Does Myocarditis go away Without Treatment?

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle. The inflammation mainly affects the contraction of the heart’s ventricles.

Most of the time it is a minor infection and it heals spontaneously. However, it is important that the patient rests.

Mild cases resolve themselves without further intervention, but always with plenty of rest. Herbal teas and home remedies, such as Astragalus Root, L-Carnitine or Hawthorn Berry are recommended to facilitate and speed up the healing process.

But sometimes it requires complex and lengthy treatment. That is why it is important to monitor the development of this inflammation of the heart muscle to avoid possible complications, which is why hospitalisation is often necessary. Treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers can also be prescribed to manage myocarditis. In the most severe cases, a heart transplant may be necessary.



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