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Springer. 2021 gbs preview

This contributed volume brings together an inclusive collection of information about the medicinal crop fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). Fenugreek is one of the important medicinal plants in the alternative systems of medicine.



CRC Press. 2002 gbs preview

Fenugreek presents an in-depth review on the Genus Trigonella and particularly the species T. foenum-graecum L. (fenugreek).

  1. When my son was born he was in the NICU for almose two weeks and had a feeding tube. Our breastfeeding journey had a rocky start, but I really feel like this product has helped increase my supply and helped us acheive our breastfeeding goals. I liked that the pills were liquid capsules, they are more pricey than others on the market- but much more potent. You take less pills per day, so really the cost winds up being equal. I really can tell a difference in the amount I am able to express from each breast on days when i do not use the supplement. highly recommend

  2. Good product and good service!

  3. Great product love it

  4. Im so glad that i decided to buy this. Ive used this 2 days now and i already see such a big change. My supply was pretty low and i had a lot of doubt about continuing breastfeeding since i wouldnt be making enough for my son. I used to pump both breast for 20 minutes and i would get 2.5 oz or 3 if im lucky ( both breast combined ) and now i pump for 20 minutes and i get 4.5 to 5 oz PER BREAST.

  5. My birth control messed with my supply and I quickly went to overproducing 10-16oz a day to not being able to feed my 4 month old son and having to dip into my freezer stash. That’s when I started using the fennugreek I purchased. Taking 3600mg a day at 2 pills x 3 times a day and also adding 2tbs of brewers yeast into my diet and I’m seeing results now on day three. I smell like maple syrup but who cares, I can feed my baby and I’m not stopping. It took 3days and I added in an extra pumping session mid morning and at night so results are based on multiple factors but I can honestly tell you pumping alone wasn’t upping my supply. I had to add the fennugreek

  6. I notice some people increase the dose but I’ve taken 1 tablet a day with food for a week and within 3 days noticed a difference and by day 7 I am expressing about 3 times as much. I haven’t changed anything else. Not increased the amount of pumping or decreased the amount of direct feeding. For me it definitely works and also works for my friends. I haven’t noticed a syrup smell and baby hasn’t seemed to notice difference in taste but he is only 7 weeks old and drinks anything ha! Maybe it’s when you increase the dose that you notice the syrup smell. I’m sticking with one per day and then I may decrease to one every other day to wean off but maintain supply.

  7. These are very good quality.Although they didn’t have a previous review I decided to go for them because they appeared to be well packaged and presented at a good price and so it turned out to be.Arrived very quickly .I bought these in the hope they will be a natural way to reduce my cholesterol, this of course remains to be seen ,and I hope I can give a good report in future!

  8. I have been taking these ‘Solgar Fenugreek Vegetable Capsules – Pack of 100’ for almost eight weeks now. I purchased them as I had read that they can assist with hormonal imbalance/PCOS-type symptoms, as Fenugreek has phytoestrogenic activity. Please note that Fenugreek can affect people with allergies to peanuts or chickpeas, so should be avoided in such people, and also should not be taken by people who have had hormone – sensitive cancers. The product comes in a brown glass bottle with a metal screw top, and has bubble wrap around it to prevent breakage in transit. As always with Fenugreek, the capsules do smell somewhat – Fenugreek smells strongly, with an odour like maple syrup. If you take high doses, this can be noticeable in your sweat and urine (and breast milk, if you are lactating) – although it’s not an unpleasant smell – but it seems fine at low doses. The capsules are gelatine-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Fenugreek is a surprisingly good source of calcium and other nutrients, and has also definitely helped my hormone balance. My skin is much clearer, my cycle is behaving better, and as a bonus I have seen a significant increase in my (pathetic) bust size, which is pleasing. Good supplement, and a quality supplier.

  9. I’m using this with metformin. I take two capsules just before I take my first bite to eat then halfway through the meal take my metformin. Blood sugar levels have come down to good levels. Had half a pizza last night with chips and had a fasting of 129 next morning (would have been in 150s or higher before fenugreek.Levels before evening meal has been in low 80s, 10 to 15 points lower then it was with just metformin. With a normal supper my morning fasting has gone down to as low as 103.I’ve been using it before lunch and supper for only two weeks but it’s nice to be able to eat without starving myself.

  10. My milk supply had gone down by 50% (baby continued to nurse the same way, but on the pump I was only getting 3oz at a time instead of 6oz which had been my normal for a while). After taking these pills for 2 days the supply went back to where it used to be, and I went back to feel my breasts full if I didn’t nurse/pumped for a few hours.

  11. Fenugreek was recommended to me by a lactation consultant, so I tried this one and it actually worked after two weeks! My milk supply increased and now there is no need to take the supplements as the supply has been met by demand from my baby and I continued to make the right amounts, I stopped because I started getting blocked ducts due to over supply but cleared after about day and my breasts have re-adjusted to the amount my baby needs. Would recommend

  12. I’ve been using this for the past month now to make a deep conditioning hair mask because I heard fenugreek was really good for hair. Now my 4c curly hair is sooooo soft, healthy and easy to detangle. It’s starting to grow faster to! I also put a teaspoon in my shakes. The smell and after taste kinda reminds me of celery. Good quality product! I would buy again!

  13. Delivery extremely fast + fantastic product (I use for breast growth and can definitely see a difference)

  14. Purchased two bags, definitely got my money’s worth. Did not wait long for order to arrive. Will order this product again.

  15. Intially was getting under 100ml milk. After using this for 3 days I’m avging over 120ml each time. I experienced no body odour like other reviews. It’s suggested that you take 2 capsules 3 times daily..I sometimes only do it twice and it’s still working well!

  16. So I started taking these because I heard about how funegreek can increase your breast size, took it with a grain of salt but here I am from a 34 D to a 36 I/J (sister G). My waist is still 35-36, it is my breast that went from 37-40 to 45-46 solid inches. I didn’t time since when I started taking them but it wasn’t long if you keep consistent. I took these once a day.

  17. Pour mes cheveux.

  18. I just got them so I can’t say too much about them. I immediately began sprouting the seeds. They all seemed to germinate and will start eating them soon. What more can you say about seeds.

  19. Honestly, since I’ve been using this product my hair has thickened back up as my hair was thinning since the stress of covid started. It helps me in my weight loss and I’m certain it has many other properties that are helping in many other departments. This product is amazing and I will continue using it for a long time.

  20. Great value for the money! Product is exactly as advertised. The seeds are pungent but not overbearing. Great for preparation of Indian and other dishes calling for fenugreek seed. I used a similar product in the Middle East. This is certainly comparable.

  21. After doing some good research on the benefits of fenugreek I decided to buy this stuff instead of the pills (Better on your bank account this way). Though it doesn’t taste too great in my evening protein shake, but with a teaspoons worth per day I’m seeing a good boost in energy and libido which is what I was looking for. Kinda makes your BO smell like maple which is strange but I’m not complaining!

  22. This is fab,tried a few different things like this nd not noticed any difference,but this has made me feel less bloated,less hungry so i’m eating less,got a buzz in my step and makes u feel like you can get on without that down feeling,especially at moment with pandemic.Would highly reccomend if your meeding a little lift in life at the mo.

  23. Cheap and efficient- suitable for purpose

  24. Within a couple weeks it actually made my skin so much clearer and made my boobs bigger. They didnt grow much but i can definitely tell a difference. i recommend getting these if you want clear skin or bigger boobs. Gals remember though you don’t need clear skin of big boobs to be pretty!!!! xxx

  25. As a man,  I’m not using it to promote lactation or for hair or facials, but rather for the aledged testosterone boosting effects.  Just got it today and after mixing a teaspoon with water and having a sip immediately regretted not getting it in pill form haha. It doesn’t taste good, but whatever It was cheap and natural so I’ll give it a try. Will post an update in a month or two.

  26. little expensive, later I found cheaper but over all good.

  27. Nouveau produit miracle. Bon pour la peau, les cheveux, la digestion. Bref, nullement déçu de mon achat côté prix. Ne reste qu’à attendre les résultats

  28. Bought these to increase my milk supply. They work!

  29. The item arrived well packaged and was just as described in the online store. Main use for this product is speedy hair growth. Great product.

  30. Quick and complete germination. Great flavor. Thank you.

  31. I mix this with olive oil and apply topically. I will say the alcohol content is stronger than I’d like but it’s an affordable option nonetheless so I would still repurchase for the deal for sure. A little goes a long way! Make sure you do your research before using and note side effects. I recommend trying slowly/small scale to see if you are reactive but it works for me just fine!

  32. Breast enlargement works I went from a 28B to a 28D in about a month

  33. Pain relief? I smell like IHOP because of these…. well it’s not bad actually. Some people do have a maple syrupy smell when they take this but it’s not overwhelming or anything. No one around me has said I smelled like the International House of Pancakes but ya know..I can smell it sometimes. This stuff is interesting though. I like it so far.Aside from that, it helps with other…..ummm…. stuff too… 👀.I do remember feeling like a Marvel superheor one day at the gym.

  34. Reply Avatar of The Flying Dutchman
    The Flying Dutchman 7. March 2022 at 0:00

    Got these to supplement and boost my energy levels because of feeling fatigued all the time. Within a week I noticed the difference. The taste is not off putting and I don’t smell like a stack of pancakes.Currently taking between 3 to 5 grams which is 6 to 10 capsules.

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