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Morphological diversity of chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L) varieties in Kerala and its antilarvicidal properties among targeted and non target organisms

Morphological diversity of chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L) varieties in Kerala and its antilarvicidal properties among targeted and non target organisms

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Chilly peppers are the important food material in various country. Peppers belong to the family Solanace, Genus Capsicum represents a diverse plant group which contains approximately 30 species, 5 of which C. Baccatum, C. annuum, C. chinense, C. frutescens and C. pubescens are domesticated and cultivated in different parts of the world. C. annuum is one of the most common cultivated crop worldwide. Chillies are excellent source of vitamin A,B,C and E with minerals like molybdenum, manganese,...

  1. I was scared to death to start Cayenne capsules. It is very difficult (if not impossible to find a Cayenne capsule with less than 40,000 HU “Heating Units”) Reading reviews before purchasing this product almost made me forget the benefits of Cayenne and go without. I saw another Cayenne product with a cooling agent – ginger, but people were still telling horror stories of intolerable heartburn. I weigh less than 100 pounds, so I thought there was No Way for me to take cayenne. Just as I was giving up & logging off I saw this product by Solaray. One of the reviewers stated that her ailing husband in his mid 70’s was able to take 4 a day with no problem. Yay! I ordered them & have had No ill effect what so ever! It is true what they say about Cayenne. It is Super Duper beneficial. Yes, this product does cost about 3 times as much as plain Cayenne pills but had I bought the regular Cayenne capsules or the other brand with “cool” they would have ended up in the trash. I will keep taking this cayenne for the rest of my life, because my health has improved because of them.

  2. Good stuff! No stomach upset even on empty stomach, though I usually take it with a meal. Using it to aid in circulation – enjoying the effects!

  3. We take this once daily. It is amazing for your metabolism and energy. Additionally, my husband and I have found it helps with stomach problems (helps keep away ulcers, or indigestion). If you take it and have an exercise plan, it will do wonders for the weight loss. I’ve tried the garcinia whatever, berberine, slim quick, etc. and none have worked as well as taking one of these. Between one Cayenne a day, and working out four times per week, I literally lost 5 pounds without trying or restricting my diet. I feel great, have energy, and do not get tired at the end of the day.I usually take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon with a snack. As with all natural items, some pills may be hotter than others, but having some water near by usually soothes it.Also, I do not like “hot” things – spicy foods, etc. This is not hot in your mouth or your stomach. If you get a hot one, it feels like slight heartburn, but it does dissipate with drinking water.

  4. I used to suffer from Cronic migraines and headaches but since I’ve started taking these NOW cayenne capsules my headaches and migraines have disappeared! I take them once a day with breakfast and they haven’t caused any upset stomach or side effects. I’m so glad I found something natural to finally relieve my headaches.

  5. This is my first time to try cayenne capsules. I have been doing the Master Cleanse for 30 days now, which calls for fasting and drinking nothing but a mix of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Only problem is, I dislike the taste of cayenne. I have stopped using the cayenne powder in the lemonade, and take one capsule a day instead. It has made the cleanse extremely easy for me. A surprising side effect is that my sinuses have totally cleared up, and I apparently had congestion in my lungs which has cleared up too! I no longer have a stuffy nose or congestion when I wake up in the morning! I am very happy with those results! I guess I’ll be taking this from now on, even after I’m finished with the Master Cleanse.

  6. My experience with your product has been very positive. I had been dealing with Sciatica for 10 years. Over the 10 year period I had tried acupuncture, deep tissue massage, Bencomin, and even back surgery to release my suffering but to no avail. My symptoms were such that I could not walk 100 yards without needing to turn around and come back to the house because the sciatic nerve on my right side was just too painful. The sensation would usually gather between my calf and ankle. My sciatica would only flair up when I tried to walk, or stand in one place. I was fortunate in that it didn’t bother me when I was sitting or lying down.About a year ago I read about Curcumin on-line and decided to give it a try. A natural remedy that decreased inflammation made a lot of sense to me. For the first six months I took two capsules a day every morning. After which I would walk 10,000 steps. (I had just gotten a new Fit Bit to encourage me to walk.) Many times during my walk I would have to stop and stretch backwards to relieve the building sciatic sensation. Each day I had to stretch between 5 and 20 times for about a minute to complete my walking session. Each time I stretched I was able to walk at least 1,000 more steps before I had to do it again. Getting a good night’s rest was important in terms of the numbers of times I would have to stop and stretch in order to keep going. For with good rest, I noticed that I would have to stretch a fewer number of times.After about 8 months, listening to my intuition, I decreased the dose to one capsule a day. This worked and after a few days of doing this, I was able to do my 10,000 steps without having to stretch once. Thus now I am pleased to say that the sciatic problem that had plagued me for 10 years is for the last four months well under control. The most happy thing about my progress with the Curcumin is that I can now stand, hike and dance without complaint. (Knock on wood and keep taking my Curcumin each morning.)Thank you so much for your product, it has worked wonders for me.

  7. Wow. 500mg taken once a day had an immediate effect on my sore middle-aged-guy joints; at least as effective–possibly more–than ibuprofen, and not hard on the liver. No stomach upset or any other side effects.

  8. Bought these for help with neuropathy from chemo. Not as bad as it was. Not sure whether it’s the tablets or it was easing off anyway. It’s worth trying.

  9. People say that this medicine takes a week or more to take effect but I felt the effects right away. Takes about 3 hours for it to really kick in, but when it does it has a lasting effect. I have GAD and when I started taking it, I was only taking half of the recommended dosage (1 tablet instead of two) and it took away nearly all the anxiety I would normally experience in stressful situations. About 5 days in, I started to feel the anxiety creeping up on me again and decided to try a second tablet, one half in the morning, one and a half in the evening. Three hours after taking my evening dose I started to feel extremely relaxed and euphoric. A few minutes later I felt like I was high….lol. I probably won’t do it again, but I’m glad I experienced it because all of my worries, anxieties and excessive thinking just went out the window and I felt extremely euphoric and relaxed. I guess this could have just been a powerful sedative effect. This effect lasted about 2 hours. I don’t know if I’m just a rare case of people who experience this, but it happened nonetheless. I decided to start taking one and a half tablets a day (I cut it in half with a pill splitter and put the other half aside for the next day in a small container. Yes, you can take the capsule apart but I’m too lazy to even it out). It also improved my sex drive as well, but this could be because of the cortisol reduction since high cortisol lowers testosterone. This is a miracle herb nonetheless.You must take this on an empty stomach, meaning at least 1 hour before a meal and 1 hour after. I wouldn’t recommend taking this with some pharmaceuticals as it can have negative effects when combined. It lowers blood sugar and cortisol too, so if you already have low cortisol or low blood sugar I don’t know what the effect will be (it may just regulate these?). Do your research on it if you are concerned. Will buy again.

  10. I’m returning this. Although the entire page and description is plastered with the word ‘Curcumin’, look at the bottle. The first ingredient is Turmuric! The bottle and website do not indicate how much of that 2250mg is specifically Curcuminoids. It could be as low as 20mg! The company refuses to comment on it, and the website is equally misleading. Sorry, I don’t want just ground up Tumeric, I wanted the medicinal benefits from concentrated Curcumin.Please look at other options. A lot of other products Do list the total MG of Curcuminoids. (I am trying HCL Curcumin)

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    I struggle with anxiety and wanted to find something more ‘natural’ to help, instead of heavy pharmaceuticals. I’ve been taking this for almost 2 months, and am no longer using my other medication for anxiety. Fantastic This is not a miracle pill, as you still have to monitor and manage your daily stressors and such, but this is a great supportive supplement. So don’t take it expecting a ‘cure all’ for anxiety. I can definitely feel the Ashwagandha working, with zero negative side effects. My sleeps are getting much better, and I don’t have the rapid heart rate that I feel lingering in the back with my anxiety. I will continue to take this supplement! My husband is taking it also, and I see improvements in his mood and libido also! Very happy customer!

  12. I really appreciate this product. I’m currently battling a host of autoimmune disorders, with Rheumatoid Arthritis being the worst. This Curcumin has been my primary supplement for reducing inflammation and joint pain, especially in my knees, shoulders and hands.Not all Curcumin supplements are the same. I really appreciate the purity of this product, the potency level and the addition of BioPerine for better bioavailability. The addition of organic Ginger is also nice, too, as it also has anti-inflammatory properties. I also have a lot of food sensitivities, so I also like that this is free of the top 8 allergens – since I have problems with all of them.Thanks for creating a potent and safe product that has enabled me to get off my prescription pain meds!!

  13. Very small and easy to swallow.

  14. Works great and I found that taking it right before a meal with a full glass of water, then eating a full meal prevents heartburn

  15. I love this productvit has helped me lose over 60 pounds and my digestive tract is great with NO discomfort at all. I take it twice a day with food.

  16. Few years ago I had high blood pressure issues and I started taking Cayenne pills (of different brand) and it instantly normalized my blood pressure (down 20-30 points in average) and I got used to Cayenne so much that I always have few red Thailand chilli in my pocket (for lunch-dinners outside). But already a year I don’t use cayenne pills, only fresh chilli.So now, I wanted to drop again from 150/90 to 130/70, and bought those pill.OMG, I feel so bad! I can take double-pills three times a day and it doesn’t burn my stomach, just pleasant heat.To confirm my suspicions about those pills, I stopped taking any vitamins yesterday, and yesterday morning my blood pressure went down from 170/100 to 135/85 before and after lunch. I had lunch 1t noon; at 1pm BP was still close to 135/85. I took two pills of this Cayenne (is it Cayenne?) at 2pm, and whole evening I had BP around 160/100This morning it is even 170/102 (just two pills yesterday; no any extra pills/vitamins)My regular BP is around 135/85.It is not Cayenne.

  17. I bought this after running into research on how this food kicked butt of fat and calories. Instead of creating fat you burn it and calories you eat like crazy. It turns it into energy and I can attest that you definitely feel it. Take with plenty of food, preferably with meals. The research suggests taking it with all three meals that you are supposed to be eating. However, if you take it too late you will have trouble sleeping. No sleeping on this supplement. I recommend one capsule with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (3 to 4 hours before bedtime). Some take more. This works and it is so affordable.

  18. Just what you need to amplify the good things going on. Extract of God’s best Green Chili.


  20. At start of taking- 6′, 188lbs, athletic build but wanting to lose just a few pounds and help my circulation (might also mention I have Crohns for people with IBS)Day 1 – 3 a day one at each mealResult – warmth in my body(not scary) and fire poopy(I made it though) appetite reduced quite a bit, ate way smaller portions and felt satisfiedDay 2 – 3 a day one at each mealResult – warmth in body (not scary) and bad gas….I mean bad. Appetite staying reduced and still satisfied with smaller portions feeling like I am full fasterDay 3 – Day 10 – 3 a day one at each mealResult- height 6′, weight 180. (Lost 8lbs) warm feeling comes and goes, no more gas or fire anus. Staying more full with less. Almost instant results. Going to stay on them because I see progress. Side note, I am a high energy, fast paced worker, I do new construction plumbing, so my results are based on being active at the same time as taking these. I do not work out in a gym or on home equipment. At 30, I started to gain weight, from 170lbs up to 188/190lbs for last 7 years I have stayed up in that 188lbs range (38 now). Wish me luck on my journey to 170lbs again and keeping it there. And good luck to success in your journey.Update: 4 months in and only taking one a day with hard work, no extra exercise. I am down to 171lbs. Screw 170lbs, I am going for 165lbs.

  21. Been using Nature’s Way for years and decided to try these out. Directions say to take “1” pill. But, I took “2”. Not wise! These are really STRONG. They are darker in color vs the Nature’s Way and prob twice as strong. The #1 thing I like about the GNC ones…easier on the stomach. Even taking two, my stomach didn’t burn. But, had a some violent “movements” all day. Hahaa. Not complaining, but, def take one at a time. Got some back pain relief, warmth, and seems to help with the old ticker. Gonna stick with these now. 4/5 stars because this is an early review.

  22. Excellent product.

  23. I ordered this in order to have a standard Indian chilli powder of reasonable though not vicious heat; something to replace the cayenne pepper I was using as a ‘standard’ addition.This powder came promptly (ahead of the given delivery date). It’s packaged in a nice plastic container. It’s very nice: a good bright red; a decent kind of heat; and I think a nice flavour. Dishes with a spoon of this added take on a pleasing reddish colour, and/or a bit of red on the surface. I’m finding it excellent as a use-all-the-time chilli powder. I do also use others, such as Kashmiri (low heat), Chipotle Smoked (mild and smoky). But this is great as the go-to chilli powder. I’d recommend it.

  24. Have read about the many benefits of cayenne but the stomach burning has always made me stop taking it. Not so with cool cayenne. These have been great but for me at least there needs to be a pattern of taking it.When I first got them I made the mistake of taking 2 together. That gurgling in the stomach and trip the bathroom started shortly afterwards.Ok so lesson learned. Next time took one with breakfast and one with lunch. Better but when I would go to the bathroom there was a slight burning sensation upon evacuating.Going for 3rd time’s a charm so took one with breakfast and one with dinner. Bingo, no issues. IMO if you are having some difficulty taking them, space them out between morning and evening. With food would be best also.Time will tell of the benefits but overall they are cool as advertised and at a good price.

  25. Amazing I was having stomach pain and I had taken everything Omeprazole 20mg zantac etc.. I couldnt stop the pain Everytime I would eat a while after it would hurt. I took the cayenne (which were easy to swallow by the way) for the first time in the morning on an empty stomach and I thought I was going to die it was like an exorcism going on in my stomach. I was like OMG this isn’t working but I stuck with it and waited it out later on I was able to eat breakfast and i still had the pain but not as bad as before. Over the next couple of weeks I continued with the pills and have had zero pain.My stomach also became aclamated to the pills and all I feel is strong heat on my belly. I will continue to used them for sure as a preventative measure.

  26. Leg cramps from being back to work physically. Additional exercises or lack of potassium, seems to be subsiding at night. You know most of us are out of shape after Covid confinement. And lots of walking and lifting now is like rehab! Cramps from unused muscles in a while. Worth a try if you are experiencing this🤗

  27. I original bought this product because I thought it would speed up my metabolism. I don’t know if it really does that but I did discover that it’s works great on arthritic hands. The first few days I did notice my stomach felt a little squeezy after I took them. After that I then never experience that feeling again. I guess your system needs to get used to them. I started to notice that I was having less arthritis pain in my hands the longer I took them. Now it’s been 3 months and I can’t even remember that last time my hands were hurting. It makes sense that this would work since the main ingredient in most pain relief creams is capsicum so why not take it internally.They have no smell, are in non-gelatin capsules (vegan) and you do not experience any heat after taking them. They also don’t cost a lot. You get a 3 months’ supply for just under $20, if you take 2 a day! I take 2 a day. One after my first meal (lunch) and one after my second meal (dinner).

  28. Easy way to give body cayenne pepper

  29. I originally got this to help my gut health, my digestive system and to help me drop a couple pounds. It works well, I feel like it works along the lines of a diuretic in terms of breaking down your food fast – especially if you do not have a lot of spicy foods in your life. I’ve lost about 10 lbs over the last month just by taking this supplement and making no huge changes to my diet or excersise routines. Will definitely buy again.

  30. I’ve used these for quite awhile and seen benefits from them. Helps me with inflammation in my hands and allows me to work with more ease.

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