How do you naturally get rid of a Headache?

If you have frequent migraines and tension headache, it is important not to take painkillers too often as this increases the risk of migraine. If you can, you can try to relieve your migraine without medication and look for a natural headache and migraine relief. Relaxing and resting when you are tired or stressed can, in some cases, help the attack to pass. You can relieve your migraine by massaging the temples.

There are also headache relief pressure points used in natural medicine to relieve migraine. For example: between the eyes, in the inner corner of the eyes under the brow bone, on the face, the back of the neck or even on the skull, and many others. Some people like to listen to relaxing music to relieve their migraine. Sometimes patients wonder whether it is better to apply hot or cold to relieve a migraine. Instead, choose cloths moistened with cold water or cloth-covered ice packs to put on your forehead. There is also special food to prevent headache.

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