxins, which can lead to infection, high levels of uric acid or an associated disease. It is relatively simple to treat inflammation of the kidneys with antibiotics (choosing the best antibiotic for kidney infection).[2] However, kidney infection treatment can also be successful with natural remedies. It is important to take good care of your body and live a healthy lifestyle when treating a kidney infection. This will make it possible to treat the infection on your own. If you are well informed and you know what to avoid with kidney infection, you are the best to chose the best treatment for a kidney infection.

How long does it take to recover from a kidney infection?

Its not always easy to know the kidney infection recovery time, but generally the signs and  symptoms of a kidney infection typically disappear within days with natural remedies. It's always better to chose a kidney infection treatment without antibiotics. Try to treat it with natural remedies first such as cranberry juice for kidney infection.If left untreated, kidney infections can cause serious complications such as scarring the kidney. This could lead to kidney disease, high blood pressure, and even kidney failure or Blood poisoning (septicaemia).[3]As well, multiple causes can lead to chronicity. Poor bladder emptying, kidney stones, or residues after urination are all common causes of chronicity.

What are the warning signs of kidney infection?

A kidney infection (also called pyelonephritis) could cause sudden lower back pain. Although not all back pain is kidney pain but yes lower back pain, is sometimes due to internal organs like kidney infection, kidney stones, or other internal organs. The pain is typically felt on one side. It can also be strong and come in waves. Kidney infection symptoms in women are the same as ...Read more: What are the warning signs of kidney infection?


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Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common infection especially among women. This infection can start mild but might be chronic, even life threatening when left untreated. Most people don't recognize the first symptom of UTI until the infection becomes chronic. This is one of the most widespread infections in humans and it can occur in any part of the urinary system. The urinary system includes the ureters, urethra, kidneys, and the bladder. It becomes severe and life-threatening when it...

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  1. I am consuming blueberry extract powder in my morning smoothies. Due to severe pain from an infection in my kidneys I could no longer do my daily chores. I read that cranberries are the best known fruits as kidney detoxifiers and also make the kidneys stronger and prevent infections by preventing bacteria from growing. Just what I needed!

  2. I have been struggling with kidney problems for 2 years now. I have been to many nephrologists, they prescribed me a lot of pills, which did absolutely nothing, they just made me spend a lot of money.
    Guess what? I tried Probiotic Supplements out of pure curiosity and because of its relatively low price. Within a week I could already tell the difference because the aches and pains diminished a lot. I am now a customer for life, and I tell everyone who confesses they have kidney problems to try it. It’s amazing!

  3. They’re not as hard to swallow as most vitamins I’ve tried in my life. But these Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are a decent size. I don’t take gummies because I’m a gummy candy fanatic. I’m not. I don’t like the texture, but I hate swallowing lozenges more. So I’m not the best judge of ease of swallowing. I have read that these Gummies help eliminate kidney infection. I hope to see that positive result in me.

  4. I have an illness where I suffer from frequent pain in the kidney area and in the last few months I have taken three courses of very strong antibiotics. So I was told to take probiotics. The ones I was taking before these were the super expensive giant pills. These Probiotic Supplements are much milder. I take them with my morning pills, including allergy medicine, birth control and some vitamins, and I’m fine. They are much easier to swallow and I haven’t had as much pain in my lower back.

  5. My daughter has had a pretty horrible kidney infection for a couple of years, and no course of strong antibiotics did anything. She has been taking these pills for three months now, along with a daily dose of probiotics, and has had no discomfort. Will keep going, so far it’s been a great result!

  6. I take one vitamin C in the morning with my usual daily vitamins. I find it helps me absorb iron better. On a visit to the doctor I was pleased to discover that after taking the vitamin C at 8 am, my urine still contained vitamin C at 4 pm. I am beating the flu this winter and it has even helped with my kidneys. I feel a great improvement in my whole body. I will continue with this natural treatment.

  7. This green tea is fabulous. It is the only one we will drink in our house. It is clearly higher quality than what you find in stores and the cloth tea bags are clean. Combine with a pinch of cloves, honey and lemon. You’re all set. This helps improve your health, soothes your soul and physical aches and pains. It is our favorite everyday tea.

  8. I started to urinate orange and after taking Probiotic Supplements my kidneys are clear. My back no longer hurts and the burning when I urinate is also finally gone. Staying more hydrated is also vitally important. I try to drink at least 2 liters a day so I don’t get these infections again.

  9. My mother had stage 4 kidney disease. She was scheduled to undergo dialysis. After taking Probiotics for 2 months, her creatinine levels were good enough that she is now stage 3. He went from 30% kidney function to just over 47%. This product truly saves lives and I have been ordering it for her for over a year. By the way, this is not a fake review. I have found that some reviewers don’t see the difference and, like all things, what works for one, may not work for others. But for my family, it’s a godsend.

  10. It is a must-have product for women’s health. Even if you have good personal hygiene, yeast problems and urinary tract infections can affect anyone. Frequent UTIs can lead to kidney problems. Prevention is better than cure. These Cranberry Capsules are the size of a coin, easy to swallow and don’t taste bad. It’s part of natural preventive care.

  11. Apple Cider Vinegar helps my body fight urinary tract infections. Unfortunately, I admit that I consume more sugar than I should. When I have too much sugar in my body it can cause a UTI, possibly because I can’t process it out of my body fast enough. But incredibly the Vinegar has helped me quite a bit even with consuming less sugar, I no longer have that huge craving for sugar. 5 stars for this natural supplement!

  12. If you need support for your kidneys Vitamin C is for you. I have been using this for years and it really helps me maintain a healthy kidney from the medications I have had to take due to back to major surgeries. Plus it helps me strengthen my immune system!

  13. I bought this Probiotics for my husband, who is on the verge of dialysis. He just started taking it a couple of days ago, so it’s too early to give an honest opinion. Anyway I have given it 5 stars because the shipment arrived smoothly and very fast. Now I just hope it meets my expectations and helps my husband!

  14. I purchased Cranberry Extract Powder for my father when his kidney function declined dramatically during chemo and radiation. His kidney function improved within 1-2 months and he did not need dialysis; that was 8 months ago! He is still doing very well.

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