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HERBAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS - 46. Boswellia Serrata (Salai Gum)

HERBAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS - 46. Boswellia Serrata (Salai Gum)

Discovery Publishing House Pvt Limited. 2018 gbs preview

Boswellia is a genus of trees in the order Sapindales, known for their fragrant resin which has many pharmacological uses, particularly as anti-inflammatories. The Biblical incense frankincense was an extract from the resin of the tree Boswellia sacra, and is now produced also from B. frereana. Medicinal Uses: Gum-resin extracts of Boswellia serrata have been traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries to treat various chronic inflammatory diseases.

Biology of Genus Boswellia

Biology of Genus Boswellia

Springer. 2019 gbs preview

This book provides insight into the biology and genomics of the genus Boswellia (family Burseraceae), a natural resource used for the production of frankincense, an oleo-gum resin. The Boswellia species are ecologically, medicinally, commercially and culturally important. Significantly contributing to the paucity of comprehensive literature on this genus, this volume provides a detailed discussion on the genomics, physiology and ecology of Boswellia. The chapters cover a wide range of...

  1. My husband has been taking Boswellia for a few years now and was able to cancel his arthroscopy operation on his knee as the pain and swelling virtually disappeared. He only has minor twinges now. I have recently started taking them as I was getting niggling knee problems. It takes a few weeks to have any effect and I have noticed an improvement.

  2. I’ve tried three types of Boswelia, and I like this one best. It smells the “purest” of all, the smell is so intense straight from the container! It came in a glass bottle, and for me that’s the sign the company cares about quality and the environment. I purchase it as I’ve read that Boswelia targets a few genes responsible for inflammation in the body; you can look it up online, “boswelia inflammation” for instance. I first learned about this herb from Dr. Mercola’s site, by the way.

  3. I have only been using this product a little over a week and have seen amazing results. I was a little skeptical and had doubts of the effectiveness, but this definitely works for inflammation. I have been dealing with pain/inflammation in my neck and wrist for almost 9 months. I’ve seen two different doctors and neither one could give advice on reducing inflammation. I can’t remember how I stumbled across Boswellia, but I’m glad that I did. About 4-5 days after taking it, I noticed that my wrist pain went from a 9 on a scale of 1-10 to about a 3. I’m glad this works fast because I’m quick to stop using something if I see that it isn’t working at MY pace. Lol! I will continue to use it as it helps with gut inflammation and headaches/migraines as well. I refuse to take prescription medications or NSAIDs for anything. There is an herb, extract, supplement etc. for every condition although they aren’t acknowledged by conventional medicine. Boswellia has a heap of benefits. People use it for arthritis as well.

  4. Very Satisfied with this Product! I mixed this up in my Morning Banana Shakes. The taste is over powering but WORTH IT. My knees have been bothering me lately but This product has definitely helped with inflammation!Thank You.

  5. I have been taking the Nature’s Answer brand of Boswellia, 400mg twice a day, for 1 week now. I started taking them on the day after I had run out a Norco prescription that an ER doctor prescribed to me. I was worried I might experience some withdrawals and cravings for the Norco since I had been using it for about 2 weeks to aid the severe back/rear pain I was experiencing. I have to say that in the week on the Boswellia, I have not had a single desire for painkillers, and I have not taken a single ibuprofen, naproxen, or tylenol! I am nothing short of amazed at how good I am feeling on the Boswellia. It is supposed to be good for inflammation, but I never imagined it would help even more than any of the other NSAIDs I’ve tried! I take one with lunch and one with dinner. This keeps me feeling good all day long. I notice that if my pain does start sneaking up on me again, it is right before dinnertime, and I just take my second dose of the day and my symptoms fade in no time. It is truly incredible. I have also experienced a distinct lack of anxiety or depression in the time I’ve been taking the Boswellia. An unexpected positive effect is the boost this seems to give my mood; it is a lot easier to be easygoing when you are not anticipating being in pain! I am going to recommend this to a friend with DDD, and if he’s suspicious, I will offer to buy the bottle from him if it doesn’t work.

  6. After taking this for a month my arthritis is remarkably improved. Almost no pain and I have reduced the amount of naproxen sodium I was taking.

  7. Each tablet about as effective as a 200gm Advil (ibuprofen) for muscle & joint aches, not quite as effective for headache. But MUCH easier on the liver and kidneys. Don’t be afraid to take enough to do the job.

  8. Great product for a great price!

  9. I’m 52, but in my head still believe I’m 32. But, my joints think otherwise. Especially my knees.A year ago I had an adjustment on my hip by a chiropractor at a work health fair. Since that day, I have had a pain in my hip. That along with playing basketball and running, I was always in a state of discomfort. After a week on this supplement, I stated to notice a difference. A year later, I finished my first Ironman, joint pain free. This stuff works, without the bloating you can get from glucosamine and others. I highly recommend it to others all the time.

  10. Reply Avatar of James W. Anderson
    James W. Anderson 6. srpanj 2017 at 0:00

    My wife takes these for arthritis, and I sent some of these to a friend who suffers from Chrohn’s disease and also has arthritis. Both have told me that this natural anti-inflammatory aid has done wonders for them. My friend says he can now sit outside and watch the rain, when before he couldn’t due to the pain in his joints, caused by the drop in barometric pressure. My wife suffered for a couple years, trying to get a balance of prescription meds from doctors before she started taking this, and has been able to quit ALL of the medications doctors were giving her for the pain.I don’t know that this brand is any better or worse than other brands, as I haven’t tried other brands, but I can say that Boswellia Extract is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory aids there is. This product has improved the lives of two people near and dear to me, and at around $10-15/month it should be affordable to almost anyone suffering from arthritis.

  11. I bought this powder to tenderize my meat for Sous Vide Cooking. I had used the Papaya powder in the past and with the Papaya powder if you marinate it to long it will shred up the meat when cooking it. I noticed that I didn’t have the same problem with the Bromelain Powder and my meats come out nice and tender without any taste of pineapple.

  12. I have significant lower back pain from sitting all day in a freezing office. This condition was debilitating and I tried numerous therapies such as peppermint oil, ibuprofen, magnesium salicylate, stretching exercises, back massage chair, etc. – hardly put a dent in the pain. It was so awful and all I could hope for was some alleviation, keep it down to a dull roar. I discovered this product, the last on the list, if this didn’t work I would be sentenced to getting some professional help, which does tend to get pricey. It worked! Within two days, I am starting to live life again. Ah what a feeling!

  13. UPDATED AT THE BOTTOM: I ordered for joint pain since I can no longer take nsaids, have noticed my joints are feeling some better already. Will update after taking for a while. UPDATE: THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I have been taking this Himalaya Boswellia for a while now and I can say w/100% certainty IT WORKS! My joints started feeling much better (swelling went down also) after a few days, I have osteoarthritis and it is very painful(along w/ spine disability that is excruciating) and this has helped me more than ANYTHING I have EVER TAKEN in 30 yrs of multiple surgeries!( It’s not gonna work like what they give you after surgery of course), but for long term relief, it’s AMAZING! I know this for sure because I tried a cheaper/more for your $ brand and my joints swelled immediately and the pain returned tenfold! I order more of the Himalaya brand and the swelling and pain was already subsiding by the end of the day! The product they use for Himalaya brand must be the legit resin used b/c the cheaper brand smelled the same but I believe the trees used in the cheap brand must’ve been grown elsewhere besides India,(I believe some are grown in China, etc)I. I’m to get my Mom some since she suffers from arthritis also. Btw, I received NOTHING for this review, it is a REAL, UNBIASED review. I say this b/c I want others like me to feel the effects and get the same relief I have gotten. Pain is miserable and I am so Blessed to have found and tried this product! Thank GOD for making the trees it comes from and I Thank the Folks who make this Himalaya Boswellia and make it Affordable for folks like me on a Very Limited income. I Pray it’s helps anyone else who tries it like it has helped me!😊💞

  14. I have a couple of older dogs that are beginning to show signs of arthritis. I give them each Boswellia once a day with food to combat inflammation and stiffness and it has really helped. Much less expensive than prescription anti-inflammatories, and doesn’t damage their liver or kidneys like the prescription stuff can.

  15. Actually the product itself deserves 5 stars. I knocked it down to three because of the shipping costs at $16.85. For myself and as good as the product is, I didn’t notice any difference between this product and another that I have returned to using (Splendor Garden Organic Turmeric}. Initially I started using Turmeric and noticed the arthritic type pain in my hands disappear. I don’t know if that was just coincidence, but haven’t had the pain return. I don’t measure, but probably use in the neighbourhood of a tablespoon a day with ground pepper. So I’ll continue using Splendor Garden Turmeric at half the price.

  16. I like this company’s products, but this one doesn’t like me,first couple of times, no problem, next time, my stomach after an hour was absolutely determined and very successful in getting rid of it’s entire contents. Waited a few days, could have been a bug after all, ( though I rarely get ill ).Took another one yesterday, within an hour same reaction, feel absolutely fine once my stomach is empty again, so they can have side effects, though supposedly rare. In the interest of science I guess a body should try taking this product again, but I don’t intend to repeat this experiment !

  17. I started using this product in the hopes of easing joint pain and I do feel significant relief. Most impressive is that I give this to my 9 year old Lab mix who started having difficulty jumping up into the car; she’s jumping into the car now!!!! I combine this with turmeric!

  18. It says on the instructions to use for a minimum of 6 weeks to see beneficial effects. It also says to take 4 tabs a day. So 4 a day, for 6 weeks equals 168 tabs before seeing beneficial effects. Obviously, this 60 tab bottle is not going to be enough to find out if they work or not.

  19. I’m shocked myself–I’m not even really into alternative medicine or supplements–but I was suffering daily from rheumatoid arthritis despite being on heavy prescription meds. A friend of mine told me to get some boswelia. I got a different brand at first, and was like, hey friend, big whoop, nothing’s really happening. He insisted this exact brand that he was using, so I did. I went from difficulty gripping, walking, even sleeping, to perfectly fine in 3 or 4 days. Nothing short of steroids has ever helped me so drastically with this illness. I don’t even know what to say. I’m pretty sure it was this item that did it. I hope it does the same for everyone living with pain.

  20. This boswellia supplement seems to help my inflammation somewhat after taking it for a week. However I bought this because the description states that this is boswellia serrata. When I recieved the product it also says (boswellia carteri). Which one is it? Or both? I’d like to know which one I am getting since the medicinal properties are somewhat different. But I’ll keep taking it as I’ve noticed some benefit. Goes great with juice or lemonade.

  21. I use the Boswellia (now organic) for my dog’s joints. and no doubt use it myself when I get to need some relief. I was also reasonably priced.

  22. My rheumatologist recommended boswellia for arthritis pain, and it works! Took a while to build up, but it cuts the edge off the pain. I can’t swallow large pills, so I have to mix the capsule contents with applesauce, per doctor. Isn’t my favorite taste, but worth it! On my third bottle and I’ll keep taking it!

  23. Like: flavour, smell, qualityDislike: slightly cheaper would be nice

  24. I can feel the immediate result. I have arthritis in my hands and this is my 3rd time when I buy this product. It does not cure the problem but when I regularly take it then my fingers are more flexible, no pain, better quality of life. I recommend this product. One bottle is enough for one month

  25. I have tried many brands and although I prefer a capsule to a tablet I find these the most effective

  26. Used to relieve pain and swelling specifically in my hands. Very effective! Label says you can get a free bottle from the seller after a verified purchase. Still waiting for the free bottle.

  27. I’m 39 and my doctor diagnosed me with chronic knee arthritis. I couldn’t walk more than about 7000 steps a day without pain, not too bad pain (about 6 or 7 out of 10) but still uncomfortable.After a week of taking this pain stopped, even after a gentle jog. Very liberating and happy feeling to be back to (almost) normal again. I doubt I’ll really test it by running marathons again but at least I can have a normal day, running errands, shopping etc, without pain and without taking pain killers — which was the Doctor’s only answer because I’m too young to have a knee replacement.

  28. Bottle is smaller than expected but very happy with how fine the powder is. Easy to mix in a smoothie. Very happy with this product.

  29. Helps with joint pain and in turn helps the muscle pain 😊👍

  30. A flareup of arthritis left me unable to use my thumb and index finger. After a month of taking Boswellia and turmeric capsules the swelling and pain have almost disappeared. It is possible that these products contributed to the recovered function of these digits.

  31. I have been using these for months and have noticed pain and inflammation relief with a bad ankle (little to no cartilage left). I stand at work for many hours and have noticed a benefit with these capsules.I only take 2 in the morning every day. They have a 60% level of boswellia compared to some others with lower levels. I do not experience any stomach issues with the piperine. I could probably get even more relief if I upped my dosage daily but have found that my current level is just fine.

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